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English Peoplese Explanation Definition
(no English equivalent) chapati South Asia thin round unleavened bread
(no English equivalent) chapatis South Asia thin round unleavened bread
(no English equivalent) chaperoneship
(no English equivalent) chaperoneships
(no English equivalent) chune Def.: A general word for animal groups who live together. From Mandarin Chinese, 群 qún. English "flock" of birds, "herd" of cows, "school" of fishes, "tribe" of mo
(no English equivalent) chunes Def.: A general word for animal groups who live together. From Mandarin Chinese, 群 qún. English "flock" of birds, "herd" of cows, "school" of fishes, "tribe" of mo
(no English equivalent) chutzpah (from Yiddish) Boldness coupled with extreme self-confidence.
(No English equivalent) city∙peoples
(No English equivalent) clucky (from Australian English) eager to have children
block city∙block
blocks city∙blocks
cabaled cabal۔d (verb, past tense)
caballing cabal۔ing
cabals cabal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cabals cabals (noun plural)
cabbing cab۔ing
cabed cab۔d (verb, past tense)
cabined cabin۔d (verb, past tense)
cabinetmaker cabinet∙make۔or
cabinetmaker cabinet∙make۔or
cabinetmakers cabinet∙make۔ors
cabinetmakers cabinet∙make۔ors
cabining cabin۔ing
cabins cabin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cabins cabins (noun plural)
cable car carblecar
cable cars carblecars
cabled cable۔d (verb, past tense)
cables cable (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cables cables (noun plural)
cabling cable۔ing
cabs cab (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cabs cabs (noun plural)
cached cache۔d (verb, past tense)
caches cache (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caches caches (noun plural)
caching cache۔ing
cachinnated cachinnate۔d (verb, past tense)
cachinnates cachinnate
cachinnating cachinnate۔ing
cackled cackle۔d (verb, past tense)
cackles cackle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cackles cackles (noun plural)
cackling cackle۔ing
cactusy cactus۔y
caddied caddy۔d (verb, past tense)
caddies caddys
caddish cad۔ish
caddishly cad۔ishly
caddishness cad۔ishness
caddying caddy۔ing
caddys caddy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caddys caddys (noun plural)
cadged cadge۔d (verb, past tense)
cadges cadge
cadging cadge۔ing
caecally caecal۔ly
caesarean cesarean
caesareans cesareans
café cafe
cafés cafes
caged cage۔d (verb, past tense)
cageful cage۔ful
cageful cage۔ful
cagefuls cage۔fuls
cages cage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cages cages (noun plural)
cageyness cagey۔ness
cagier cagy۔er
cagiest cagy۔est
caging cage۔ing
cajoled cajole۔d (verb, past tense)
cajoles cajole
cajoling cajole۔ing
caked cake۔d (verb, past tense)
cakes cake (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cakes cakes (noun plural)
caking cake۔ing
calamities calamitys
calcified calcify۔d (verb, past tense)
calcified calcify۔d (verb, past tense)
calcifying calcify۔ing
calcifys calcify
calcimined calcimine۔d (verb, past tense)
calcimines calcimine (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
calcimines calcimines (noun plural)
calcimining calcimine۔ing
calcined calcine۔d (verb, past tense)
calcines calcine
calcining calcine۔ing
calculable calculate۔able
calculated calculate۔d (verb, past tense)
calculates calculate
calculating calculate۔ing
calf-length calf۔length
calibrated calibrate۔d (verb, past tense)
calibrates calibrate
calibrating calibrate۔ing
calibre caliber
calibres calibers
calipered caliper۔d (verb, past tense)
calipering caliper۔ing
calipers caliper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
calipers calipers (noun plural)
calked calk۔d (verb, past tense)
calking calk۔ing
calks calk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
calks calks (noun plural)
called call۔d (verb, past tense)
caller call۔or
caller telephone۔or
callers call۔ors
callers telephone۔ors
calligrapher calligraphor
calligrapher calligraphy۔or
calligraphers calligraphors
calligraphers calligraphy۔ors
calligraphically calligraphic۔ly
calling call۔ing
calliper caliper
callipers calipers
callisthenics calisthenics
callously callous۔ly
callousness callous۔ness
callowness callow۔ness
calls call (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
calls calls (noun plural)
calmed calm۔d (verb, past tense)
calmer calm۔er
calmest calm۔est
calming calm۔ing
calmly calm۔ly
calmness calm۔ness
calms calm
calorically caloric۔ly
calorie calory Unit of energy
calories calorys
calorimetrically calorimetric۔ly
calorized calorize۔d (verb, past tense)
calorizes calorize
calorizing calorize۔ing
calumniated calumniate۔d (verb, past tense)
calumniates calumniate
calumniating calumniate۔ing
calved calve۔d (verb, past tense)
calves calfs
calves calve (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
calves calves (noun plural)
calving calve۔ing
cambered camber۔d (verb, past tense)
cambering camber۔ing
cambers camber (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cambers cambers (noun plural)
came come۔d (verb, past tense)
camel train camel∙train
camel trains camel∙trains
camouflageable camouflage۔able
camouflaged camouflage۔d (verb, past tense)
camouflages camouflage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
camouflages camouflages (noun plural)
camouflaging camouflage۔ing
campaigned campaign۔d (verb, past tense)
campaigning campaign۔ing
campaigns campaign (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
campaigns campaigns (noun plural)
camped camp۔d (verb, past tense)
camper camp۔or
campers camp۔ors
campfire camp∙fire
campfires camp∙fires
campground camp∙ground
campgrounds camp∙grounds
camping camp۔ing
camps camp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
camps camps (noun plural)
canaled canal۔d (verb, past tense)
canalise canalize
canalised canalize۔d
canalises canalize
canalising canalize۔ing
canalized canalize۔d (verb, past tense)
canalizes canalize (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canalizes canalizes (noun plural)
canalizing canalize۔ing
canals canal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canals canals (noun plural)
cancelable cancel۔able
canceling cancel۔ing
cancellable cancel۔able
cancellation cancelation
cancellations cancelations
cancelled cancel۔d (verb, past tense)
cancelled cancel۔d
cancelling cancel۔ing
cancels cancel
candidly candid۔ly
candidness candid۔ness
candied candy۔d (verb, past tense)
candies candys
candled candle۔d (verb, past tense)
candleholder candle∙holdor
candleholders candle∙holdors
candlelight candle∙light
candlelights candle∙lights
candles candle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
candles candles (noun plural)
candlestick candle∙holdor
candlestick candle∙holder
candlesticks candle∙holdors
candlesticks candle∙holders
candling candle۔ing
candour candor
candy candy Also "candys" (plural)
candy bar candybar
candy bars candybars
candying candy۔ing
candys candy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
candys candys (noun plural)
caned cane۔d (verb, past tense)
canes cane (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canes canes (noun plural)
canful metalcan۔ful
caning cane۔ing
cankered canker۔d (verb, past tense)
cankering canker۔ing
cankers canker (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cankers cankers (noun plural)
cannibalise cannibalize
cannibalised cannibalize۔d
cannibalises cannibalize
cannibalising cannibalize۔ing
cannibalized cannibalize۔d (verb, past tense)
cannibalizes cannibalize
cannibalizing cannibalize۔ing
canniness canny۔ness
canning can۔ing
cannonaded cannonade۔d (verb, past tense)
cannonades cannonade
cannonading cannonade۔ing
cannonball cannon∙ball
cannonballed cannonball۔d (verb, past tense)
cannonballing cannonball۔ing
cannonballs cannon∙balls
cannonballs cannonball (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cannonballs cannonballs (noun plural)
cannoned cannon۔d (verb, past tense)
cannoning cannon۔ing
cannons cannon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cannons cannons (noun plural)
cannot can∙not
canoed canoe۔d (verb, past tense)
canoes canoe (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canoes canoes (noun plural)
canoing canoe۔ing
canonically canonic۔ly
canonise canonize
canonised canonize۔d
canonises canonize
canonising canonize۔ing
canonized canonize۔d (verb, past tense)
canonizes canonize
canonizing canonize۔ing
canoodled canoodle۔d (verb, past tense)
canoodles canoodle
canoodling canoodle۔ing
canopied canopy۔d (verb, past tense)
canopying canopy۔ing
canopys canopy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canopys canopys (noun plural)
cans can (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cans cans (noun plural)
cansful metalcan۔fuls
'can''t' cant
canted cant۔d (verb, past tense)
cantered canter۔d (verb, past tense)
cantering canter۔ing
canters canter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canters canters (noun plural)
cantilevered cantilever۔d (verb, past tense)
cantilevering cantilever۔ing
cantilevers cantilever (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cantilevers cantilevers (noun plural)
cantillated cantillate۔d (verb, past tense)
cantillates cantillate
cantillating cantillate۔ing
canting cant۔ing
cants cant (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cants cants (noun plural)
canulated canulate۔d (verb, past tense)
canulates canulate
canulating canulate۔ing
canvassed canvass۔d (verb, past tense)
canvasses canvass (noun plural)
canvasses canvass (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
canvassing canvass۔ing
canyonette canyon۔et
canyonettes canyon۔ets
capabilities capabilitys
capabler capable۔er
capablest capable۔est
capacitated capacitate۔d (verb, past tense)
capacitates capacitate
capacitating capacitate۔ing
capacities capacitys
capful cap۔ful
capfuls cap۔fuls
caping cap۔ing
capital capital
capital capital∙city
capitalise capitalize
capitalised capitalize۔d
capitalises capitalize
capitalising capitalize۔ing
capitalistically capitalistic۔ly
capitalized capitalize۔d (verb, past tense)
capitalizes capitalize
capitalizing capitalize۔ing
capitals capital∙citys
capitals capitals
capitulated capitulate۔d (verb, past tense)
capitulates capitulate
capitulating capitulate۔ing
capless cap۔less
caponized caponize۔d (verb, past tense)
caponizes caponize
caponizing caponize۔ing
capped cap۔d (verb, past tense)
caps cap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caps caps (noun plural)
capsized capsize۔d (verb, past tense)
capsizes capsize
capsizing capsize۔ing
capsuled capsule۔d (verb, past tense)
capsules capsule (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
capsules capsules (noun plural)
capsuling capsule۔ing
capsulized capsulize۔d (verb, past tense)
capsulizes capsulize
capsulizing capsulize۔ing
captained captain۔d (verb, past tense)
captaining captain۔ing
captioned caption۔d (verb, past tense)
captioning caption۔ing
captionless caption۔less
captions caption (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
captions captions (noun plural)
captivated captivate۔d (verb, past tense)
captivates captivate
captivating captivate۔ing
captivities captivitys
captured capture۔d (verb, past tense)
captures capture
capturing capture۔ing
caramelise caramelize
caramelised caramelize۔d
caramelises caramelize
caramelising caramelize۔ing
caramelized caramelize۔d (verb, past tense)
caramelizes caramelize
caramelizing caramelize۔ing
caravaned caravan۔d (verb, past tense)
caravaning caravan۔ing
caravans caravan (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caravans caravans (noun plural)
carbonated carbonate۔d (verb, past tense)
carbonates carbonate
carbonating carbonate۔ing
carbonise carbonize
carbonised carbonize۔d
carbonises carbonize
carbonising carbonize۔ing
carbonized carbonize۔d (verb, past tense)
carbonizes carbonize
carbonizing carbonize۔ing
carbonless carbon۔less
carboxylated carboxylate۔d (verb, past tense)
carboxylates carboxylate
carboxylating carboxylate۔ing
carbureted carburet۔d (verb, past tense)
carbureting carburet۔ing
carburets carburet
carburized carburize۔d (verb, past tense)
carburizes carburize
carburizing carburize۔ing
card card
card playcard
carded card۔d (verb, past tense)
carding card۔ing
cards card (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cards cards (noun plural)
cards cards
cards playcards
cared care۔d (verb, past tense)
careened careen۔d (verb, past tense)
careening careen۔ing
careens careen
careered career۔d (verb, past tense)
careering career۔ing
careers career (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
careers careers (noun plural)
carefuller careful۔er
carefullest careful۔est
carefully careful۔ly
carefulness careful۔ness
caregiver care∙give۔or
caregivers care∙give۔ors
careless care۔less
carelessly care۔lessly
carelessness careless۔ness
cares care (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cares cares (noun plural)
caressed caress۔d (verb, past tense)
caresses caress (noun plural)
caresses caress (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caressing caress۔ing
carful car۔ful
cargo cargo
cargo cargos
caring care۔ing
carjacked carjack۔d (verb, past tense)
carjacking carjack۔ing
carjacks carjack (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carjacks carjacks (noun plural)
carless car۔less
carnally carnal۔ly
carnified carnify۔d (verb, past tense)
carnifying carnify۔ing
carnifys carnify
carnivorousness carnivorous۔ness
caroled carol۔d (verb, past tense)
caroling carol۔ing
carolled carol۔d
carolling carol۔ing
carols carol (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carols carols (noun plural)
caromed carom۔d (verb, past tense)
caroming carom۔ing
caroms carom (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caroms caroms (noun plural)
caroused carouse۔d (verb, past tense)
carouses carouse (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carouses carouses (noun plural)
carousing carouse۔ing
carped carp۔d ] (verb, past tense)
carpenter carpentor
carpenters carpentors
carpetbagged carpetbag۔d (verb, past tense)
carpetbagging carpetbag۔ing
carpetbags carpetbag (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carpetbags carpetbags (noun plural)
carpet-bomb carpetbomb (noun and verb)
carpetbombed carpetbomb۔d
carpet-bombing carpetbomb۔ing
carpet-bombs carpetbombs (noun and verb)
carpeted carpet۔d (verb, past tense)
carpeting carpet۔ing
carpets carpet (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carpets carpets (noun plural)
carping carp۔ing
carpooled carpool۔d (verb, past tense)
carpooling carpool۔ing
carpools carpool (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carpools carpools (noun plural)
carport car∙port
carports car∙ports
carps ] carp ] (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carps ] carps ] (noun plural)
carried carry۔d (verb, past tense)
carrier carry۔or
carriers carry۔ors
carries carrys
carrying carry۔ing
carrys carry
carsful car۔fuls
carsick car∙sick
carsicks car∙sicks
cartable cart۔able
carted cart۔d (verb, past tense)
cartelized cartelize۔d (verb, past tense)
cartelizes cartelize
cartelizing cartelize۔ing
cartful cart۔ful
cartfuls cart۔fuls
carting cart۔ing
cartographically cartographic۔ly
cartoned carton۔d (verb, past tense)
cartoning carton۔ing
cartons carton (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cartons cartons (noun plural)
cartooned cartoon۔d (verb, past tense)
cartooning cartoon۔ing
cartoonish cartoon۔ish
cartoonlike cartoon۔alike
cartoons cartoon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cartoons cartoons (noun plural)
carts cart (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
carts carts (noun plural)
cartwheeled cartwheel۔d (verb, past tense)
cartwheeling cartwheel۔ing
cartwheels cartwheel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cartwheels cartwheels (noun plural)
carved carve۔d (verb, past tense)
carver carve۔or
carvers carve۔ors
carves carve
carving carve۔in
carving carve۔ing
carvings carve۔ins
cascaded cascade۔d (verb, past tense)
cascades cascade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cascades cascades (noun plural)
cascading cascade۔ing
cased case۔d (verb, past tense)
cases case (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cases cases (noun plural)
cash cow cashcow
cash cows cashcows
cash register cash∙registor
cash registers cash∙registors
cashable cash۔able
cashed cash۔d (verb, past tense)
cashes cash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cashes cashes (noun plural)
cashiered cashier۔d (verb, past tense)
cashiering cashier۔ing
cashiers cashier (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cashiers cashiers (noun plural)
cashing cash۔ing
cashless cash۔less
casing case۔in
casing case۔ing
casings case۔ins
casinoette casino۔et
casinoette casino۔et
casked cask۔d (verb, past tense)
casketed casket۔d (verb, past tense)
casketing casket۔ing
caskets casket (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caskets caskets (noun plural)
casking cask۔ing
casks cask (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
casks casks (noun plural)
cast cast (noun) (verb, present tense)
cast cast۔d (verb, past tense) of "to cast"
castable cast۔able
castigated castigate۔d (verb, past tense)
castigates castigate
castigating castigate۔ing
casting cast۔in
casting cast۔ing
castings cast۔ins
castrated castrate۔d (verb, past tense)
castrates castrate
castrating castrate۔ing
casts cast (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
casts casts (noun plural)
casts casts (noun) (verb, present tense)
casually casual۔ly
casualness casual۔ness
casualties casualtys
casualwear casual∙wear
catabolically catabolic۔ly
catabolized catabolize۔d (verb, past tense)
catabolizes catabolize
catabolizing catabolize۔ing
catachrestically catachrestic۔ly
cataclysmically cataclysmic۔ly
cataleptically cataleptic۔ly
cataloged catalog۔d (verb, past tense)
cataloging catalog۔ing
catalogs catalog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
catalogs catalogs (noun plural)
catalogue catalog
catalogue catalog
catalogued catalog۔d
catalogued catalogue۔d (verb, past tense)
catalogues catalog
catalogues catalogs
catalogues catalogs
catalogues catalogs
catalogues catalogue (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
catalogues catalogues (noun plural)
cataloguing catalog۔ing
cataloguing catalogue۔ing
catalyse catalyze
catalysed catalyze۔d
catalyses catalyze
catalysing catalyze۔ing
catalytically catalytic۔ly
catalyzed catalyze۔d (verb, past tense)
catalyzes catalyze
catalyzing catalyze۔ing
cataphoretically cataphoretic۔ly
catapulted catapult۔d (verb, past tense)
catapulting catapult۔ing
catapults catapult (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
catapults catapults (noun plural)
catastrophically catastrophic۔ly
catatonically catatonic۔ly
catch on oncatch
catch up upcatch
catchable catch۔able
catcher catch۔or
catchers catch۔ors
catches catch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
catches catches (noun plural)
catching catch۔ing
catching on oncatch∙ing
catching up upcatch∙ing
catechized catechize۔d (verb, past tense)
catechizes catechize
catechizing catechize۔ing
categorically categoric۔ly
categories categorys
categorise categorize
categorised categorize۔d
categorises categorize
categorising categorize۔ing
categorized categorize۔d (verb, past tense)
categorizes categorize
categorizing categorize۔ing
catenated catenate۔d (verb, past tense)
catenates catenate
catenating catenate۔ing
catered cater۔d (verb, past tense)
caterer cater۔or
caterers cater۔ors
catering cater۔ing
caters cater (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caters caters (noun plural)
caterwauled caterwaul۔d (verb, past tense)
caterwauling caterwaul۔ing
caterwauls caterwaul (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caterwauls caterwauls (noun plural)
catheterized catheterize۔d (verb, past tense)
catheterizes catheterize
catheterizing catheterize۔ing
cathodically cathodic۔ly
catholically catholic۔ly
catholicized catholicize۔d (verb, past tense)
catholicizes catholicize
catholicizing catholicize۔ing
catlike cat۔alike
catnapped catnap۔d (verb, past tense)
catnapping catnap۔ing
catnaps catnap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
catnaps catnaps (noun plural)
cattier catty۔er
cattiest catty۔est
cattily catty۔ly
cattiness catty۔ness
cattish cat۔ish
cattle cattle Also "cattles" (plural)
caucused caucus۔d (verb, past tense)
caucusing caucus۔ing
caucuss caucus (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caucuss caucuss (noun plural)
caught catch۔d (verb, past tense)
caught on oncatch∙d
caught up upcatch∙d
caulked caulk۔d (verb, past tense)
caulking caulk۔ing
caulks caulk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caulks caulks (noun plural)
causalities causalitys
causally causal۔ly
caused cause۔d (verb, past tense)
causeless cause۔less
causer causeor
causeries causerys
causers causeors
causes cause (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
causes causes (noun plural)
causing cause۔ing
caustically caustic۔ly
causticities causticitys
cauteries cauterys
cauterise cauterize
cauterised cauterize۔d
cauterises cauterize
cauterising cauterize۔ing
cauterized cauterize۔d (verb, past tense)
cauterizes cauterize
cauterizing cauterize۔ing
cautioned caution۔d (verb, past tense)
cautioning caution۔ing
cautions caution (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cautions cautions (noun plural)
cautiously cautious۔ly
cautiousness cautious۔ness
cavalierness cavalier۔ness
cavallies cavallys
cavalries cavalrys
caved cave۔d (verb, past tense)
cavelike cave۔alike
caveman cave۔man
cavemen cave۔mans
caverned cavern۔d (verb, past tense)
caverning cavern۔ing
caverns cavern (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caverns caverns (noun plural)
caves cave (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caves caves (noun plural)
cavewoman cave۔woman
cavewomen cave۔womans
cavewomen cave۔womans
caviled cavil۔d (verb, past tense)
caviling cavil۔ing
cavilled cavil۔d
cavilling cavil۔ing
cavilling cavil۔ing
cavils cavil (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cavils cavils (noun plural)
caving cave۔ing
cavitated cavitate۔d (verb, past tense)
cavitates cavitate
cavitating cavitate۔ing
cavities cavitys
cavorted cavort۔d (verb, past tense)
cavorting cavort۔ing
cavorts cavort
cawed caw۔d (verb, past tense)
cawing caw۔ing
caws caw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
caws caws (noun plural)
CD compact disk
CDs compact disks
ceased cease۔d (verb, past tense)
ceasefire cease∙fire
ceasefires cease∙fires
ceaseless cease۔less
ceaselessly cease۔lessly
ceaselessness cease۔lessness
ceases cease
ceasing cease۔ing
cecally cecal۔ly
ceded cede۔d (verb, past tense)
cedes cede
ceding cede۔ing
ceiling ceil۔in
ceilings ceil۔ins
ceilingy ceilin۔y E.g. high-ceilin۔y room
celebrated celebrate۔d (verb, past tense)
celebrates celebrate
celebrating celebrate۔ing
celebrities celebritys
cell phone pocket∙telephone
cell phones pocket∙telephones
cellared cellar۔d (verb, past tense)
cellaring cellar۔ing
cellars cellar (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cellars cellars (noun plural)
cellphone pocket∙telephone
cellphones pocket∙telephones
cement block cement∙block
cement blocks cement∙blocks
cemented cement۔d (verb, past tense)
cementing cement۔ing
cements cement (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cements cements (noun plural)
cemeteries cemeterys
censed cense۔d (verb, past tense)
censes cense
censing cense۔ing
censored censor۔d (verb, past tense)
censoring censor۔ing
censors censor (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
censors censors (noun plural)
censurable censure۔able
censured censure۔d (verb, past tense)
censures censure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
censures censures (noun plural)
censuring censure۔ing
centauries centaurys
center table couch∙table
center tables couch∙tables
centered center۔d (verb, past tense)
centering center۔ing
centerless center۔less
centers center (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
centers centers (noun plural)
centigramme centi۔gram
centigrammes centi۔grams
centilitre centi۔liter
centilitres centi۔liters
centimeter centi۔meter
centimeters centi۔meters
centimetre centi۔meter
centimetres centi۔meters
centralise centralize
centralised centralize۔d
centralises centralize
centralising centralize۔ing
centralized centralize۔d (verb, past tense)
centralizes centralize
centralizing centralize۔ing
centrally central۔ly
centre center
centred centere۔d
centrefold centerfold
centrefolds centerfolds
centrepiece centerpiece
centrepieces centerpieces
centres centers
centrically centric۔ly
centuries centurys
cephalically cephalic۔ly
ceremonies ceremonys
ceremoniously ceremonious۔ly
certainly certain۔ly
certainties certaintys
certifiable certify۔able
certificated certificate۔d (verb, past tense)
certificates certificate
certificating certificate۔ing
certified certify۔d (verb, past tense)
certifying certify۔ing
certifys certify
chadless chad۔less
chafed chafe۔d (verb, past tense)
chafes chafe
chaffed chaff۔d (verb, past tense)
chaffered chaffer۔d (verb, past tense)
chaffering chaffer۔ing
chaffers chaffer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chaffers chaffers (noun plural)
chaffing chaff۔ing
chaffs chaff (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chaffs chaffs (noun plural)
chafing chafe۔ing
chagrined chagrin۔d (verb, past tense)
chagrins chagrin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chagrins chagrins (noun plural)
chain saw chainsaw
chain saws chainsaws
chain store chain∙store
chain stores chain∙stores
chained chain۔d (verb, past tense)
chaining chain۔ing
chains chain (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chains chains (noun plural)
chaired chair۔d (verb, past tense)
chairing chair۔ing
chairs chair (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chairs chairs (noun plural)
chalked chalk۔d (verb, past tense)
chalking chalk۔ing
chalks chalk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chalks chalks (noun plural)
challenged challenge۔d (verb, past tense)
challenger challenge۔or
challengers challenge۔ors
challenges challenge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
challenges challenges (noun plural)
challenging challenge۔ing
chambered chamber۔d (verb, past tense)
chambering chamber۔ing
chambers chamber (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chambers chambers (noun plural)
chamfered chamfer۔d (verb, past tense)
chamfering chamfer۔ing
chamfers chamfer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chamfers chamfers (noun plural)
champed champ۔d (verb, past tense)
champing champ۔ing
championed champion۔d (verb, past tense)
championing champion۔ing
champions champion (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
champions champions (noun plural)
champs champ (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
champs champs (noun plural)
chanced chance۔d (verb, past tense)
chances chance (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chances chances (noun plural)
chancier chance۔yer
chanciest chance۔yest
chancing chance۔ing
chandelled chandelle۔d (verb, past tense)
chandelles chandelle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chandelles chandelles (noun plural)
chandelling chandelle۔ing
change backcash
change change
changed change۔d (verb, past tense)
changeless change۔less
changeless change۔less
changer change۔or
changers change۔ors
changes change (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
changes changes (noun plural)
changing change۔ing
channeled channel۔d (verb, past tense)
channeling channel۔ing
channelized channelize۔d (verb, past tense)
channelizes channelize
channelizing channelize۔ing
channelled channel۔d
channelling channel۔ing
channels channel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
channels channels (noun plural)
chanted chant۔d (verb, past tense)
chanting chant۔ing
chants chant (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chants chants (noun plural)
chaotically chaotic۔ly
chaotically chaotic۔ly
chaperoned chaperon۔d (verb, past tense)
chaperoning chaperon۔ing
chaperons chaperon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chaperons chaperons (noun plural)
chapped chap۔d (verb, past tense)
chapping chap۔ing
chaps chap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chaps chaps (noun plural)
character character Qualities. "negative aspect of his character"
character charactor A person. "a flambouyant character"
character ideogram Chinese writing (English "Chinese character")
characterise characterize
characterised characterize۔d
characterises characterize
characterising characterize۔ing
characteristically characteristic۔ly
characterized characterize۔d (verb, past tense)
characterizes characterize
characterizing characterize۔ing
characterless character۔less
characters characters Qualities. "negative aspect of his character"
characters charactors A person. "a flambouyant character"
characters ideograms Chinese writing (English "Chinese characters")
charbroiled charbroil۔d (verb, past tense)
charbroiling charbroil۔ing
charbroils charbroil
chared char۔d (verb, past tense)
chargeable charge۔able
charged charge۔d (verb, past tense)
charges charge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
charges charges (noun plural)
charging charge۔ing
charitableness charitable۔ness
charities charitys
charmed charm۔d (verb, past tense)
charming charm۔ing
charming charm۔y
charmless charm۔less
charms charm (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
charms charms (noun plural)
charred char۔d
charring char۔ing
chars char (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chars chars (noun plural)
charted chart۔d (verb, past tense)
chartered charter۔d (verb, past tense)
chartering charter۔ing
charters charter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
charters charters (noun plural)
charting chart۔ing
charts chart (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
charts charts (noun plural)
chased chase۔d (verb, past tense)
chases chase (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chases chases (noun plural)
chasing chase۔ing
chassed chasse۔d (verb, past tense)
chasses chasse (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chasses chasses (noun plural)
chassing chasse۔ing
chastely chaste۔ly
chastened chasten۔d (verb, past tense)
chasteness chaste۔ness
chastening chasten۔ing
chastens chasten
chastised chastise۔d (verb, past tense)
chastises chastise
chastising chastise۔ing
chatted chat۔d
chattered chatter۔d (verb, past tense)
chattering chatter۔ing
chatters chatter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chatters chatters (noun plural)
chattier chatty۔er
chattiest chatty۔est
chattily chatty۔ly
chattiness chatty۔ness
chatting chat۔ing
chatty chat۔y
chauffeured chauffeur۔d (verb, past tense)
chauffeuring chauffeur۔ing
chauffeurs chauffeur (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chauffeurs chauffeurs (noun plural)
chauvinistically chauvinistic۔ly
chawed chaw۔d (verb, past tense)
chawing chaw۔ing
chaws chaw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chaws chaws (noun plural)
cheapened cheapen۔d (verb, past tense)
cheapening cheapen۔ing
cheapens cheapen
cheaper cheap۔er
cheapest cheap۔est
cheapish cheap۔ish
cheaply cheap۔ly
cheated cheat۔d (verb, past tense)
cheatee cheat۔eer
cheatees cheat۔eers
cheater cheat۔or
cheaters cheat۔ors
cheating cheat۔ing
cheats cheat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cheats cheats (noun plural)
checkable check۔able
checked check۔d (verb, past tense)
checker check۔or
checkered checker۔d (verb, past tense)
checkering checker۔ing
checkers check۔ors
checkers checker (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
checkers checkers (noun plural)
checking check۔ing
checkless check۔less
checklist check∙list
checklists check∙lists
checkmarked checkmark۔d (verb, past tense)
checkmarking checkmark۔ing
checkmarks checkmark (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
checkmarks checkmarks (noun plural)
checkmated checkmate۔d (verb, past tense)
checkmates checkmate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
checkmates checkmates (noun plural)
checkmating checkmate۔ing
checks check (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
checks checks (noun plural)
cheekbone cheek∙bone
cheekbones cheek∙bones
cheeped cheep۔d (verb, past tense)
cheeping cheep۔ing
cheeps cheep (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cheeps cheeps (noun plural)
cheered cheer۔d (verb, past tense)
cheerfuller cheerful۔er
cheerfullest cheerful۔est
cheerfully cheerful۔ly
cheerfulness cheerful۔ness
cheerier cheery۔er
cheeriest cheery۔est
cheerily cheery۔ly
cheeriness cheery۔ness
cheering cheer۔ing
cheerishness cheer۔ishness
cheerleader cheer∙leador
cheerleader cheerlead۔or
cheerleaders cheer∙leadors
cheerleaders cheerlead۔ors
cheerless cheer۔less
cheerlessness cheer۔lessness
cheers cheer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cheers cheers (noun plural)
cheesecake cheese∙cake
cheesecakes cheese∙cakes
chefdom chef۔dom
chelated chelate۔d (verb, past tense)
chelates chelate
chelating chelate۔ing
chemically chemical۔ly
chemisorbed chemisorb۔d (verb, past tense)
chemisorbing chemisorb۔ing
chemisorbs chemisorb
chemotherapeutically chemotherapeutic۔ly
cheque check
chequebook checkbook
chequebooks checkbooks
chequered checker۔d
cheques checks
cherishable cherish۔able
cherished cherish۔d (verb, past tense)
cherishes cherish
cherishing cherish۔ing
cherries cherrys
cherubically cherubic۔ly
chestful chest۔ful
chest-of-drawers drawerstack
chest-of-drawerss drawerstacks
chewable chew۔able
chewed chew۔d (verb, past tense)
chewier chewy۔er
chewiest chewy۔est
chewing chew۔ing
chews chew (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chews chews (noun plural)
chicaned chicane۔d (verb, past tense)
chicanes chicane (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chicanes chicanes (noun plural)
chicaning chicane۔ing
chicken burger chicken∙burger
chicken burgers chicken∙burgers
chided chide۔d (verb, past tense)
chides chide
chiding chide۔ing
chiding chide۔y
chiefdom chief۔dom
chiefly chief۔ly
child∙proofed child∙proof۔d (verb, past tense)
child∙proofing child∙proof۔ing
childhood child۔hood
childish child۔ish
childishly child۔ishly
childishness child۔ishness
childless child۔less
childlessness child۔lessness
childlike child۔alike
childproof child۔proof
childproofs child∙proof
children childs Standard (non-endearing) term for plural of "child".
chilled chill۔d (verb, past tense)
chilli chili
chillier chill۔yer
chilliest chill۔yest
chilliness chill۔yness
chilling chill۔ing
chills chill (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chills chills (noun plural)
chilly chill۔y
chimaera chimera
chimaeras chimeras
chimed chime۔d (verb, past tense)
chimerically chimeric۔ly
chimes chime (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chimes chimes (noun plural)
chiming chime۔ing
chimpdom chimp۔dom
chimpless chimp۔less
chined chin۔d (verb, past tense)
chined chine۔d (verb, past tense)
chines chine (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chines chines (noun plural)
chining chine۔ing
chinked chink۔d (verb, past tense)
chinking chink۔ing
chinks chink (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chinks chinks (noun plural)
chinless chin۔less
chinning chin۔ing
chins chin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chins chins (noun plural)
chipped chip۔d (verb, past tense)
chippered chipper۔d (verb, past tense)
chippering chipper۔ing
chippers chipper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chippers chippers (noun plural)
chipping chip۔ing
chips chip (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chips chips (noun plural)
chirked chirk۔d (verb, past tense)
chirking chirk۔ing
chirks chirk
chirming chirm۔ing
chirms chirm
chirped chirp۔d (verb, past tense)
chirping chirp۔ing
chirruped chirrup۔d (verb, past tense)
chirruping chirrup۔ing
chirrups chirrup (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chirrups chirrups (noun plural)
chiseled chisel۔d (verb, past tense)
chiseling chisel۔ing
chiselled chisel۔d
chiselling chisel۔ing
chisels chisel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chisels chisels (noun plural)
chitchating chitchat۔ing
chittered chitter۔d (verb, past tense)
chittering chitter۔ing
chitters chitter
chivalries chivalrys
chivalrousness chivalrous۔ness
chivvied chivvy۔d (verb, past tense)
chivvying chivvy۔ing
chivvys chivvy
chlorinated chlorinate۔d (verb, past tense)
chlorinates chlorinate
chlorinating chlorinate۔ing
chloroformed chloroform۔d (verb, past tense)
chloroforming chloroform۔ing
chloroforms chloroform (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chloroforms chloroforms (noun plural)
chocked chock۔d (verb, past tense)
chocking chock۔ing
chocks chock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chocks chocks (noun plural)
choicer choice۔er
choicest choice۔est
choked choke۔d (verb, past tense)
chokes choke (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chokes chokes (noun plural)
choking choke۔ing
choking choke۔y
cholerically choleric۔ly
cholinergically cholinergic۔ly
chomped chomp۔d (verb, past tense)
chomping chomp۔ing
chomps chomp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chomps chomps (noun plural)
chooser choose۔or
choosers choose۔ors
chooses choose
chooses choose
choosier choose۔yer
choosiest choose۔yest
choosiness choosy۔ness
choosing choose۔ing
chopped chop۔d (verb, past tense)
choppered chopper۔d (verb, past tense)
choppering chopper۔ing
choppers chopper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
choppers choppers (noun plural)
choppiness choppy۔ness
chopping chop۔ing
chops chop (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chops chops (noun plural)
chorded chord۔d (verb, past tense)
chording chord۔ing
chords chord (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chords chords (noun plural)
choreographed choreograph۔d (verb, past tense)
choreographes choreograph (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
choreographes choreographes (noun plural)
choreographically choreographic۔ly
choreographing choreograph۔ing
chortled chortle۔d (verb, past tense)
chortles chortle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chortles chortles (noun plural)
chortling chortle۔ing
chorused chorus۔d (verb, past tense)
chorusing chorus۔ing
choruss chorus (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
choruss choruss (noun plural)
chose choose۔d (verb, past tense)
chosen choose۔d (verb) past-participle
chosen chosen (adjective)
choused chouse۔d (verb, past tense)
chouses chouse
chousing chouse۔ing
christened christen۔d (verb, past tense)
christening christen۔in
christening christen۔ing
christenings christen۔ins
christens christen
Christmastime Christmas۔time
Christmastimes Christmas۔times
chromatically chromatic۔ly
chromatographed chromatograph۔d (verb, past tense)
chromatographes chromatograph (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chromatographes chromatographes (noun plural)
chromatographically chromatographic۔ly
chromatographing chromatograph۔ing
chromed chrome۔d (verb, past tense)
chromes chrome (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chromes chromes (noun plural)
chroming chrome۔ing
chromized chromize۔d (verb, past tense)
chromizes chromize
chromizing chromize۔ing
chromolithographed chromolithograph۔d (verb, past tense)
chromolithographes chromolithograph (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chromolithographes chromolithographes (noun plural)
chromolithographing chromolithograph۔ing
chronically chronic۔ly
chronicled chronicle۔d (verb, past tense)
chronicles chronicle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chronicles chronicles (noun plural)
chronicling chronicle۔ing
chronologically chronologic۔ly
chronologies chronologys
chronometrically chronometric۔ly
chubbier chubby۔er
chubbiest chubby۔est
chubbiness chubby۔ness
chucked chuck۔d (verb, past tense)
chucking chuck۔ing
chuckled chuckle۔d (verb, past tense)
chuckles chuckle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chuckles chuckles (noun plural)
chuckling chuckle۔ing
chucks chuck (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chucks chucks (noun plural)
chugalugging chugalug۔ing
chugalugs chugalug
chugged chug۔d (verb, past tense)
chugging chug۔ing
chugs chug (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chugs chugs (noun plural)
chummed chum۔d (verb, past tense)
chummier chum۔yer
chummiest chum۔yest
chumminess chum۔nyess
chumming chum۔ing
chumped chump۔d (verb, past tense)
chumping chump۔ing
chumps chump (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chumps chumps (noun plural)
chums chum (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chums chums (noun plural)
chunked chunk۔d (verb, past tense)
chunkier chunky۔er
chunkiest chunky۔est
chunkily chunk۔yly
chunkiness chunk۔yness
chunking chunk۔ing
chunks chunk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chunks chunks (noun plural)
chuntered chunter۔d (verb, past tense)
chuntering chunter۔ing
chunters chunter
churched church۔d (verb, past tense)
churching church۔ing
churchless church۔less
churlish churl۔ish
churned churn۔d (verb, past tense)
churning churn۔ing
churns churn
churred churr۔d (verb, past tense)
churring churr۔ing
churrs churr (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
churrs churrs (noun plural)
chuted chute۔d (verb, past tense)
chutes chute (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
chutes chutes (noun plural)
chuting chute۔ing
cicatrized cicatrize۔d (verb, past tense)
cicatrizes cicatrize
cicatrizing cicatrize۔ing
cinched cinch۔d (verb, past tense)
cinches cinch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cinches cinches (noun plural)
cinching cinch۔ing
cinematically cinematic۔ly
cinematized cinematize۔d (verb, past tense)
cinematizes cinematize
cinematizing cinematize۔ing
cinematographically cinematographic۔ly
ciphered cipher۔d (verb, past tense)
ciphering cipher۔ing
ciphers cipher (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ciphers ciphers (noun plural)
circled circle۔d (verb, past tense)
circles circle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
circles circles (noun plural)
circling circle۔ing
circuited circuit۔d (verb, past tense)
circuiting circuit۔ing
circuits circuit (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
circuits circuits (noun plural)
circularise circularize
circularised circularize۔d
circularises circularize
circularising circularize۔ing
circularized circularize۔d (verb, past tense)
circularizes circularize
circularizing circularize۔ing
circulatable circulate۔able
circulated circulate۔d (verb, past tense)
circulates circulate
circulating circulate۔ing
circumambulated circumambulate۔d (verb, past tense)
circumambulates circumambulate
circumambulating circumambulate۔ing
circumcised circumcise۔d (verb, past tense)
circumcises circumcise
circumcising circumcise۔ing
circumfused circumfuse۔d (verb, past tense)
circumfuses circumfuse
circumfusing circumfuse۔ing
circumnavigated circumnavigate۔d (verb, past tense)
circumnavigates circumnavigate
circumnavigating circumnavigate۔ing
circumscribed circumscribe۔d (verb, past tense)
circumscribes circumscribe
circumscribing circumscribe۔ing
circumstantiated circumstantiate۔d (verb, past tense)
circumstantiates circumstantiate
circumstantiating circumstantiate۔ing
circumvallated circumvallate۔d (verb, past tense)
circumvallates circumvallate
circumvallating circumvallate۔ing
circumvented circumvent۔d (verb, past tense)
circumventing circumvent۔ing
circumvents circumvent
citeable cite۔able
cited cite۔d (verb, past tense)
cites cite (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cites cites (noun plural)
cities citys
citified citify۔d (verb, past tense)
citifying citify۔ing
citifys citify
citing cite۔ing
city center city∙center
city centers city∙centers
city folk city∙folk
city folks city∙folks
city-people city∙people (no English equivalent)
city-state city∙state
city-states city∙states
citywear city∙wear
civically civic۔ly
civilianized civilianize۔d (verb, past tense)
civilianizes civilianize
civilianizing civilianize۔ing
civilise civilize
civilised civilize۔d
civilises civilize
civilising civilize۔ing
civilized civilize۔d (verb, past tense)
civilizer civilize۔or
civilizers civilize۔ors
civilizes civilize
civilizing civilize۔ing
civilly civil۔ly
clacked clack۔d (verb, past tense)
clacking clack۔ing
clacks clack (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clacks clacks (noun plural)
clad clad (adjective)
clad clothe۔d (verb, past tense)
cladding clad۔ing
cladistically cladistic۔ly
cladogenetically cladogenetic۔ly
clads clad
claimable claim۔able
claimed claim۔d (verb, past tense)
claiming claim۔ing
claims claim (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
claims claims (noun plural)
clambered clamber۔d (verb, past tense)
clambering clamber۔ing
clambers clamber (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clambers clambers (noun plural)
claming clam۔ing
clammed clam۔d (verb, past tense)
clammily clammy۔ly
clamored clamor۔d (verb, past tense)
clamorer clamor۔or
clamorers clamor۔ors
clamoring clamor۔ing
clamors clamor (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clamors clamors (noun plural)
clamour clamor
clamoured clamor۔d
clamoured clamour۔d (verb, past tense)
clamouring clamor۔ing
clamouring clamour۔ing
clamours clamor
clamours clamour (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clamours clamours (noun plural)
clamped clamp۔d (verb, past tense)
clamping clamp۔ing
clamps clamp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clamps clamps (noun plural)
clams clam (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clams clams (noun plural)
clanged clang۔d (verb, past tense)
clanging clang۔ing
clangour clangor
clangs clang (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clangs clangs (noun plural)
clanked clank۔d (verb, past tense)
clanking clank۔ing
clanks clank (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clanks clanks (noun plural)
clanmate clan۔mate
clanmates clan۔mates
clannish clan۔ish
clannishness clan۔ishness
clapping clap۔ing
claps clap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
claps claps (noun plural)
clapt clap۔d (verb, past tense)
clarified clarify۔d (verb, past tense)
clarifying clarify۔ing
clarifys clarify
clarinettist clarinetist
clarinettists clarinetists
clashed clash۔d (verb, past tense)
clashes clash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clashes clashes (noun plural)
clashing clash۔ing
clasped clasp۔d (verb, past tense)
clasping clasp۔ing
clasps clasp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clasps clasps (noun plural)
class class A group of related or similar items
class learnclass 'subject teached
class socialclass A group of peoples within a society who share similar economic and social status
classed class۔d (verb, past tense)
classes class
classes classes A group of related or similar items
classes learnclasses 'subject teached
classes socialclasses A group of peoples within a society who share similar economic and social status
classically classic۔ly
classicized classicize۔d (verb, past tense)
classicizes classicize
classicizing classicize۔ing
classifiable classify۔able
classified classify۔d (verb, past tense)
classified classify۔d (verb, past tense)
classifying classify۔ing
classifys classify
classing class۔ing
classless class۔less
classlessness class۔lessness
classmate learnclass۔mate
classmates learnclass۔mates
classroom learnclass∙room
classrooms learnclass∙rooms
clattered clatter۔d (verb, past tense)
clattering clatter۔ing
clatters clatter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clatters clatters (noun plural)
claustrophobically claustrophobic۔ly
clawed claw۔d (verb, past tense)
clawing claw۔ing
clawless claw۔less
clawlike claw۔alike
claws claw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
claws claws (noun plural)
clayed clay۔d (verb, past tense)
clayey clay۔y
claying clay۔ing
clayish clay۔ish
claylike clay۔alike
clays clay (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clays clays (noun plural)
cleanable clean۔able
cleaned clean۔d (verb, past tense)
cleaner clean۔er
cleaner clean۔or
cleaners clean۔ors
cleanest clean۔est
cleaning clean۔ing
cleanliness clean۔ness
cleans clean
cleansed cleanse۔d (verb, past tense)
cleanses cleanse
cleansing cleanse۔ing
clearable clear۔able
cleared clear۔d (verb, past tense)
clearer clear۔er
clearest clear۔est
clearheadedness clearheaded۔ness
clearing clear۔in
clearing clear۔ing
clearings clear۔ins
clearly clear۔by
clearly clear۔ly Adverb (e.g. speak clearly). Can also be an adjective (e.g. clear۔y responsible).
clears clear (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clears clears (noun plural)
cleated cleat۔d (verb, past tense)
cleating cleat۔ing
cleats cleat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cleats cleats (noun plural)
cleavable cleave۔able
cleaved cleave۔d (verb, past tense)
cleaves cleave
cleaving cleave۔ing
clenched clench۔d (verb, past tense)
clenches clench
clenching clench۔ing
clergies clergys
clergyman clergy۔man
clergymen clergy۔mans
clergymen clergy۔mans
clerically clerical۔ly
clerkdom clerk۔dom
clerked clerk۔d (verb, past tense)
clerking clerk۔ing
clerks clerk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clerks clerks (noun plural)
cleverer clever۔er
cleverest clever۔est
cleverly clever۔ly
cleverness clever۔ness
clewed clew۔d (verb, past tense)
clewing clew۔ing
clews clew (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clews clews (noun plural)
cliché cliche
clichés cliches
clicked click۔d (verb, past tense)
clicking click۔ing
clicks click (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clicks clicks (noun plural)
clientele clientele Also "clienteles" (plural)
clientele clienteles
clientless client۔less
cliffside cliff۔side
climactically climactic۔ly
climatically climatic۔ly
climatologically climatologic۔ly
climax climax The most exciting point during an event.
climax orgasm Sexual orgasm (noun and verb)
climaxed climax۔d (verb, past tense)
climaxed orgasm۔d (verb, past tense)
climaxes climax (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
climaxes climaxes The most exciting point during an event.
climaxes climaxs (noun plural)
climaxes orgasms Sexual orgasm (noun and verb)
climaxing climax۔ing
climaxing orgasm۔ing Action occurs during sex.
climaxless climax۔less
climbable climb۔able
climbed climb۔d (verb, past tense)
climber climb۔or
climbers climb۔ors
climbing climb۔ing
climbs climb (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
climbs climbs (noun plural)
clinched clinch۔d (verb, past tense)
clinches clinch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clinches clinches (noun plural)
clinching clinch۔ing
clinging cling۔ing
clings cling
clings cling
clinically clinical۔ly
clinked clink۔d (verb, past tense)
clinkered clinker۔d (verb, past tense)
clinkering clinker۔ing
clinkers clinker (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clinkers clinkers (noun plural)
clinking clink۔ing
clinks clink (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clinks clinks (noun plural)
clipped clip۔d (verb, past tense)
clipper clip۔or One that clips
clippers clip۔ors One that clips
clipping clip۔in
clipping clip۔ing
clippings clip۔ins
clips clip (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clips clips (noun plural)
cliquish clique۔ish
cloaked cloak۔d (verb, past tense)
cloaking cloak۔ing
cloaks cloak (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cloaks cloaks (noun plural)
clobbered clobber۔d (verb, past tense)
clobbering clobber۔ing
clobbers clobber
clocked clock۔d (verb, past tense)
clocking clock۔ing
clocklike clock۔alike
clocks clock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clocks clocks (noun plural)
cloddish clod۔ish
cloddishness clod۔ishness
clogged clog۔d (verb, past tense)
clogging clog۔ing
clogs clog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clogs clogs (noun plural)
cloisonné cloisonne
cloistered cloister۔d (verb, past tense)
cloistering cloister۔ing
cloisters cloister (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cloisters cloisters (noun plural)
clomped clomp۔d (verb, past tense)
clomping clomp۔ing
clomps clomp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clomps clomps (noun plural)
clonally clonal۔ly
cloned clone۔d (verb, past tense)
clones clone (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clones clones (noun plural)
cloning clone۔ing
clopped clop۔d (verb, past tense)
clopping clop۔ing
clops clop (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clops clops (noun plural)
close call closecall
close calls closecalls
close knit closeknit
closeable close۔able
closeby close∙by
closeby close∙by
closed close۔d (verb, past tense)
close-friend heartfriend
close-friends heartfriends
closely close۔ly
closeness close۔ness
closer close۔er
closes close
closest close۔est
closeted closet۔d (verb, past tense)
closetful closet۔ful
closeting closet۔ing
closets closet (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
closets closets (noun plural)
closetsful closet۔fuls
closing close۔ing
clothes hanger clothes∙hangor
clothes hangers clothes∙hangors
clothes washer clothes∙washor
clothes washers clothes∙washors
clothes-dryer clothes∙dry۔or
clothes-dryers clothes∙dry۔ors
clothes-washer clothes∙wash۔or
clothes-washers clothes∙wash۔ors
clothing clothe۔in
clothings clothe۔ins
clotured cloture۔d (verb, past tense)
clotures cloture (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clotures clotures (noun plural)
cloturing cloture۔ing
clouded cloud۔d (verb, past tense)
cloudier cloud۔yer
cloudiest cloud۔yest
cloudily cloud۔yly
cloudiness cloud۔yness
clouding cloud۔ing
cloudless cloud۔less
clouds cloud (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clouds clouds (noun plural)
cloudy cloud۔y
clouted clout۔d (verb, past tense)
clouting clout۔ing
clouts clout (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clouts clouts (noun plural)
clowned clown۔d (verb, past tense)
clowning clown۔ing
clownish clown۔ish
clownishness clown۔ishness
clowns clown (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clowns clowns (noun plural)
cloyed cloy۔d (verb, past tense)
cloying cloy۔ing
cloys cloy
clubable club۔able
clubbable club۔able
clubbing club۔ing
clubed club۔d (verb, past tense)
clubhauled clubhaul۔d (verb, past tense)
clubhauling clubhaul۔ing
clubhauls clubhaul
clubhouse club∙house
clubhouses club∙houses
clubhouses club∙houses
clubs club (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clubs clubs (noun plural)
clucked cluck۔d (verb, past tense)
clucking cluck۔ing
clucks cluck (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clucks clucks (noun plural)
clueless clue۔less
clumped clump۔d (verb, past tense)
clumpier clump۔yer
clumpiest clump۔yest
clumping clump۔ing
clumpish clump۔ish
clumps clump (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clumps clumps (noun plural)
clumsier clumsy۔er
clumsiest clumsy۔est
clumsily clumsy۔ly
clumsiness clumsy۔ness
clung cling۔d (verb, past tense)
clunked clunk۔d (verb, past tense)
clunking clunk۔ing
clunks clunk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clunks clunks (noun plural)
cluster bomb scatter∙bomb
cluster bombs scatter∙bombs
clustered cluster۔d (verb, past tense)
clustering cluster۔ing
clusters cluster (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clusters clusters (noun plural)
clutched clutch۔d (verb, past tense)
clutches clutch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clutches clutches (noun plural)
clutching clutch۔ing
cluttered clutter۔d (verb, past tense)
cluttering clutter۔ing
clutters clutter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
clutters clutters (noun plural)
co chair co۔chairperson
co chairs co۔chairpersons
coabsolute co۔absolute
coachable coach۔able
coached coach۔d (verb, past tense)
coaches coach (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coaches coaches (noun plural)
coaching coach۔ing
coact co۔act
coacted coact۔d (verb, past tense)
coacting coact۔ing
coaction co۔action
coactions co۔actions
coactive co۔active
coactively co۔active۔ly
coactivity co۔activity
coactivitys co۔activitys
coactor co۔actor
coactors co۔actors
coactress co۔act۔orm
coactresss co۔act۔orms
coacts coact (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coacts coacts (noun plural)
coadaptation co۔adaptation
coadaptations co۔adaptations
coadapted co۔adapt۔d (verb, past tense)
coadjustor co۔adjust۔or
coadjustors co۔adjust۔ors
coadmired co۔admire۔d (verb, past tense)
coadmires co۔admire
coadmiring co۔admire۔ing
coagulated coagulate۔d (verb, past tense)
coagulates coagulate
coagulating coagulate۔ing
coaled coal۔d (verb, past tense)
coalesced coalesce۔d (verb, past tense)
coalesces coalesce (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coalesces coalesces (noun plural)
coalescing coalesce۔ing
coalified coalify۔d (verb, past tense)
coaling coal۔ing
coalless coal۔less
coals coal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coals coals (noun plural)
coanchored co۔anchor۔d (verb, past tense)
coanchoring co۔anchor۔ing
coanchors co۔anchor (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coanchors co۔anchors (noun plural)
coannexed co۔annex۔d (verb, past tense)
coannexes co۔annex (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coannexes co۔annexs (noun plural)
coannexing co۔annex۔ing
coappeared co۔appear۔d (verb, past tense)
coappearing co۔appear۔ing
coappears co۔appear
coapted coapt۔d (verb, past tense)
coapting coapt۔ing
coapts coapt
coarsely coarse۔ly
coarsened coarsen۔d (verb, past tense)
coarseness coarse۔ness
coarsening coarsen۔ing
coarsens coarsen
coarser coarse۔er
coarsest coarse۔est
coassisted co۔assist۔d (verb, past tense)
coassisting co۔assist۔ing
coassists co۔assist
coassumed co۔assume۔d (verb, past tense)
coassumes co۔assume
coassuming co۔assume۔ing
coasted coast۔d (verb, past tense)
coastguard coast∙guard
coastguards coast∙guards
coasting coast۔ing
coastland coast∙land
coastlands coast∙lands
coasts coast
coastward coast۔ward
coat closet coat∙closet
coat closets coat∙closets
coated coat۔d (verb, past tense)
coating coat۔ing
coatless coat۔less
coats coat
coattended co۔attend۔d (verb, past tense)
coattending co۔attend۔ing
coattends co۔attend
coattested co۔attest۔d (verb, past tense)
coattesting co۔attest۔ing
coattests co۔attest
coauthor co۔author
coauthored co۔author۔d (verb, past tense)
coauthoring co۔author۔ing
coauthors co۔authors
coauthors co۔author (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coauthors co۔authors (noun plural)
coaxed coax۔d (verb, past tense)
coaxes coax
coaxially coaxial۔ly
coaxing coax۔ing
coaxing coax۔y
cob∙webed cob∙web۔d (verb, past tense)
cobbled cobble۔d (verb, past tense)
cobbles cobble
cobblestone cobble∙stone
cobblestones cobble∙stones
cobbling cobble۔ing
cobweb spider∙web
cobwebs spider∙webs
cobwebs spider∙webs
cobwebs cob∙web
cocainized cocainize۔d (verb, past tense)
cocainizes cocainize
cocainizing cocainize۔ing
cocaptained co۔captain۔d (verb, past tense)
cocaptaining co۔captain۔ing
cocaptains co۔captain
cochair co۔chair
cochaired co۔chair۔d (verb, past tense)
cochairing co۔chair۔ing
cochairs co۔chairs
cochairs co۔chair
cocked cock۔d (verb, past tense)
cockfight cocks∙fight
cockfights cocks∙fights
cockier cocky۔er
cockiest cocky۔est
cockiness cocky۔ness
cocking cock۔ing
cockled cockle۔d (verb, past tense)
cockles cockle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cockles cockles (noun plural)
cocklike cock۔alike
cockling cockle۔ing
cockneyfied cockneyfy۔d (verb, past tense)
cockneyfying cockneyfy۔ing
cockneyfys cockneyfy
cockneyish cockney۔ish
cocks cock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cocks cocks (noun plural)
cocooned cocoon۔d (verb, past tense)
cocooning cocoon۔ing
cocoons cocoon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cocoons cocoons (noun plural)
cocreated co۔create۔d (verb, past tense)
cocreates co۔create
cocreating co۔create۔ing
cocultivated co۔cultivate۔d (verb, past tense)
cocultivates co۔cultivate
cocultivating co۔cultivate۔ing
cocultured co۔culture۔d (verb, past tense)
cocultures co۔culture
coculturing co۔culture۔ing
coddled coddle۔d (verb, past tense)
coddles coddle
coddling coddle۔ing
coded code۔d (verb, past tense)
codeless code۔less
codependence co۔dependence
codependency co۔dependency
codependent co۔dependent
codependents co۔dependents
coderived co۔derive۔d (verb, past tense)
coderives coerive
coderiving co۔derive۔ing
codes code
codesigned co۔design۔d (verb, past tense)
codesigning co۔design۔ing
codesigns coesign
codeveloped co۔develop۔d (verb, past tense)
codeveloping co۔develop۔ing
codevelops coevelop
codified codify۔d (verb, past tense)
codified codify۔d (verb, past tense)
codifying codify۔ing
codifys codify
coding code۔ing
codirected co۔direct۔d (verb, past tense)
codirecting co۔direct۔ing
codirects coirect
codiscovered co۔discover۔d (verb, past tense)
codiscovering co۔discover۔ing
codiscovers coiscover
codominant co۔dominant
codrived co۔drive۔d (verb, past tense)
codrives corive
codriving co۔drive۔ing
coedited co۔edit۔d (verb, past tense)
coediting co۔edit۔ing
coedits coit
coeducation co۔education
coeducational co۔educational
coeducationally co۔educational۔ly
coembodied co۔embody۔d (verb, past tense)
coembodying co۔embody۔ing
coembodys co۔embody
coemployed co۔employ۔d (verb, past tense)
coemploying co۔employ۔ing
coemploys co۔employ
coenacted co۔enact۔d (verb, past tense)
coenacting co۔enact۔ing
coenacts co۔enact
coenamored co۔enamor۔d (verb, past tense)
coenamoring co۔enamor۔ing
coenamors co۔enamor
coendured co۔endure۔d (verb, past tense)
coendures co۔endure
coenduring co۔endure۔ing
coenzymatically coenzymatic۔ly
coequally co۔equal۔ly
coequated co۔equate۔d (verb, past tense)
coequates co۔equate
coequating co۔equate۔ing
coerced coerce۔d (verb, past tense)
coerces coerce
coercible coerce۔able
coercing coerce۔ing
coerciveness coercive۔ness
coerected co۔erect۔d (verb, past tense)
coerecting co۔erect۔ing
coerects co۔erect
coevolved co۔evolve۔d (verb, past tense)
coevolves co۔evolve
coevolving co۔evolve۔ing
coexerted co۔exert۔d (verb, past tense)
coexerting co۔exert۔ing
coexerts co۔exert
coexist co۔exist
coexisted co۔exist۔d (verb, past tense)
coexistence co۔existence
coexistent co۔existent
coexisting co۔exist۔ing
coexists co۔exist
coextend co۔extend
coextended co۔extend۔d (verb, past tense)
coextending co۔extend۔ing
coextends co۔extend
coextension co۔extension
coextensive co۔extensive
coextensively co۔extensive۔ly
cofeatured co۔feature۔d (verb, past tense)
cofeatures co۔feature
cofeaturing co۔feature۔ing
coffee table couch∙table
coffee tables couch∙tables
coffeepot coffee∙pot
coffeepots coffee∙pots
coffered coffer۔d (verb, past tense)
coffering coffer۔ing
coffers coffer
coffined coffin۔d (verb, past tense)
coffining coffin۔ing
coffins coffin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coffins coffins (noun plural)
cofinanced co۔finance۔d (verb, past tense)
cofinances co۔finance
cofinancing co۔finance۔ing
cofounded co۔found۔d (verb, past tense)
cofounding co۔found۔ing
cofounds co۔found
cogently cogent۔ly
cogged cog۔d (verb, past tense)
cogging cog۔ing
cogitated cogitate۔d (verb, past tense)
cogitates cogitate
cogitating cogitate۔ing
cognately cognate۔ly
cognized cognize۔d (verb, past tense)
cognizes cognize
cognizing cognize۔ing
cogs cog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cogs cogs (noun plural)
cohabitant co۔habitant
cohabitants co۔habitants
cohabitate co۔habitate
cohabitation co۔habitation
cohabitations co۔habitations
cohabited co۔habit۔d (verb, past tense)
cohabiting co۔habit۔ing
cohabits co۔habit
coheaded co۔head۔d (verb, past tense)
coheading co۔head۔ing
coheads co۔head
cohered coher۔d (verb, past tense)
cohering coher۔ing
cohers coher
cohesionless cohesion۔less
cohesiveness cohesive۔ness
cohosted co۔host۔d (verb, past tense)
cohostessed co۔hostess۔d (verb, past tense)
cohostesses co۔hostess (noun plural)
cohostesses co۔hostess (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cohostessing co۔hostess۔ing
cohosting co۔host۔ing
cohosts co۔host
coifed coif۔d (verb, past tense)
coifing coif۔ing
coifs coif (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coifs coifs (noun plural)
coiled coil۔d (verb, past tense)
coiling coil۔ing
coils coil (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coils coils (noun plural)
coincided coincide۔d (verb, past tense)
coincidently coincident۔ly
coincides coincide
coinciding coincide۔ing
coined coin۔d (verb, past tense)
coining coin۔ing
coins coin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
coins coins (noun plural)
coinsured co۔insure۔d (verb, past tense)
coinsures co۔insure
coinsuring co۔insure۔ing
coinvented co۔invent۔d (verb, past tense)
coinventing co۔invent۔ing
coinvents co۔invent
cojoined co۔join۔d (verb, past tense)
cojoining co۔join۔ing
cojoins co۔join
coked coke۔d (verb, past tense)
cokes coke (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
cokes cokes (noun plural)
coking coke۔ing
cold cold
cold flucold