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English Peoplese Explanation Definition
(no English equivalent) devote۔or۔mate Fellow devotee
(no English equivalent) devote۔or۔mates Fellow devotee
(No English equivalent) door∙attendors
(No English equivalent) dualization
(no English equivalent) dumbfoundment (noun)
chest-of-drawers drawerstack
chest-of-drawerss drawerstacks
dabbing dab۔ing
dabbled dabble۔d (verb, past tense)
dabbler dabble۔or
dabblers dabble۔ors
dabbles dabble
dabbling dabble۔ing
dabed dab۔d (verb, past tense)
dabs dab
daddies daddys
dadoed dado۔d (verb, past tense)
dadoing dado۔ing
dados dado (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dados dados (noun plural)
daffiness daffy۔ness
dafter daft۔er
daftest daft۔est
daftly daft۔ly
daftness daft۔ness
daggered dagger۔d (verb, past tense)
daggering dagger۔ing
daggers dagger (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
daggers daggers (noun plural)
daguerreotyped daguerreotype۔d (verb, past tense)
daguerreotypes daguerreotype (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
daguerreotypes daguerreotypes (noun plural)
daguerreotyping daguerreotype۔ing
dailies dailys
daily day۔y Def.: occurring every day
daintier dainty۔er
daintiest dainty۔er
daintily dainty۔ly
daintiness dainty۔ness
dairies dairys
daisies daisys
dallied dally۔d (verb, past tense)
dallied dally۔d (verb, past tense)
dallying dally۔ing
dallys dally (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dallys dallys (noun plural)
damaged damage۔d (verb, past tense)
damages damage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
damages damages (noun plural)
damaging damage۔ing
damascened damascene۔d (verb, past tense)
damascenes damascene (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
damascenes damascenes (noun plural)
damascening damascene۔ing
damasked damask۔d (verb, past tense)
damasking damask۔ing
damasks damask (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
damasks damasks (noun plural)
dammed dam۔d (verb, past tense)
damming dam۔ing
damnable damn۔able
damned damn۔d (verb, past tense)
damnified damnify۔d (verb, past tense)
damnifying damnify۔ing
damnifys damnify
damning damn۔y
damning damn۔ing
damns damn
damped damp۔d (verb, past tense)
dampened dampen۔d (verb, past tense)
dampening dampen۔ing
dampens dampen
damper damp۔er
damper damp۔or
dampers damp۔ors
dampers damper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense of "to damper"
dampers dampers (noun plural)
dampest damp۔est
damping damp۔ing
dampish damp۔ish
damply damp۔ly
dampness damp۔ness
damps damp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
damps damps (noun plural)
dams dam (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dams dams (noun plural)
dance hall dance∙pub
dance halls dance∙pubs
danceable dance۔able
danced dance۔d (verb, past tense)
dancer dance۔or
dancers dance۔ors
dances dance (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dances dances (noun plural)
dancing dance۔ing
dandier dandy۔er
dandies dandys
dandiest dandy۔est
dandified dandify۔d (verb, past tense)
dandifying dandify۔ing
dandifys dandify
dandily dandy۔ly
dandled dandle۔d (verb, past tense)
dandles dandle
dandling dandle۔ing
dandyish dandy۔ish
dangerouser danger۔er
dangerousest danger۔est
dangerously dangerous۔by
dangerously dangerous۔ly
dangled dangle۔d (verb, past tense)
dangles dangle
dangling dangle۔ing
danker dank۔er
dankest dank۔est
dankly dank۔ly
dankness dank۔ness
dapped dap۔d (verb, past tense)
dapperer dapper۔er
dapperest dapper۔est
dapperly dapper۔ly
dapping dap۔ing
dappled dapple۔d (verb, past tense)
dapples dapple (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dapples dapples (noun plural)
dappling dapple۔ing
daps dap
dared dare۔d (verb, past tense)
daredevil daredevil۔ish
dares dare (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dares dares (noun plural)
daring dare۔ing
dark dark
dark dark۔by
darkened darken۔d (verb, past tense)
darkening darken۔ing
darkens darken
darker dark۔er
darkest dark۔est
darkish dark۔ish
darkled darkle۔d (verb, past tense)
darkles darkle
darkling darkle۔ing
darkly dark۔ly
darkness dark۔ness
darned darn۔d (verb, past tense)
darning darn۔ing
darns darn (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
darns darns (noun plural)
dart gun dart∙gun
dart guns dart∙guns
darted dart۔d (verb, past tense)
darting dart۔ing
darting dart۔y
darts dart (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
darts darts (noun plural)
dashed dash۔d (verb, past tense)
dashes dash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dashes dashes (noun plural)
dashing dash۔ing
dastardly dastard۔y
dastardly dastard۔y
data datums Razel: s/b data (singular), datas (plural)
date date Def: time of event
date datefruit
date romanticdate Def.: romantic appointment
date palm datepalm
date palms datepalms
dateable date۔able
dated date۔d (verb, past tense)
dateless date۔less
dates date (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dates datefruits
dates dates (noun plural)
dates dates Def: time of event
dates romanticdates Def.: romantic appointment
dating date۔ing
daubed daub۔d (verb, past tense)
daubing daub۔ing
daubs daub (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
daubs daubs (noun plural)
daughter-in-law daughter۔inlaw
daughterless daughter۔less
daughters-in-laws daughter۔inlaws
daunted daunt۔d
daunting daunt۔ing
dauntless daunt۔less
dawdled dawdle۔d (verb, past tense)
dawdles dawdle
dawdling dawdle۔ing
dawned dawn۔d (verb, past tense)
dawning dawn۔in
dawning dawn۔ing
dawnings dawn۔ins
dawns dawn (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dawns dawns (noun plural)
daydreamed day∙dream۔d (verb, past tense)
daydreaming day∙dream۔in
daydreaming day∙dream۔ing
daydreamings day∙dream۔ins
daydreams day∙dream (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
daydreams day∙dreams (noun plural)
daydrean day∙dream
daydreans day∙dreams
daylight day∙light
daytime day۔time
daytimes day۔times
dazed daze۔d (verb, past tense)
dazes daze (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dazes dazes (noun plural)
dazing daze۔ing
dazzled dazzle۔d (verb, past tense)
dazzles dazzle
dazzling dazzle۔ing
dazzlingly dazzle۔by
de facto defacto
deacidifying dis۔acidify۔ing
deactivate dis۔activate
deactivated dis۔activate]۔d (verb, past tense)
deactivating dis۔activate۔ing
dead end deadend
dead end deadend
deadended deadend۔d
deadended deadend۔d
deadened deaden۔d (verb, past tense)
deadening deaden۔ing
deadens deaden
deader dead۔er
deadest dead۔est
deadheaded deadhead۔d (verb, past tense)
deadheading deadhead۔ing
deadheads deadhead (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deadheads deadheads (noun plural)
deadlier lethal۔er
deadliest lethal۔est
deadlocked deadlock۔d (verb, past tense)
deadlocking deadlock۔ing
deadlocks deadlock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deadlocks deadlocks (noun plural)
deadly lethal۔ly Adverb (e.g. dead-y atmosphere. Can also be adjective, e.g. dead-ly smell.
deadpaned deadpan۔d (verb, past tense)
deadpanning deadpan۔ing
deadpans deadpan (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deadpans deadpans (noun plural)
deafened deafen۔d (verb, past tense)
deafening thunderous
deafening ultra۔loud
deafens deafen
deafish deaf۔ish
deafness deaf۔ness
dealer deal۔or
dealers deal۔ors
dealing deal۔in
dealing deal۔ing
dealings deal۔ins
deals deal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deals deals (noun plural)
dealt deal۔d (verb, past tense)
dearly dear۔ly
death blow death∙blow
death blows death∙blows
deathless death۔less
deathlessness death۔lessness
deathlike death۔alike
deathliness death۔yness
deathly death۔ly Adverb (e.g. death-y atmosphere. Can also be adjective, e.g. death-ly smell.
deathly death۔y Adjective (e.g. death-ly smell. Can also be adverb, e.g. death-ly force
debarked debark۔d (verb, past tense)
debarking debark۔ing
debarks debark
debased debase۔d (verb, past tense)
debases debase
debasing debase۔ing
debatable debate۔able
debated debate۔d (verb, past tense)
debater debate۔or
debaters debate۔ors
debates debate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
debates debates (noun plural)
debating debate۔ing
debauched debauch۔d (verb, past tense)
debaucher debauch۔or
debaucheries debaucherys
debauchers debauch۔ors
debauches debauch
debauching debauch۔ing
debilitated debilitate۔d (verb, past tense)
debilitates debilitate
debilitating debilitate۔ing
debilities debilitys
debited debit۔d (verb, past tense)
debiting debit۔ing
debits debit (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
debits debits (noun plural)
debouched debouch۔d (verb, past tense)
debouches debouch
debouching debouch۔ing
debrided debride۔d (verb, past tense)
debrides debride
debriding debride۔ing
debriefed debrief۔d (verb, past tense)
debriefing debrief۔ing
debriefs debrief
debris debri (singular noun)
debris debris (plural noun)
debtless debt۔less
debunked debunk۔d (verb, past tense)
debunking debunk۔ing
debunks debunk
debuted debut۔d (verb, past tense)
debuting debut۔ing
debuts debut (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
debuts debuts (noun plural)
decaffeinate dis۔caffeinate
decaffeinated dis۔caffeinate۔d (verb, past tense)
decaffeinating dis۔caffeinate۔ing
decalcify dis۔calcify
decalcifying dis۔calcify۔ing
decamping dis۔camp۔ing
decanted decant۔d (verb, past tense)
decanting decant۔ing
decants decant
decapitated decapitate۔d (verb, past tense)
decapitates decapitate
decapitating decapitate۔ing
decarbonating dis۔carbonate۔ing
decarbonizing dis۔carbonize۔ing
decarboxylating dis۔carboxylate۔ing
decarburizing dis۔carburize۔ing
decasing dis۔case۔ing
decayed decay۔d (verb, past tense)
decaying decay۔ing
decays decay (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decays decays (noun plural)
deceased decease۔d (verb, past tense)
deceases decease
deceasing decease۔ing
deceiter deceit۔or Def: One who is deceitful
deceiters deceit۔ors Def: One who is deceitful
deceitfulness deceitful۔ness
deceivable deceive۔able
deceived deceive۔d (verb, past tense)
deceivee deceive۔eer
deceivees deceive۔eers
deceiver deceive۔or
deceivers deceive۔ors
deceives deceive
deceiving deceive۔ing
decelerate dis۔accelerate
decelerated decelerate۔d (verb, past tense)
decelerates decelerate
decelerating decelerate۔ing
decentered decenter۔d (verb, past tense)
decentering decenter۔ing
decenters decenter
decently decent۔ly
decentralisation decentralization
decentralise decentralize
decentralised decentralize۔d
decentralises decentralize
decentralising decentralize۔ing
decentralized decentralize۔d (verb, past tense)
decentralizes decentralize
decentralizing decentralize۔ing
deceptiveness deceptive۔ness
decerned decern۔d (verb, past tense)
decerning decern۔ing
decerns decern
decertification dis۔certification
decertified dis۔certify۔d (verb, past tense)
decertifies dis۔certify (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decertify dis۔certify
decertifying dis۔certify۔ing
decertifying dis۔certify۔ing
decidable decide۔able
decided decide۔d (verb, past tense)
decides decide
deciding decide۔ing
decimalized decimalize۔d (verb, past tense)
decimalizes decimalize
decimalizing decimalize۔ing
decimally decimal۔ly
decimated decimate۔d (verb, past tense)
decimates decimate
decimating decimate۔ing
decipherable decipher۔able
deciphered decipher۔d (verb, past tense)
deciphering decipher۔ing
deciphers decipher
decisively decisive۔ly
decisiveness decisive۔ness
deck chairs deck∙chairs
deckchair deck∙chair
deckchairs deck∙chairs
decked deck۔d (verb, past tense)
decking deck۔ing
decks deck (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decks decks (noun plural)
declaimed declaim۔d (verb, past tense)
declaiming declaim۔ing
declaims declaim
declamping dis۔clamp۔ing
declarable declare۔able
declared declare۔d (verb, past tense)
declares declare
declaring declare۔ing
declassification dis۔classifcation
declassified dis۔classifi۔d (verb, past tense)
declassifies dis۔classify (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
declassify dis۔classify
declassifying dis۔classify۔ing
declassifying dis۔classify۔ing
declassing dis۔class۔ing
declawing dis۔claw۔ing
declinable decline۔able
declined decline۔d (verb, past tense)
declines decline
declining decline۔ing
declogging dis۔clog۔ing
decluttering dis۔clutter۔ing
decocted decoct۔d (verb, past tense)
decocting decoct۔ing
decocts decoct
decoding dis۔code۔ing
decoiling dis۔coil۔ing
decollated decollate۔d (verb, past tense)
decollates decollate
decollating decollate۔ing
decolonize dis۔colonize
decolonized dis۔colonize۔d (verb, past tense)
decolonizing dis۔colonize۔ing
decommission dis۔commission
decommissioned dis۔commission۔d (verb, past tense)
decommissioning dis۔commission۔ing
decomposable decompose۔able
decomposed decompose۔d (verb, past tense)
decomposes decompose
decomposing decompose۔ing
decompress dis۔compress
decompressed dis۔compress۔d (verb, past tense)
decompressing dis۔compress۔ing
decomtaminated dis۔contamidate۔d (verb, past tense)
deconcentrating dis۔concentrate۔ing
deconditioning dis۔condition۔ing
decongest dis۔congest
decongested dis۔congeste۔d (verb, past tense)
decongesting dis۔congest۔ing
deconstructing dis۔construct۔ing
decontaminate dis۔contaminate
decontaminating dis۔contaminate۔ing
decorated decorate۔d (verb, past tense)
decorates decorate
decorating decorate۔ing
decorator decorate۔or
decorators decorate۔ors
decorticated decorticate۔d (verb, past tense)
decorticates decorticate
decorticating decorticate۔ing
decoupaged decoupage۔d (verb, past tense)
decoupages decoupage
decoupaging decoupage۔ing
decouple dis۔couple
decoyed decoy۔d (verb, past tense)
decoying decoy۔ing
decoys decoy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decoys decoys (noun plural)
decreased decrease۔d (verb, past tense)
decreases decrease (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decreases decreases (noun plural)
decreasing decrease۔ing
decreasing decrease۔y
decreasingly decrease۔yly
decreed decree۔d (verb, past tense)
decreeing decree۔ing
decrees decree (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decrees decrees (noun plural)
decremented decrement۔d (verb, past tense)
decrementing decrement۔ing
decrements decrement (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
decrements decrements (noun plural)
decrepitated decrepitate۔d (verb, past tense)
decrepitates decrepitate
decrepitating decrepitate۔ing
decried decry۔d (verb, past tense)
decriminalisation decriminalization
decriminalise decriminalize
decriminalised decriminalize۔d
decriminalises decriminalize
decriminalising decriminalize۔ing
decriminalize dis۔criminalize
decriminalized dis۔criminaliz۔d (verb, past tense)
decriminalizing dis۔criminalize۔ing
decrying decry۔ing
decrys decry
dedicated dedicate۔d (verb, past tense)
dedicates dedicate
dedicating dedicate۔ing
deduced deduce۔d (verb, past tense)
deduces deduce
deducible deduce۔able
deducible deduct۔able
deducing deduce۔ing
deducted deduct۔d (verb, past tense)
deductible deduct۔able
deductible deduct۔able
deducting deduct۔ing
deducts deduct
deeded deed۔d (verb, past tense)
deeding deed۔ing
deedless deed۔less
deeds deed (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deeds deeds (noun plural)
deemed deem۔d (verb, past tense)
deeming deem۔ing
deemphasize dis۔emphasize
deemphasized dis۔emphasize۔d (verb, past tense)
deems deem
deepened deepen۔d (verb, past tense)
deepening deepen۔ing
deepens deepen
deeper deep۔er
deepest deep۔est
deeply deep۔ly
deer deer (singular noun)
deer deerss (plural noun)
deescalate dis۔escalate
deescalated dis۔escalate۔d (verb, past tense)
defaced deface۔d (verb, past tense)
defaces deface
defacing deface۔ing
defalcated defalcate۔d (verb, past tense)
defalcates defalcate
defalcating defalcate۔ing
defamed defame۔d (verb, past tense)
defames defame
defaming defame۔ing
defaulted default۔d (verb, past tense)
defaulter default۔or
defaulters default۔ors
defaulting default۔ing
defaults default (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
defaults defaults (noun plural)
defeasible defeasable
defeated defeat۔d (verb, past tense)
defeating defeat۔ing
defeats defeat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
defeats defeats (noun plural)
defecated defecate۔d (verb, past tense)
defecates defecate
defecating defecate۔ing
defected defect۔d (verb, past tense)
defecting defect۔ing
defector defect۔or
defectors defect۔ors
defects defect (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
defects defects (noun plural)
defeminizing dis۔feminize۔ing
defence defense
defenceless defense۔less
defences defense
defendable defend۔able
defended defend۔d (verb, past tense)
defendee defend۔eer
defendees defend۔eers
defender defend۔or
defenders defend۔ors
defending defend۔ing
defends defend
defenseless defense۔less
defenselessly defense۔lessly
defenselessness defense۔lessness
defensible defense۔able
defensively defensive۔ly
defensiveness defensive۔ness
defered defer۔d (verb, past tense)
deferrable defer۔able
deferring defer۔ing
defers defer
defiantly defiant۔ly
defibrillating dis۔fibrillate۔ing
deficiencies deficiencys
defied defy۔d (verb, past tense)
defied defy۔d (verb, past tense)
defiladed defilade۔d (verb, past tense)
defilades defilade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
defilades defilades (noun plural)
defilading defilade۔ing
defiled defile۔d (verb, past tense)
defiles defile
defiling defile۔ing
definable define۔able
definably define۔ably
defined define۔d (verb, past tense)
defines define
defining define۔ing
definitely definite۔ly
definitized definitize۔d (verb, past tense)
definitizes definitize
definitizing definitize۔ing
deflagrated deflagrate۔d (verb, past tense)
deflagrates deflagrate
deflagrating deflagrate۔ing
deflated deflate۔d (verb, past tense)
deflates deflate
deflating deflate۔ing
deflectable deflect۔able
deflected deflect۔d (verb, past tense)
deflecting deflect۔ing
deflects deflect
deflowered deflower۔d (verb, past tense)
deflowering deflower۔ing
deflowers deflower
defog dis۔fog
defogged dis۔fog۔d (verb, past tense)
defogging dis۔fog۔ing
defoliate dis۔foliate
defoliated dis۔foliate۔d (verb, past tense)
deforesting dis۔forest۔ing
deformable deform۔able
deformalizing dis۔formalize۔ing
deformed deform۔d
deforming dis۔form۔ing
deformities deformitys
defrauded defraud۔d (verb, past tense)
defrauding defraud۔ing
defrauds defraud
defrayable defray۔able
defrayed defray۔d (verb, past tense)
defraying defray۔ing
defrays defray
defrock dis۔frock
defrocked dis۔frock۔d (verb, past tense)
defrocking dis۔frock۔ing
defrocking dis۔frock۔ing
defrocks dis۔frock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense of "to defrock"
defrosting dis۔frost۔ing
defter deft۔er
deftest deft۔est
deftly deft۔ly
deftness deft۔ness
defuse dis۔fuse
defused dis۔fuse۔d (verb, past tense)
defusing dis۔fuse۔ing
defuzing dis۔fuze۔ing
defying defy۔ing
defys defy
degassing dis۔gas۔ing
degaussing dis۔gauss۔ing
deglamorizing dis۔glamorize۔ing
deglazing dis۔glaze۔ing
degradable degrade۔able
degraded degrade۔d (verb, past tense)
degrading degrade۔ing
degreasing dis۔grease۔ing
deharmonizing dis۔harmonize۔ing
deharnessing dis۔harness۔ing
dehorning dis۔horn۔ing
dehumanisation dehumanization
dehumanise dehumanize
dehumanised dehumanize۔d
dehumanises dehumanize
dehumanising dehumanize۔ing
dehumanize dis۔humanize
dehumanized dis۔humanize۔d (verb) past-tense
dehumidified dehumidify۔d (verb, past tense)
dehumidify dis۔humidify
dehydrate dis۔hydrate
dehydrated dis۔hydrate۔d (verb) past-tense
dehydrating dis۔hydrate۔ing
dehydrochlorinating dis۔hydrochlorinate۔ing
dehydrogenate dis۔hydrogenate
dehydrogenated dis۔hydrogenate۔d (verb) past-tense
dehydrogenating dis۔hydrogenate۔ing
deice dis۔ice
deiced dis۔ice۔d (verb) past-tense
deified deify۔d (verb, past tense)
deified deify۔d (verb, past tense)
deifying deify۔ing
deifys deify
deigned deign۔d (verb, past tense)
deigning deign۔ing
deigns deign
deindustrializing dis۔industrialize۔ing
deionize dis۔ionize
deionized dis۔ionize۔d (verb) past-tense
deionizing dis۔ionize۔ing
deistically deistic۔ly
deities deitys
deitization deitization
déjà vu dejavu
dejected deject۔d (verb, past tense)
dejecting deject۔ing
dejects deject
delaminated de۔laminate۔d (verb, past tense)
delaminates de۔laminate
delaminating de۔laminate۔ing
delapidated delapidate۔d
delayed delay۔d (verb, past tense)
delaying delay۔ing
delays delay (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
delays delays (noun plural)
delegable delegate۔able
delegated delegate۔d (verb, past tense)
delegates delegate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
delegates delegates (noun plural)
delegating delegate۔ing
deleted delete۔d (verb, past tense)
deletes delete (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deletes deletes (noun plural)
deleting delete۔ing
deliberated deliberate۔d (verb, past tense)
deliberateness deliberate۔ness
deliberates deliberate
deliberating deliberate۔ing
delicately delicate۔ly
delicateness delicate۔ness
deliciously delicious۔by
deliciously delicious۔ly Adverb, e.g. deliciously sweet
delighted delight۔d (verb, past tense)
delightfully delightful۔ly
delightfulness delightful۔ness
delighting delight۔ing
delights delight (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
delights delights (noun plural)
delimited delimit۔d (verb, past tense)
delimiting delimit۔ing
delimits delimit
delineated delineate۔d (verb, past tense)
delineates delineate
delineating delineate۔ing
delinquencies delinquencys
deliriously delirious۔by
deliriousness delirious۔ness
delist dis۔list
delisted dis۔list۔d (verb) past-tense
deliverable deliver۔able
delivered deliver۔d (verb, past tense)
deliverer deliver۔or
deliverers deliver۔ors
deliveries deliverys
delivering deliver۔ing
delivers deliver
deliveryman delivery۔man
deliverymen delivery۔mans
delivery-woman delivery۔woman
deliverywomen delivery۔womans
delouse dis۔louse
deloused dis۔louse۔d (verb) past-tense
delouses delouse
delousing delouse۔ing
delphically delphic۔ly
deluded delude۔d (verb, past tense)
deludes delude
deluding delude۔ing
deluged deluge۔d (verb, past tense)
deluges deluge
deluging deluge۔ing
delved delve۔d (verb, past tense)
delves delve (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
delves delves (noun plural)
delving delve۔ing
demagnitize dis۔magnitize
demagnitized dis۔magnitize۔d (verb) past-tense
demagogically demagogic۔ly
demandable demand۔able
demanded demand۔d (verb, past tense)
demanding demand۔ing
demands demand (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
demands demands (noun plural)
demarcated demarcate۔d (verb, past tense)
demarcates demarcate
demarcating demarcate۔ing
dematerialization dis۔materialization
dematerialize dis۔materialize
dematerialized dis۔materialize۔d (verb) past-tense
dematerializes dis۔materialize
dematerializing dis۔materializing
demeaned demean۔d (verb, past tense)
demeaning demean۔ing
demeanour demeanor
demeans demean
demilitarisation demilitarization
demilitarise demilitarize
demilitarised demilitarize۔d
demilitarises demilitarize
demilitarising demilitarize۔ing
demilitarize dis۔militarize
demilitarized dis۔militarize۔d (verb) past-tense
demilitarizes demilitarize
demilitarizing demilitarize۔ing
demineralized demineralize۔d (verb, past tense)
demineralizes demineralize
demineralizing demineralize۔ing
demised demise۔d (verb, past tense)
demises demise
demising demise۔ing
demobilisation demobilization
demobilise demobilize
demobilised demobilize۔d
demobilises demobilize
demobilising demobilize۔ing
demobilize dis۔mobilize
demobilized dis۔mobilize۔d (verb) past-tense
demobilizing dis۔mobilize۔ing
democracies democracys
democratically democratic۔ly
democratisation democratization
democratise democratize
democratised democratize۔d
democratises democratize
democratising democratize۔ing
democratized democratize۔d (verb, past tense)
democratizes democratize
democratizing democratize۔ing
demodulated demodulate۔d (verb, past tense)
demodulates demodulate
demodulating demodulate۔ing
demoed demo۔d (verb, past tense)
demographically demographic۔ly
demoing demo۔ing
demolished demolish۔d (verb, past tense)
demolishes demolish
demolishing demolish۔ing
demonetizing dis۔monetize۔ing
demoniacally demoniac۔ly
demonically demonic۔ly
demonise demonize
demonised demonize۔d
demonises demonize
demonising demonize۔ing
demonized demonize۔d (verb, past tense)
demonizes demonize
demonizing demonize۔ing
demonstrable demonstrate۔able
demonstrably demonstrate۔ably
demonstrated demonstrate۔d (verb, past tense)
demonstrates demonstrate
demonstrating demonstrate۔ing
demonstratively demonstrative۔ly
demonstrator demonstrate۔or
demonstrators demonstrate۔ors
demoralisation demoralization
demoralise demoralize
demoralised demoralize۔d
demoralises demoralize
demoralising demoralize۔ing
demoralizing demoralize۔ing
demorialized demoralize۔d
demos demo (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
demos demos (noun plural)
demoted demote۔d (verb, past tense)
demotes demote
demoting demote۔ing
demured demure۔d (verb, past tense)
demurely demure۔ly
demurer demure۔er
demures demure
demurest demur۔est
demurest demure۔est
demuring demure۔ing
demystified demystify۔d (verb, past tense)
demystifying dis۔mystify۔ing
demythologize dis۔mythologize
demythologized dis۔mythologize۔d (verb) past-tense
demythologizing dis۔mythologize۔ing
denationalisation denationalization
denationalise denationalize
denationalised denationalize۔d
denationalises denationalize
denationalising denationalize۔ing
denationalized dis۔nationalize۔d (verb) past-tense
denationalizing dis۔nationalize۔ing
denationize dis۔nationalize
denaturalizing dis۔naturalize۔ing
denaturing dis۔nature۔ing
denazifying dis۔nazify۔ing
dendrochronologically dendrochronologic۔ly
denervated denervate۔d (verb, past tense)
denervates denervate
denervating denervate۔ing
deniable deny۔able
deniably deny۔ably
denied deny۔d (verb, past tense)
denigrated denigrate۔d (verb, past tense)
denigrates denigrate
denigrating denigrate۔ing
denominated denominate۔d (verb, past tense)
denominates denominate
denominating denominate۔ing
denoted denote۔d (verb, past tense)
denotes denote
denoting denote۔ing
denounced denounce۔d (verb, past tense)
denounces denounce
denouncing denounce۔ing
densely dense۔ly
denseness dense۔ness
denser dense۔er
densest dense۔est
densified densify۔d (verb, past tense)
densifying densify۔ing
densifys densify
densities densitys
dented dent۔d (verb, past tense)
denting dent۔ing
dentless dent۔less
dents dent
denuclearize dis۔nuclearize
denuclearized dis۔nuclearize۔d (verb) past-tense
denuclearizes denuclearize
denuclearizing denuclearize۔ing
denuded denude۔d (verb, past tense)
denudes denude
denuding denude۔ing
denying deny۔ing
denys deny
deodorise deodorize
deodorised deodorize۔d
deodorises deodorize
deodorising deodorize۔ing
deodorized deodorize۔d (verb, past tense)
deodorizes deodorize
deodorizing deodorize۔ing
deorbiting dis۔orbit۔ing
deoxidize dis۔oxidize
deoxidized dis۔oxidize۔d (verb) past-tense
deoxidizing dis۔oxidize۔ing
deoxygenating dis۔oxygenate۔ing
depart from depart
departed depart۔d (verb, past tense)
departing depart۔ing
department store mega۔store
department stores mega۔stores
departmentalized departmentalize۔d (verb, past tense)
departmentalizes departmentalize
departmentalizing departmentalize۔ing
departs depart
dependable depend۔able
dependably depend۔ably
depended depend۔d (verb, past tense)
dependencies dependencys
depending depend۔ing
depends depend
depersonalise depersonalize
depersonalised depersonalize۔d
depersonalises depersonalize
depersonalising depersonalize۔ing
depersonalizing dis۔personalize۔ing
depicted depict۔d (verb, past tense)
depicting depict۔ing
depicts depict
deplaning dis۔plane۔ing
depletable deplete۔able
depleted deplete۔d (verb, past tense)
depletes deplete
depleting deplete۔ing
deplorable deplore۔able
deplorably deplore۔ably
deplored deplore۔d (verb, past tense)
deplores deplore
deploring deplore۔ing
deployed deploy۔d (verb, past tense)
deploying deploy۔ing
deploys deploy
depluming dis۔plume۔ing
depolarizing dis۔polarize۔ing
depoliticizing dis۔politicize۔ing
depolymerizing dis۔polymerize۔ing
deponed depone۔d (verb, past tense)
depones depone
deponing depone۔ing
depopulating dis۔populate۔ing
deported deport۔d (verb, past tense)
deporting deport۔ing
deports deport
deposed depose۔d (verb, past tense)
deposes depose
deposing depose۔ing
deposited deposit۔d (verb, past tense)
depositer deposit۔or
depositers deposit۔ors
depositing deposit۔ing
depositories depositorys
deposits deposit (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
deposits deposits (noun plural)
depraved deprave۔d (verb, past tense)
depraves deprave
depraving deprave۔ing
depravities depravitys
deprecated deprecate۔d (verb, past tense)
deprecates deprecate
deprecating deprecate۔ing
depreciable depreciate۔able
depreciated depreciate۔d (verb, past tense)
depreciates depreciate
depreciating depreciate۔ing
depressed depress۔d (verb, past tense)
depresses depress
depressible depress۔able
depressing depress۔ing
depressurizing dis۔pressurize۔ing
deprived deprive۔d (verb, past tense)
deprives deprive
depriving deprive۔ing
deprogramming dis۔program۔ing
depthless depth۔less
deputed depute۔d (verb, past tense)
deputes depute
deputies deputys
deputing depute۔ing
deputise deputize
deputised deputize۔d
deputises deputize
deputising deputize۔ing
deputized deputize۔d (verb, past tense)
deputizes deputize
deputizing deputize۔ing
deracinated deracinate۔d (verb, past tense)
deracinates deracinate
deracinating deracinate۔ing
derailing dis۔rail۔ing
deranged derange۔d (verb, past tense)
deranges derange
deranging derange۔ing
derated derate۔d (verb, past tense)
derates derate
derating derate۔ing
derbies derbys
deregulating dis۔regulate۔ing
derepressing dis۔repress۔ing
derided deride۔d (verb, past tense)
derides deride
deriding deride۔ing
derisiveness derisive۔ness
derivable derive۔able
derivatized derivatize۔d (verb, past tense)
derivatizes derivatize
derivatizing derivatize۔ing
derived derive۔d (verb, past tense)
derives derive
deriving derive۔ing
derogatorily derogatory۔ly
desacralized desacralize۔d (verb, past tense)
desacralizes desacralize
desacralizing desacralize۔ing
desalinating dis۔salinate۔ing
desalinizing dis۔salinize۔ing
desalting dis۔salt۔ing
descended descend۔d (verb, past tense)
descendible descend۔able
descending descend۔ing
descends descend
describable describe۔able
described describe۔d (verb, past tense)
describes describe
describing describe۔ing
descried descry۔d (verb, past tense)
descrying descry۔ing
descrys descry
desecrated desecrate۔d (verb, past tense)
desecrates desecrate
desecrating desecrate۔ing
desensitisation desensitization
desensitise desensitize
desensitised desensitize۔d
desensitises desensitize
desensitising desensitize۔ing
desensitizing dis۔sensitize۔ing
deserted desert۔d (verb, past tense)
deserting desert۔ing
deserts desert
deserty desert۔y
deserved deserve۔d (verb, past tense)
deservedness deserved۔ness (verb) past-tense
deserves deserve
deserving deserve۔ing
desexed desex۔d (verb, past tense)
desexes desex
desexing desex۔ing
desexing dis۔sex۔ing
desexualizing dis۔sexualize۔ing
desfreezing dis۔freeze۔ing
desiccated desiccate۔d (verb, past tense)
desiccates desiccate
desiccating desiccate۔ing
designated designate۔d (verb, past tense)
designates designate
designating designate۔ing
designed design۔d (verb, past tense)
designer design۔or
designers design۔ors
designing design۔ing
designs design (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
designs designs (noun plural)
desirably desire۔ably
desireable desire۔able
desired desire۔d (verb, past tense)
desiree desire۔eer
desirees desire۔eers
desirer desire۔or
desirers desire۔ors
desires desire (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
desires desires (noun plural)
desiring desire۔ing
desisted desist۔d (verb, past tense)
desisting desist۔ing
desists desist
desktop desk۔top
desktop dest۔top
desktops dest۔tops
desolated desolate۔d (verb, past tense)
desolateness desolate۔ness
desolates desolate
desolating desolate۔ing
despaired despair۔d (verb, past tense)
despairing despair۔ing
despairs despair (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
despairs despairs (noun plural)
despatched despatch۔d (verb, past tense)
despatches despatch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
despatches despatches (noun plural)
despatching despatch۔ing
desperately desperate۔ly
desperateness desperate۔ness
despicably despicably
despiritualizing dis۔spiritualize۔ing
despised despise۔d (verb, past tense)
despises despise
despising despise۔ing
despoiling dis۔spoil۔ing
desponded despond۔d (verb, past tense)
despondencies despondencys
desponding despond۔ing
desponds despond
despotically despotic۔ly
destabilisation destabilization
destabilise destabilize
destabilised destabilize۔d
destabilises destabilize
destabilising destabilize۔ing
destabilizing dis۔stabilize۔ing
destined destine۔d (verb, past tense)
destines destine
destinies destinys
destining destine۔ing
destroyed destroy۔d (verb, past tense)
destroying destroy۔ing
destroys destroy
destructed destruct۔d (verb, past tense)
destructible destruct۔able
destructible destruct۔able
destructing destruct۔ing
destructively destructive۔ly
destructiveness destructive۔ness
destructs destruct
desulfurizing dis۔sulfurize۔ing
detachable dis۔attach۔able
detached detach۔d (verb, past tense)
detaches detach
detaching detach۔ing
detailed detail۔d (verb, past tense)
detailing detail۔ing
details detail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
details details (noun plural)
detained detain۔d (verb, past tense)
detaining detain۔ing
detains detain
detatch dis۔attach
detectable detect۔able
detected detect۔d (verb, past tense)
detecting detect۔ing
detects detect
detered deter۔d (verb, past tense)
deterged deterge۔d (verb, past tense)
deterges deterge
deterging deterge۔ing
deteriorated deteriorate۔d (verb, past tense)
deteriorates deteriorate
deteriorating deteriorate۔ing
determinable determine۔able
determinably determine۔ably
determined determine۔d (verb, past tense)
determinedness determined۔ness
determines determine
determining determine۔ing
deterministically deterministic۔ly
deterrable deter۔able
deterring deter۔ing
deters deter
detestable detest۔able
detestably detest۔ably
detested detest۔d (verb, past tense)
detesting detest۔ing
detests detest
dethrone dis۔throne
dethroning dis۔throne۔ing
detonated detonate۔d (verb, past tense)
detonates detonate
detonating detonate۔ing
detoured detour۔d (verb, past tense)
detouring detour۔ing
detours detour
detoxicating dis۔toxicate۔ing
detoxified detoxify۔d (verb, past tense)
detoxifying dis۔toxify۔ing
detoxing dis۔tox۔ing
detracted detract۔d (verb, past tense)
detracting detract۔ing
detractor detract۔or
detractors detract۔ors
detracts detract
detribalizing dis۔tribalize۔ing
detuning dis۔tune۔ing
deuterated deuterate۔d (verb, past tense)
deuterates deuterate
deuterating deuterate۔ing
devaluating dis۔valuate۔ing
devaluing dis۔value۔ing
devastated devastate۔d (verb, past tense)
devastates devastate
devastating devastate۔ing
deveined devein۔d (verb, past tense)
deveining devein۔ing
deveins devein
developable develop۔able
developed develop۔d (verb, past tense)
developer develope۔or
developers develope۔ors
developes develope
developing develope۔ing
deviated deviate۔d (verb, past tense)
deviates deviate
deviating deviate۔ing
deviled devil۔d (verb, past tense)
deviling devil۔ing
devilish devil۔ish
devils devil
deviously devious۔ly
deviousness devious۔ness
devised devise۔d (verb, past tense)
devises devise
devising devise۔ing
devitalizing dis۔vitalize۔ing
devitrifying dis۔vitrify۔ing
devocalizing dis۔vocalize۔ing
devoicing dis۔voice۔ing
devolved devolve۔d (verb, past tense)
devolves devolve
devolving devolve۔ing
devoted devote۔d (verb, past tense)
devotedly devoted۔ly
devotee devote۔or
devotees devote۔ors
devotes devote
devoting devote۔ing
devoured devour۔d (verb, past tense)
devouring devour۔ing
devours devour
devouter devout۔er
devoutest devout۔est
devoutly devout۔ly
devoutness devout۔ness
dewatering dis۔water۔ing
dewaxed dewax۔d (verb, past tense)
dewaxes dewax
dewaxing dewax۔ing
dewed dew۔d (verb, past tense)
dewing dew۔ing
dewless dew۔less
deworming dis۔worm۔ing
dews dew (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dews dews (noun plural)
dexterousness dexterous۔ness
diabolically diabolic۔ly
diabolized diabolize۔d (verb, past tense)
diabolizes diabolize
diabolizing diabolize۔ing
diachronically diachronic۔ly
diagenetically diagenetic۔ly
diagnosable diagnose۔able
diagnoseable diagnose۔able
diagnosed diagnose۔d (verb, past tense)
diagnoses diagnose
diagnosing diagnose۔ing
diagnostically diagnostic۔ly
diagonalized diagonalize۔d (verb, past tense)
diagonalizes diagonalize
diagonalizing diagonalize۔ing
diagonally diagonal۔ly
diagrammable diagram۔able
diagrammatically diagrammatic۔ly
diagrammed diagram۔d (verb, past tense)
diagramming diagram۔ing
diagrams diagram
dialectically dialectical۔ly
dialectologically dialectological۔ly
dialed dial۔d (verb, past tense)
dialing dial۔ing
dialled dial۔d
dialling dial۔ing
dialoged dialog۔d (verb, past tense)
dialogically dialogic۔ly
dialoging dialog۔ing
dialogs dialog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dialogs dialogs (noun plural)
dialogue dialog
dialogued dialogue۔d (verb, past tense)
dialogues dialog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dialogues dialogs (noun plural)
dialogues dialogs
dialoguing dialogue۔ing
dials dial (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dials dials (noun plural)
dialyzed dialyze۔d (verb, past tense)
dialyzes dialyze
dialyzing dialyze۔ing
diametrically diametric۔ly
diaphragmatically diaphragmatic۔ly
diaries diarys
diarrhoea diarrhea
diatonically diatonic۔ly
dibbing dib۔ing
dibbled dibble۔d (verb, past tense)
dibbles dibble
dibbling dibble۔ing
dibed dib۔d (verb, past tense)
dibs dib
diced dice۔d (verb, past tense)
dices dice
dichotically dichotic۔ly
dichotomized dichotomize۔d (verb, past tense)
dichotomizes dichotomize
dichotomizing dichotomize۔ing
dicing dice۔ing
dickered dicker۔d (verb, past tense)
dickering dicker۔ing
dickers dicker
dictated dictate۔d (verb, past tense)
dictates dictate
dictating dictate۔ing
dictatorette dictator۔et
dictatorettes dictator۔ets
dictionaries dictionarys
didactically didactic۔ly
diddled diddle۔d (verb, past tense)
diddles diddle
diddling diddle۔ing
'didn''t' dint
died die۔d (verb, past tense)
dieing die۔ing
dies die
dieted diet۔d (verb, past tense)
dietetically dietetic۔ly
dieties dietys
dieting diet۔ing
diets diet (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
diets diets (noun plural)
differed differ۔d (verb, past tense)
differentiable differentiate۔able
differentiated differentiate۔d (verb, past tense)
differentiates differentiate
differentiating differentiate۔ing
differently different۔ly
differing differ۔ing
differs differ
difficulter difficult۔er
difficultest difficult۔est
difficulties difficultys
diffracted diffract۔d (verb, past tense)
diffracting diffract۔ing
diffracts diffract
diffused diffuse۔d (verb, past tense)
diffusely diffuse۔ly
diffuseness diffuse۔ness
diffuses diffuse
diffusible diffuse۔able
diffusible diffuse۔able
diffusing diffuse۔ing
diffusiveness diffusive۔ness
digested digest۔d (verb, past tense)
digestible digest۔able
digestible digest۔able
digesting digest۔ing
digests digest
digger dig۔or
diggers dig۔ors
digging dig۔ing
digitalized digitalize۔d (verb, past tense)
digitalizes digitalize
digitalizing digitalize۔ing
digitally digital۔ly
digitise digitize
digitised digitize۔d
digitises digitize
digitising digitize۔ing
digitized digitize۔d (verb, past tense)
digitizes digitize
digitizing digitize۔ing
dignified dignify۔d (verb, past tense)
dignifying dignify۔ing
dignifys dignify
digraphically digraphic۔ly
digressed digress۔d (verb, past tense)
digresses digress
digressing digress۔ing
digs dig
dik-dik dikdik Small African mammal
dik-diks dikdiks Small African mammal
diked dike۔d (verb, past tense)
dikes dike (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dikes dikes (noun plural)
diking dike۔ing
dilapidated dilapidate۔d (verb, past tense)
dilapidates dilapidate
dilapidating dilapidate۔ing
dilatable dilate۔able
dilated dilate۔d (verb, past tense)
dilates dilate
dilating dilate۔ing
dilettantish dilettante۔ish
diligently diligent۔ly
dillydallied dillydally۔d (verb, past tense)
dillydallied dillydally۔d (verb, past tense)
dillydallying dillydally۔ing
dillydallys dillydally
diluted dilute۔d (verb, past tense)
dilutes dilute
diluting dilute۔ing
dimensioned dimension۔d (verb, past tense)
dimensioning dimension۔ing
dimensionless dimension۔less
dimensions dimension
diminishable diminish۔able
diminished diminish۔d (verb, past tense)
diminishes diminish
diminishing diminish۔ing
dimly dim۔ly
dimmable dim۔able
dimmed dim۔d (verb, past tense)
dimmer dim۔er
dimmest dim۔est
dimming dim۔ing
dimness dim۔ness
dims dim
dimwittedness dimwitted۔ness
dindled dindle۔d (verb, past tense)
dindles dindle
dindling dindle۔ing
dined dine۔d (verb, past tense)
diner dine۔or
diners dine۔ors
dines dine
dingdonged dingdong۔d (verb, past tense)
dingdonging dingdong۔ing
dingdongs dingdong (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dingdongs dingdongs (noun plural)
dinged ding۔d (verb, past tense)
dingily dingy۔ly
dinging ding۔ing
dingleberries dingleberrys
dings ding
dining dine۔in
dining dine۔ing
dining nook dine∙nook
dining nooks dine∙nooks
dining room dine∙room
dining rooms dine∙rooms
dining table dine∙table
dining tables dine∙tables
dining tables dining∙tables
dinings dine۔ins
dinnerless dinner۔less
dinnertime dinner۔time
dinnertimes dinner۔times
diphthongized diphthongize۔d (verb, past tense)
diphthongizes diphthongize
diphthongizing diphthongize۔ing
diplomatically diplomatic۔ly
dipped dip۔d (verb, past tense)
dipperful dipper۔ful
dipping dip۔ing
dips dip
directed direct۔d (verb, past tense)
directing direct۔ing
directionalization directionalization
directionless direction۔less
directly direct۔ly
director director
directors directors
directs direct (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
directs directs (noun plural)
direly dire۔ly
direness dire۔ness
direr dire۔er
direst dire۔est
dirigible dirijable
dirked dirk۔d (verb, past tense)
dirking dirk۔ing
dirks dirk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dirks dirks (noun plural)
dirtied dirty۔d (verb, past tense)
dirtied dirty۔d (verb, past tense)
dirtier dirt۔yer
dirtiest dirt۔yest
dirtily dirt۔yly
dirtiness dirt۔yness
dirty dirt۔y
dirtying dirty۔ing
dirtys dirty (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
dirtys dirtys (noun plural)
disabilities disabilitys
disabled dis۔able۔d (verb, past tense)
disables dis۔able
disabling dis۔able۔ing
disabused disabuse۔d (verb, past tense)
disabuses disabuse
disabusing disabuse۔ing
disaccorded dis۔accord۔d (verb, past tense)
disaccording dis۔accord۔ing
disaccords dis۔accord (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
disaccords dis۔accords (noun plural)
disacidified dis۔acidify۔d (verb, past tense)
disacidifys dis۔acidify
disactivated dis۔activate۔d (verb, past tense)
disactivates dis۔activate
disadvantage un۔advantage
disadvantaged dis۔advantage۔d (verb, past tense)
disadvantages dis۔advantage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
disadvantages dis۔advantages (noun plural)
disadvantages un۔advantages
disadvantaging dis۔advantage۔ing
disaffected dis۔affect۔d (verb, past tense)
disaffecting dis۔affect۔ing
disaffects dis۔affect
disaffiliated dis۔affiliate۔d (verb, past tense)
disaffiliates dis۔affiliate
disaffiliating dis۔affiliate۔ing
disaffirmed dis۔affirm۔d (verb, past tense)
disaffirming dis۔affirm۔ing
disaffirms dis۔affirm
disaggregated dis۔aggregate۔d (verb, past tense)
disaggregates dis۔aggregate
disaggregating dis۔aggregate۔ing
disagreeable un۔agree۔able
disagreeably un۔agree۔ably
disagreed un۔agree۔d Did not agree
disagreeing dis۔agree۔ing
disagrees dis۔agree
disallow dis۔allow Prohibit something previously allowed
disallowed dis۔allow۔d (verb, past tense)
disallowing dis۔allow۔ing
disallowing dis۔allow۔ing
disallows dis۔allow
disambiguated dis۔ambiguate۔d (verb, past tense)
disambiguates dis۔ambiguate
disambiguating dis۔ambiguate۔ing
disaminated dis۔aminate۔d (verb, past tense)
disaminates dis۔aminate
disaminating dis۔aminate۔ing
disanchored dis۔anchor۔d (verb, past tense)
disanchoring dis۔anchor۔ing
disanchors dis۔anchor
disannuled dis۔annul۔d (verb, past tense)
disannuling dis۔annul۔ing
disannuls dis۔annul
disappeared disappear۔d (verb, past tense)
disappearing disappear۔ing
disappears dis۔appear
disappointed disappoint۔d (verb, past tense)
disappointing disappoint۔ing
disappoints disappoint
disapprove un۔approve
disapproved dis۔approve۔d No longer approved
disapproved un۔approve۔d Did not approve
disapproves dis۔approve
disapproves un۔approve
disapproving dis۔approve۔ing
disapproving un۔approve۔ing
disarm dis۔weapon
disarmament dis۔weaponment
disarmed dis۔arm۔d (verb, past tense)
disarmed dis۔weapon۔d Relinquished weapons
disarming dis۔arm۔ing
disarming dis۔weapon۔ing
disarms dis۔weapon
disarranged dis۔arrange۔d (verb, past tense)
disarranges dis۔arrange
disarranging dis۔arrange۔ing
disarticulated dis۔articulate۔d (verb, past tense)
disarticulates dis۔articulate
disarticulating dis۔articulate۔ing
disassemble dis۔assemble
disassembled dis۔assemble۔d (verb, past tense)
disassembles dis۔assemble
disassembling dis۔assemble۔ing
disassembling dis۔assemble۔ing
disassembly dis۔assembly
disassociated dis۔associate۔d (verb, past tense)
disassociates dis۔associate
disassociating dis۔associate۔ing
disavailed dis۔avail۔d (verb, past tense)
disavailing dis۔avail۔ing
disavails dis۔avail
disavowable dis۔avow۔able
disavowed dis۔avow۔d (verb, past tense)
disavowing dis۔avow۔ing
disavows dis۔avow
disbalanced dis۔balance۔d (verb, past tense)
disbalances dis۔balance
disbalancing dis۔balance۔ing
disbandaged dis۔bandage۔d (verb, past tense)
disbandages dis۔bandage
disbandaging dis۔bandage۔ing
disbanded dis۔band۔d (verb, past tense)
disbanding dis۔band۔ing
disbands dis۔band
disbaned dis۔ban۔d (verb, past tense)
disbanning dis۔ban۔ing
disbans dis۔ban
disbared dis۔bar۔d (verb, past tense)
disbarring dis۔bar۔ing
disbars dis۔bar
disbelief disbelief
disbelieved dis۔believe۔d (verb, past tense)
disbelieves dis۔believe
disbelieving dis۔believe۔ing
disbelted dis۔belt۔d (verb, past tense)
disbelting dis۔belt۔ing
disbelts dis۔belt
disbended dis۔bend۔d (verb, past tense)
disbending dis۔bend۔ing
disbends dis۔bend
disbinded dis۔bind۔d (verb, past tense)
disbinding dis۔bind۔ing
disbinds dis۔bind
disblinked dis۔blink۔d (verb, past tense)
disblinking dis۔blink۔ing
disblinks dis۔blink
disblocked dis۔block۔d (verb, past tense)
disblocking dis۔block۔ing
disblocks dis۔block
disboard dis۔board
disboarded dis۔board
disboarding dis۔board۔ing
disbolted dis۔bolt۔d (verb, past tense)
disbolting dis۔bolt۔ing
disbolts dis۔bolt
disboned dis۔bone۔d (verb, past tense)
disbones dis۔bone
disboning dis۔bone۔ing
disbonneted dis۔bonnet۔d (verb, past tense)
disbonneting dis۔bonnet۔ing
disbonnets dis۔bonnet
disboxed dis۔box۔d (verb, past tense)
disboxes dis۔box
disbraced dis۔brace۔d (verb, past tense)
disbraces dis۔brace
disbraided dis۔braid۔d (verb, past tense)
disbraiding dis۔braid۔ing
disbraids dis۔braid
disbraked dis۔brake۔d (verb, past tense)
disbrakes dis۔brake
disbraking dis۔brake۔ing
disbridled dis۔bridle۔d (verb, past tense)
disbridles dis۔bridle
disbridling dis۔bridle۔ing
disbuckled dis۔buckle۔d (verb, past tense)
disbuckles dis۔buckle
disbuckling dis۔buckle۔ing
disbudged dis۔budge۔d (verb, past tense)
disbudges dis۔budge
disbudging dis۔budge۔ing
disbugged dis۔bug۔d (verb, past tense)
disbuging dis۔bug۔ing
disbugs dis۔bug
disbuilded dis۔build۔d (verb, past tense)
disbuilding dis۔build۔ing
disbuilds dis۔build
disbundled dis۔bundle۔d (verb, past tense)
disbundles dis۔bundle
disbundling dis۔bundle۔ing
disburdened dis۔burden۔d (verb, past tense)
disburdening dis۔burden۔ing
disburdens dis۔burden
disbursed disburse۔d (verb, past tense)
disburses disburse
disbursing disburse۔ing
disbuttoned dis۔button۔d (verb, past tense)
disbuttoning dis۔button۔ing
disbuttons dis۔button
disc disk
disc disk
discaffeinated dis۔caffeinate۔d (verb, past tense)
discaffeinates dis۔caffeinate
discaged dis۔cage۔d (verb, past tense)
discages dis۔cage
discaging dis۔cage۔ing
discalcified dis۔calcify۔d (verb, past tense)
discalcifys dis۔calcify
discamped dis۔camp۔d (verb, past tense)
discamps dis۔camp
discapacitated dis۔capacitate۔d (verb, past tense)
discapacitates dis۔capacitate
discapacitating dis۔capacitate۔ing
discapped dis۔cap۔d (verb, past tense)
discaps dis۔cap
discarbonated dis۔carbonate۔d (verb, past tense)
discarbonates dis۔carbonate
discarbonized dis۔carbonize۔d (verb, past tense)
discarbonizes dis۔carbonize
discarboxylated dis۔carboxylate۔d (verb, past tense)
discarboxylates dis۔carboxylate
discarburized dis۔carburize۔d (verb, past tense)
discarburizes dis۔carburize
discardable discard۔able
discarded discard۔d (verb, past tense)
discarding discard۔ing
discards discard
discased dis۔case۔d (verb, past tense)
discases dis۔case
discerebrated dis۔cerebrate۔d (verb, past tense)
discerebrates dis۔cerebrate
discerebrating dis۔cerebrate۔ing
discernable discern۔able
discerned discern۔d (verb, past tense)
discernible discern۔able
discernible discern۔able
discerning discern۔ing
discerns discern
discertified dis۔certify۔d (verb, past tense)
discertifys dis۔certify
dischained dis۔chain۔d (verb, past tense)
dischaining dis۔chain۔ing
dischains dis۔chain
dischargeable dis۔charge۔able
discharged dis۔charge۔d (verb, past tense)
discharges dis۔charge
discharging dis۔charge۔ing
dischlorinated dis۔chlorinate۔d (verb, past tense)
dischlorinates dis۔chlorinate
dischlorinating dis۔chlorinate۔ing
dischoked dis۔choke۔d (verb, past tense)
dischokes dis۔choke
dischoking dis۔choke۔ing
disciplinable discipline۔able
disciplined discipline۔d (verb, past tense)
disciplines discipline (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
disciplines disciplines (noun plural)
disciplining discipline۔ing
disclaimed dis۔claim۔d (verb, past tense)
disclaiming dis۔claim۔ing
disclaims dis۔claim
disclamped dis۔clamp۔d (verb, past tense)
disclamps dis۔clamp
disclasped dis۔clasp۔d (verb, past tense)
disclasping dis۔clasp۔ing
disclasps dis۔clasp
disclassed dis۔class۔d (verb, past tense)
disclasses dis۔class
disclassified dis۔classify۔d (verb, past tense)
disclassifys dis۔classify
disclawed dis۔claw۔d (verb, past tense)
disclaws dis۔claw
disclenched dis۔clench۔d (verb, past tense)
disclenches dis۔clench
disclenching dis۔clench۔ing
disclipped dis۔clip۔d (verb, past tense)
disclipping dis۔clip۔ing
disclips dis۔clip
discloaked dis۔cloak۔d (verb, past tense)
discloaking dis۔cloak۔ing
discloaks dis۔cloak
disclogged dis۔clog۔d (verb, past tense)
disclogs dis۔clog
disclosed dis۔close۔d (verb, past tense)
discloses dis۔close
disclosing dis۔close۔ing
disclouded dis۔cloud۔d (verb, past tense)
disclouding dis۔cloud۔ing
disclouds dis۔cloud
discloyed dis۔cloy۔d (verb, past tense)
discloying dis۔cloy۔ing
discloys dis۔cloy
discluttered dis۔clutter۔d (verb, past tense)
disclutters dis۔clutter
discoalesced dis۔coalesce۔d (verb, past tense)
discoalesces dis۔coalesce
discoalescing dis۔coalesce۔ing
discoated dis۔coat۔d (verb, past tense)
discoating dis۔coat۔ing
discoats dis۔coat
discocked dis۔cock۔d (verb, past tense)
discocking dis۔cock۔ing
discocks dis۔cock
discoded dis۔code۔d (verb, past tense)
discodes dis۔code
discoed disco۔d (verb, past tense)
discoffined dis۔coffin۔d (verb, past tense)
discoffining dis۔coffin۔ing
discoffins dis۔coffin
discoiled dis۔coil۔d (verb, past tense)
discoils dis۔coil
discoing disco۔ing
discolonized dis۔colonize۔d (verb, past tense)
discolonizes dis۔colonize
discolored dis۔color۔d (verb, past tense)
discoloring dis۔color۔ing
discolorized dis۔colorize۔d (verb, past tense)
discolorizes dis۔colorize
discolorizing dis۔colorize۔ing
discolors dis۔color
discolour discolor
discoloured discolor۔d Verb
discolouring discolor۔ing
discolours discolor
discombobulated dis۔combobulate۔d (verb, past tense)
discombobulates dis۔combobulate
discombobulating dis۔combobulate۔ing
discommissioned dis۔commission۔d (verb, past tense)
discommissions dis۔commission
discompeled dis۔compel۔d (verb, past tense)
discompelling dis۔compel۔ing
discompels dis۔compel
discompensated dis۔compensate۔d (verb, past tense)
discompensates dis۔compensate
discompensating dis۔compensate۔ing
discomposed dis۔compose۔d (verb, past tense)
discomposes dis۔compose
discomposing dis۔compose۔ing
discompressed dis۔compress۔d (verb, past tense)
discompresses dis۔compress
disconcentrated dis۔concentrate۔d (verb, past tense)
disconcentrates dis۔concentrate
disconcerted disconcert۔d
disconditioned dis۔condition۔d (verb, past tense)
disconditions dis۔condition
disconfirmed dis۔confirm۔d (verb, past tense)
disconfirming dis۔confirm۔ing
disconfirms dis۔confirm
disconfused dis۔confuse۔d (verb, past tense)
disconfuses dis۔confuse
disconfusing dis۔confuse۔ing
discongested dis۔congest۔d (verb, past tense)
discongests dis۔congest
disconnect dis۔connect
disconnected dis۔connect۔d (verb, past tense)
disconnecting dis۔connect۔ing
disconnecting dis۔connect۔ing
disconnects dis۔connect
disconnects dis۔connect
disconsecrated dis۔consecrate۔d (verb, past tense)
disconsecrates dis۔consecrate
disconsecrating dis۔consecrate۔ing
disconstructed dis۔construct۔d (verb, past tense)
disconstructs dis۔construct
discontaminated dis۔contaminate۔d (verb, past tense)
discontaminates dis۔contaminate
discontinue dis۔continue
discontinued dis۔continue۔d No longer continued
discontinues dis۔continue
discontinues dis۔continue
discontinuing dis۔continue۔ing
discontinuing dis۔continue۔ing
discontinuous non۔continue
discontroled dis۔control۔d (verb, past tense)
discontroling dis۔control۔ing
discontrols dis۔control
disconvinced dis۔convince۔d (verb, past tense)
disconvinces dis۔convince
disconvincing dis۔convince۔ing
discorked dis۔cork۔d (verb, past tense)
discorking dis۔cork۔ing
discorks dis۔cork
discos disco
discoteque dance∙pub
discoteques dance∙pubs
discountable discount۔able
discounted discount۔d (verb, past tense)
discountenanced dis۔countenance۔d (verb, past tense)
discountenances dis۔countenance
discountenancing dis۔countenance۔ing
discounting discount۔ing
discounts discount (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
discounts discounts (noun plural)
discoupled dis۔couple۔d (verb, past tense)
discoupled dis۔coupled (verb) past-tense
discouples dis۔couple
discoupling dis۔couple۔ing
discouraged discourage۔d (verb, past tense)
discourages discourage
discouraging discourage۔ing
discover dis۔cover Remove something previously covered
discover discover Encounter information about something
discoverable discover۔able
discovered discover۔d (verb, past tense)
discoverer discover۔or
discoverers discover۔ors
discoveries discoverys
discovering dis۔cover۔ing Removing something previously covered
discovering dis۔cover۔ing
discovering discover۔ing
discovers dis۔cover
discovers discover
discrated dis۔crate۔d (verb, past tense)
discrates dis۔crate
discrating dis۔crate۔ing
discreated dis۔create۔d (verb, past tense)
discreates dis۔create
discreating dis۔create۔ing
discreditable dis۔credit۔able
discreditably dis۔credit۔ably
discredited discredit۔d (verb, past tense)
discrediting discredit۔ing
discredits dis۔credit
discreeter discreet۔er
discreetest discreet۔est
discrepancies discrepancys
discretely discrete۔ly
discriminable discriminate۔able
discriminalized dis۔criminalize۔d (verb, past tense)
discriminalizes dis۔criminalize
discriminated discriminate۔d (verb, past tense)
discriminates discriminate
discriminating discriminate۔ing
discriminating discriminate۔y
discrossed dis۔cross۔d (verb, past tense)
discrosses dis۔cross
discrossing dis۔cross۔ing
discrowned dis۔crown۔d (verb, past tense)
discrowning dis۔crown۔ing
discrowns dis۔crown
discrumpled dis۔crumple۔d (verb, past tense)
discrumples dis۔crumple
discrumpling dis۔crumple۔ing
discrypted dis۔crypt۔d (verb, past tense)
discrypting dis۔crypt۔ing
discrypts dis۔crypt
discs disks
discs disks
discuffed dis۔cuff۔d (verb, past tense)
discuffing dis۔cuff۔ing
discuffs dis۔cuff
discurbed dis۔curb۔d (verb, past tense)
discurbing dis۔curb۔ing
discurbs dis۔curb
discurled dis۔curl۔d (verb, past tense)
discurling dis۔curl۔ing
discurls dis۔curl
discussable discuss۔able
discussed discuss۔d (verb, past tense)
discusses discuss
discussible discuss۔able
discussible discuss۔able
discussing discuss۔ing
disdainful disdain۔ful
disdeceived dis۔deceive۔d (verb, past tense)
disdeceives diseceive
disdeceiving dis۔deceive۔ing
disdehumidified dis۔dehumidify۔d (verb, past tense)
disdehumidifying dis۔dehumidify۔ing
disdehumidifys disehumidify
disdesigned dis۔design۔d (verb, past tense)
disdesigning dis۔design۔ing
disdesigns disesign
disdifferentiated dis۔differentiate۔d (verb, past tense)
disdifferentiates disifferentiate
disdifferentiating dis۔differentiate۔ing
disdocked dis۔dock۔d (verb, past tense)
disdocking dis۔dock۔ing
disdocks disock
disdraped dis۔drape۔d (verb, past tense)
disdrapes disrape
disdraping dis۔drape۔ing
disdrawed dis۔draw۔d (verb, past tense)
disdrawing dis۔draw۔ing
disdraws disraw
disdressed dis۔dress۔d (verb, past tense)
disdresses disress
disdressing dis۔dress۔ing
diseaseless disease۔less
disedified dis۔edify۔d (verb, past tense)
disedifying dis۔edify۔ing
disedifys disify
disedratiated dis۔dratiate۔d (verb, past tense)
disembark dis۔embark Can be used for any mode of transportation (car, ship, kiddie rides etc.)
disembarked dis۔embark۔d (verb, past tense)
disembarking dis۔embark۔ing
disembarking dis۔embark۔ing
disembarks dis۔embark
disembodied dis۔embody۔d (verb, past tense)
disembodying dis۔embody۔ing
disembodys dis۔embody
disemboweled disembowel۔d (verb, past tense)
disemboweling disembowel۔ing
disembowelled disembowel۔d
disembowelling disembowel۔ing
disembowels disembowel
disembroil dis۔embroil
disembroiled dis۔embroil۔d (verb) past-tense
disembroiling dis۔embroil۔ing
disembroils disembroil (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
disemphasized dis۔emphasize۔d (verb, past tense)
disemphasizes dis۔emphasize
disemphasizing dis۔emphasize۔ing
disempower dis۔empower
disempowered dis۔empower۔d (verb) past-tense
disempowering dis۔empower۔ing
disempowers dis۔empower
disenchanted dis۔enchant۔d (verb, past tense)
disenchanting dis۔enchant۔ing
disenchants dis۔enchant
disencouraged dis۔encourage۔d (verb, past tense)
disencourages dis۔encourage
disencouraging dis۔encourage۔ing
disencumbered dis۔encumber۔d (verb, past tense)
disencumbering dis۔encumber۔ing
disencumbers dis۔encumber
disendeared dis۔endear۔d (verb, past tense)
disendearing dis۔endear۔ing
disendears dis۔endear
disendow dis۔endow
disendowed dis۔endow۔d (verb, past tense)
disendowing dis۔endow۔ing
disendowing dis۔endow۔ing
disendowment dis۔endowment
disendows dis۔endow
disenfranchise dis۔enfranchise
disenfranchised dis۔enfranchise۔d (verb, past tense)
disenfranchises dis۔enfranchise
disenfranchising dis۔enfranchise۔ing
disenfranchising dis۔enfranchise۔ing
disengage dis۔engage
disengaged dis۔engage۔d (verb, past tense)
disengages dis۔engage
disengaging dis۔engage۔ing
disengaging dis۔engage۔ing
disenlightened dis۔enlighten۔d (verb, past tense)
disenlightening dis۔enlighten۔ing
disenlightens dis۔enlighten
disentailed dis۔entail۔d (verb, past tense)
disentailing dis۔entail۔ing
disentails dis۔entail
disentangle dis۔entangle
disentangled dis۔entangle۔d (verb, past tense)
disentangles dis۔entangle
disentangles dis۔entangle
disentangling dis۔entangle۔ing
disentangling dis۔entangle۔ing
disenthralled dis۔enthrall۔d (verb, past tense)
disenthralling dis۔enthrall۔ing
disenthralls dis۔enthrall
disentitled dis۔entitle۔d (verb, past tense)
disentitles dis۔entitle
disentitling dis۔entitle۔ing
disentomb dis۔entomb
disentombed dis۔entomb۔d (verb) past-tense
disentombing dis۔entomb۔ing
disentombs dis۔entomb 3rd person singular present-tense of "to entomb")
disequilibrated dis۔equilibrate۔d (verb, past tense)
disequilibrates dis۔equilibrate
disequilibrating dis۔equilibrate۔ing
disescalated dis۔escalate۔d (verb, past tense)
disescalates dis۔escalate
disescalating dis۔escalate۔ing
disestablish dis۔establish
disestablished dis۔establish۔d (verb, past tense)
disestablishes dis۔establish
disestablishing dis۔establish۔ing
disestablishing dis۔establish۔ing
disesteemed dis۔esteem۔d (verb, past tense)
disesteeming dis۔esteem۔ing
disesteems dis۔esteem
disfanged dis۔fang۔d (verb, past tense)
disfanging dis۔fang۔ing
disfangs dis۔fang
disfastened dis۔fasten۔d (verb, past tense)
disfastening dis۔fasten۔ing
disfastens dis۔fasten
disfavored dis۔favor۔d (verb, past tense)
disfavoring dis۔favor۔ing
disfavors dis۔favor
disfavour disfavor
disfeminized dis۔feminize۔d (verb, past tense)
disfeminizes dis۔feminize
disfenced dis۔fence۔d (verb, past tense)
disfences dis۔fence
disfencing dis۔fence۔ing
disfenestrated dis۔fenestrate۔d (verb, past tense)
disfenestrates dis۔fenestrate
disfenestrating dis۔fenestrate۔ing
disfettered dis۔fetter۔d (verb, past tense)
disfettering dis۔fetter۔ing
disfetters dis۔fetter
disfibrillated dis۔fibrillate۔d (verb, past tense)
disfibrillates dis۔fibrillate
disfigured disfigure۔d (verb, past tense)
disfigures disfigure
disfiguring disfigure۔ing
disfixed dis۔fix۔d (verb, past tense)
disfixes dis۔fix
disfixing dis۔fix۔ing
disfleaed dis۔flea۔d (verb, past tense)
disfleaing dis۔flea۔ing
disfleas dis۔flea
disfoamed dis۔foam۔d (verb, past tense)
disfoaming dis۔foam۔ing
disfoams dis۔foam