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English Peoplese Explanation Definition
band musikband A group of musicians
bands musikbands A group of musicians
beat musicbeat
biker motorcycle۔or
bikers motorcycle۔ors
canful metalcan۔ful
cansful metalcan۔fuls
department store mega۔store
department stores mega۔stores
dislocating mis۔locate۔ing
dislodging mis۔lodge۔ing
disorienting mis۔orient۔ing
erringly mistaken۔ly
face mianze Chinese 面子. Must more powerful than English "face".
fellow-monk monk۔mate
fellow-monks monk۔mates
handmaid maid
handmaids maids
high school middle∙school
high schools middle∙schools
largely main۔ly
lunar month moon∙month
lunar months moon∙months
lunar-month moon∙month
lunar-months moon∙months
macadamized macadamize۔d (verb, past tense)
macadamizes macadamize
macadamizing macadamize۔ing
macerated macerate۔d (verb, past tense)
macerates macerate
macerating macerate۔ing
macheted machete۔d
macheteless machete۔less
machetes machete (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
machetes machetes (noun plural)
machetting machete۔ing
machinated machinate۔d (verb, past tense)
machinates machinate
machinating machinate۔ing
machined machine۔d (verb, past tense)
machinegunned machinegun۔d
machinegunner machinegun۔or
machinegunners machinegun۔ors
machinegunning machinegun۔ing
machinelike machine۔alike
machining machine۔ing
mackled mackle۔d (verb, past tense)
mackles mackle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mackles mackles (noun plural)
mackling mackle۔ing
macroclimatic macro۔climatic
macroclimatically macro۔climatical۔ly
macrocosmic macro۔cosmic
macrocosmically macro۔cosmic۔ly
macrocyclic macro۔cyclic
macroeconomic macro۔economic
macroeconomist macro۔economist
macroeconomists macro۔economists
macroevolution macro۔evolution
macroevolutionary macro۔evolutionary
macroscopically macroscopic۔ly
maculated maculate۔d (verb, past tense)
maculates maculate
maculating maculate۔ing
maddened madden۔d (verb, past tense)
maddening madden۔ing
maddens madden
madder mad۔er
maddest mad۔est
maddish mad۔ish
made make۔d (verb, past tense)
madness mad۔ness
maggotiness maggot۔yness
magically magic۔ly
magicking magic۔ing
magics magic (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
magics magics (noun plural)
magisterialness magisterial۔ness
magnanimously magnanimous۔ly
magnanimousness magnanimous۔ness
magnetically magnetic۔ly
magneticalness magnetical۔ness
magnetise magnetize
magnetised magnetize۔d
magnetises magnetize
magnetising magnetize۔ing
magnetizable magnetize۔able
magnetized magnetize۔d (verb, past tense)
magnetizes magnetize
magnetizing magnetize۔ing
magnified magnify۔d (verb, past tense)
magnifying magnify۔ing
magnifys magnify
maidenhood maiden۔hood
maidenliness maidenly۔ness
maidhood maid۔hood
mail bomb mail∙bomb
mail bombs mail∙bombs
mailable mail۔able
mailbombed mailbomb۔d (verb, past tense)
mailbombing mailbomb۔in
mailbombing mailbomb۔ing
mailbombings mailbomb۔ins
mailbombs mailbomb (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mailbombs mailbombs (noun plural)
mailbox mail∙box
mailboxs mail∙boxes
mailed mail۔d (verb, past tense)
mailer mail۔or
mailers mail۔ors
mailing mail۔in
mailing mail۔ing
mailings mail۔ins
mailless mail۔less
mailman mail۔man
mailman mail∙carry۔ort
mailmans mail∙carry۔orts
mailmen mail۔mans
mailmen mail∙carry۔orts
mailmens mail∙carry۔ortss
mails mail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mails mails (noun plural)
mailwoman mail۔woman
mailwomen mail۔womans
maimed maim۔d (verb, past tense)
maimedness maimed۔ness
maiming maim۔ing
mainlined mainline۔d (verb, past tense)
mainlines mainline (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mainlines mainlines (noun plural)
mainlining mainline۔ing
mainly main۔by
mainly main۔ly
maintainable maintain۔able
maintained maintain۔d (verb, past tense)
maintaining maintain۔ing
maintains maintain
maize corn
majestically majestic۔ly
majesticness majestic۔ness
makable make۔able
make love boomboom
make loves boombooms
makeable make۔able
maker make۔or
makers make۔ors
makes make
makeup cosmetics
making make۔ing
maladies maladys
maladroitness non۔adroit۔ness
malapertness non۔apert۔ness
male student school∙guy
male students school∙guys
maliciously malicious۔ly
maliciousness malicious۔ness
maligned malign۔d (verb, past tense)
maligning malign۔ing
malignly malign۔ly
maligns malign (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maligns maligns (noun plural)
malingered malinger۔d (verb, past tense)
malingering malinger۔ing
malingers malinger
malitiaman malitia۔man
malitiamen malitia۔mans
malitiawoman malitia۔woman
malitiawomen malitia۔womans
malted malt۔d (verb, past tense)
malting malt۔ing
malts malt
mamboed mambo۔d (verb, past tense)
mamboing mambo۔ing
mambos mambo (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mambos mambos (noun plural)
mammocked mammock۔d (verb, past tense)
mammocking mammock۔ing
mammocks mammock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mammocks mammocks (noun plural)
manacled manacle۔d (verb, past tense)
manacles manacle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manacles manacles (noun plural)
manacling manacle۔ing
manageable manage۔able
manageably manage۔ably
managed manage۔d (verb, past tense)
manager manage۔or
managers manage۔ors
manages manage
managing manage۔ing
mandated mandate۔d (verb, past tense)
mandates mandate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mandates mandates (noun plural)
mandating mandate۔ing
mandible mandable
maneless mane۔less
maneuverable maneuver۔able
maneuvered maneuver۔d (verb, past tense)
maneuvering maneuver۔ing
maneuvers maneuver (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maneuvers maneuvers (noun plural)
manfully manful۔ly
manfulness manful۔ness
mangled mangle۔d (verb, past tense)
mangles mangle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mangles mangles (noun plural)
mangling mangle۔ing
mangoes mangos
manhandled manhandle۔d (verb, past tense)
manhandles manhandle
manhandling manhandle۔ing
manhood man۔hood
manhoods man۔hoods
manhunt man∙hunt
manhunts man∙hunts
maniacally maniac۔ly
manically manic۔ly
manically manic۔ly
manicured manicure۔d (verb, past tense)
manicures manicure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manicures manicures (noun plural)
manicuring manicure۔ing
manifested manifest۔d (verb, past tense)
manifesting manifest۔ing
manifests manifest (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manifests manifests (noun plural)
manifolded manifold۔d (verb, past tense)
manifolding manifold۔ing
manifolds manifold (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manifolds manifolds (noun plural)
manipulable manipulate۔able
manipulatable manipulate۔able
manipulated manipulate۔d (verb, past tense)
manipulates manipulate
manipulating manipulate۔ing
manless man۔less
manlier manly۔er
manliest manly۔est
manlike man۔alike
manliness manly۔ness
manly masculine
man-made people-make۔d
manned man۔d (verb, past tense)
mannered manner۔y
mannerless manner۔less
manning man۔ing
mannish man۔ish
mannishly man۔ishly
manoeuvrability maneuver۔ability
manoeuvrable maneuver۔able
manoeuvre maneuver
manoeuvred maneuver۔d
manoeuvres maneuvers
manoeuvring maneuver۔ing
manoeuvring maneuverin
manoeuvrings maneuverins
manometrically manometric۔ly
mantled mantle۔d (verb, past tense)
mantles mantle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mantles mantles (noun plural)
mantling mantle۔ing
manually manual۔ly
manufactured manufacture۔d (verb, past tense)
manufacturer manufacture۔or
manufacturers manufacture۔ors
manufactures manufacture (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manufactures manufactures (noun plural)
manufacturing manufacture۔ing
manured manure۔d (verb, past tense)
manures manure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
manures manures (noun plural)
manuring manure۔ing
many-fold many۔fold
maplike map۔alike
mappable map۔able
mapped map۔d (verb, past tense)
mapping map۔ing
maps map (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maps maps (noun plural)
marauded maraud۔d (verb, past tense)
marauder maraud۔or
marauders maraud۔ors
marauding maraud۔ing
marauds maraud
marbled marble۔d (verb, past tense)
marbles marble (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marbles marbles (noun plural)
marbling marble۔ing
marceled marcel۔d (verb, past tense)
marcelling marcel۔ing
marcels marcel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marcels marcels (noun plural)
marched march۔d (verb, past tense)
marcher march۔or
marchers march۔ors
marches march (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marches marches (noun plural)
marching march۔ing
marginalisation marginalization
marginalise marginalize
marginalised marginalize۔d
marginalises marginalize
marginalising marginalize۔ing
marginalized marginalize۔d (verb, past tense)
marginalizes marginalize
marginalizing marginalize۔ing
marginally marginal۔by
marginated marginate۔d (verb, past tense)
marginates marginate
marginating marginate۔ing
margined margin۔d (verb, past tense)
margining margin۔ing
margins margin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
margins margins (noun plural)
marinaded marinade۔d (verb, past tense)
marinades marinade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marinades marinades (noun plural)
marinading marinade۔ing
marinated marinate۔d (verb, past tense)
marinates marinate
marinating marinate۔ing
marked mark۔d (verb, past tense)
markedly marked۔ly
marker mark۔or
markers mark۔ors
marketable market۔able
marketed market۔d (verb, past tense)
marketing market۔in
marketing market۔ing
marketings market۔ins
marketplace market∙place
marketplaces market∙places
markets market (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
markets markets (noun plural)
marking mark۔in
marking mark۔ing
markings mark۔ins
marks mark (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marks marks (noun plural)
marled marl۔d (verb, past tense)
marling marl۔ing
marls marl (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marls marls (noun plural)
marooned maroon۔d (verb, past tense)
marooning maroon۔ing
maroons maroon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maroons maroons (noun plural)
marred mar۔d (verb, past tense)
marriageable marriage۔able
married marry۔d (verb, past tense)
marries marrys
marring mar۔ing
marrying marry۔ing
marrys marry
mars mar
marshaled marshal۔d (verb, past tense)
marshaling marshal۔ing
marshalled marshal۔d
marshalling marshal۔ing
marshalling marshal۔ing
marshals marshal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marshals marshals (noun plural)
marshland marsh۔land
marshlands marsh۔lands
martensitically martensitic۔ly
martially martial۔ly
martyrdom martyr۔dom
martyred martyr۔d (verb, past tense)
martyring martyr۔ing
martyrs martyr (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
martyrs martyrs (noun plural)
marveled marvel۔d (verb, past tense)
marveling marvel۔ing
marvelled marvel۔d
marvelling marvel۔ing
marvellous marvelous
marvellously marvelous۔ly
marvelousness marvelous۔ness
marvels marvel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
marvels marvels (noun plural)
mascaraed mascara۔d (verb, past tense)
mascaraing mascara۔ing
mascaras mascara (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mascaras mascaras (noun plural)
masculinized masculinize۔d (verb, past tense)
masculinizes masculinize
masculinizing masculinize۔ing
mashed mash۔d (verb, past tense)
mashes mash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mashes mashes (noun plural)
mashing mash۔ing
masked mask۔d (verb, past tense)
masking mask۔ing
masklike mask۔alike
masks mask (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masks masks (noun plural)
masochistically masochistic۔ly
masoned mason۔d (verb, past tense)
masoning mason۔ing
masons mason (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masons masons (noun plural)
masqueraded masquerade۔d (verb, past tense)
masquerades masquerade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masquerades masquerades (noun plural)
masquerading masquerade۔ing
massacre massacer
massacred massacre۔d (verb, past tense)
massacres massacers
massacres massacre (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
massacres massacres (noun plural)
massacring massacre۔ing
massaged massage۔d (verb, past tense)
massager massage۔or
massagers massage۔ors
massages massage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
massages massages (noun plural)
massaging massage۔ing
massed mass۔d (verb, past tense)
masses mass (noun plural)
masses mass (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
massing mass۔ing
massively massive۔by
massively massive۔ly
massiveness massive۔ness
massless mass۔less
mass-starvation mass۔starvation
masted mast۔d (verb, past tense)
master mastor
mastered master۔d (verb, past tense)
masterfully masterful۔ly
mastering master۔ing
masterly master۔ly
masterly master۔y
masterminded mastermind۔d (verb, past tense)
masterminding mastermind۔ing
masterminds mastermind (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masterminds masterminds (noun plural)
masters master (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masters mastors (noun plural)
masters mastors
masticated masticate۔d (verb, past tense)
masticates masticate
masticating masticate۔ing
masting mast۔ing
mastless mast۔less
masts mast (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
masts masts (noun plural)
masturbated masturbate۔d (verb, past tense)
masturbates masturbate
masturbating masturbate۔ing
match ignite۔or
match match (noun) close likeness
matchable match۔able
matched match۔d (verb, past tense)
matches ignite۔ors
matches match (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
matches matches (noun plural)
matches matches (noun plural) close likeness
matching match۔ing
matching match۔y '(adjective) Combines well with something else
matchless match۔less
matchmaker match∙make۔or
matchmaker match∙makor
matchmakers match∙make۔ors
matchmakers match∙makors
mated mate۔d (verb, past tense)
mateless mate۔less
materialisation materialization
materialise materialize
materialised materialize۔d
materialises materialize
materialising materialize۔ing
materialistically materialistic۔ly
materialized materialize۔d (verb, past tense)
materializes materialize (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
materializing materialize۔ing
materially material۔by
mathematically mathematic۔ly
mathematized mathematize۔d (verb, past tense)
mathematizes mathematize (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mathematizing mathematize۔ing
mating mate۔ing
matless mat۔less
matriarch-ism matriarchism
matrices matrixes
matriculated matriculate۔d (verb, past tense)
matriculates matriculate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
matriculates matriculates (noun plural)
matriculating matriculate۔ing
matronly matron۔ly
matronly matron۔y
mats mat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mats mats (noun plural)
matted mat۔y
mattered matter۔d (verb, past tense)
matter-energy matter∙energy (no English equivalent)
mattering matter۔ing
matters matter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
matters matters (noun plural)
maturated maturate۔d (verb, past tense)
maturates maturate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maturating maturate۔ing
matured mature۔d (verb, past tense)
maturely mature۔ly
maturer mature۔er
matures mature (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
maturest mature۔est
maturing mature۔ing
mauled maul۔d (verb, past tense)
mauling maul۔ing
mauls maul (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mauls mauls (noun plural)
maundered maunder۔d (verb, past tense)
maundering maunder۔ing
maunders maunder
mawkish mawk۔ish
mawkishly mawkish۔ly
maximally maximal۔ly
maximisation maximization
maximise maximize
maximised maximize۔d
maximises maximize
maximising maximize۔ing
maximized maximize۔d (verb, past tense)
maximizes maximize
maximizing maximize۔ing
mayed may۔d (verb, past tense)
maying may۔ing
mays may (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mays mays (noun plural)
mazed maze۔d (verb, past tense)
mazelike maze۔alike
mazes maze (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mazes mazes (noun plural)
mazing maze۔ing
meadowette meadow۔et
meadowettes meadow۔ets
meagerly meager۔ly
meagerness meager۔ness
meagre meager
mealless meal۔less
meal-size meal۔size
mealtime meal۔time
mealtimes meal۔times
meandered meander۔d (verb, past tense)
meandering meander۔ing
meanders meander (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
meanders meanders (noun plural)
meaned mean۔d (verb, past tense)
meaner mean۔er
meanest mean۔est
meaning mean۔in
meaning mean۔ing
meaningfulness meaningful۔ness
meaningless meaning۔less
meanings mean۔ins
meanness mean۔ness
means mean (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
means means (noun plural)
meant mean۔d (verb, past tense)
measurable measure۔able
measurably measure۔ably
measureable measure۔able
measured measure۔d (verb, past tense)
measureless measure۔less
measurer measure۔or
measurers measure۔ors
measures measure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
measures measures (noun plural)
measuring measure۔ing
meat animalmeat
meat loaf meat∙loaf
meat loaves meat∙loafs
meatball cowburger∙ball
meatballs cowburger∙balls
meatier meaty۔er
meatiest meaty۔est
meatless meat۔less
meatloaves meal∙loafs
meats animalmeats
mechanically mechanical۔ly
mechanisation mechanization
mechanise mechanize
mechanised mechanize۔d
mechanises mechanize
mechanising mechanize۔ing
mechanistically mechanistic۔ly
mechanizable mechanize۔able
mechanized mechanize۔d (verb, past tense)
mechanizes mechanize
mechanizing mechanize۔ing
medaled medal۔d (verb, past tense)
medaling medal۔ing
medalling medal۔ing
medals medal (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
medals medals (noun plural)
meddled meddle۔d (verb, past tense)
meddles meddle
meddling meddle۔ing
medevaced medevac۔d (verb, past tense)
medevacing medevac۔ing
medevacs medevac (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
medevacs medevacs (noun plural)
mediaeval medieval
medially medial۔ly
mediated mediate۔d (verb, past tense)
mediates mediate
mediating mediate۔ing
medically medical۔ly
medicated medicate۔d (verb, past tense)
medicates medicate
medicating medicate۔ing
meditated meditate۔d (verb, past tense)
meditates meditate
meditating meditate۔ing
meditatively meditative۔ly
meditator meditate۔or
meditators meditate۔ors
meeker meek۔er
meekest meek۔est
meekly meek۔ly
meeting meet۔in
meeting meet۔ing
meeting room meet∙room
meeting rooms meet∙rooms
meetings meet۔ins
meets meet (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
meets meets (noun plural)
mega-cities meta۔citys
mega-city mega۔city
megalomaniacally megalomaniac۔ly
mega-migration mega۔migration
mega-progrom mega۔progrom
mega-region mega۔region
mega-regions meta۔regions
megascopically megascopic۔ly
mega-war mega۔war
meiotically meiotic۔ly
melanized melanize۔d (verb, past tense)
melanizes melanize
melanizing melanize۔ing
melded meld۔d (verb, past tense)
melding meld۔ing
melds meld (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
melds melds (noun plural)
meliorated meliorate۔d (verb, past tense)
meliorates meliorate
meliorating meliorate۔ing
mellowed mellow۔d (verb, past tense)
mellower mellow۔er
mellowest mellow۔est
mellowing mellow۔ing
mellows mellow
melodically melodic۔ly
melodized melodize۔d (verb, past tense)
melodizes melodize
melodizing melodize۔ing
melodramatically melodramatic۔ly
melodramatized melodramatize۔d (verb, past tense)
melodramatizes melodramatize
melodramatizing melodramatize۔ing
melted melt۔d (verb, past tense)
melting melt۔ing
melts melt (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
melts melts (noun plural)
member membor
members membors
membership memborship
memberships memborships
memorialise memorialize
memorialised memorialize۔d
memorialises memorialize
memorialising memorialize۔ing
memorialized memorialize۔d (verb, past tense)
memorializes memorialize
memorializing memorialize۔ing
memories memorys
memorise memorize
memorised memorize۔d
memorises memorize
memorising memorize۔ing
memorizable memorize۔able
memorized memorize۔d (verb, past tense)
memorizes memorize
memorizing memorize۔ing
men mans
menaced menace۔d (verb, past tense)
menaces menace (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
menaces menaces (noun plural)
menacing menace۔ing
menacing menace۔y
mendable mend۔able
mended mend۔d (verb, past tense)
mending mend۔ing
mends mend (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mends mends (noun plural)
menially menial۔ly
menseless mense۔less
menstruated menstruate۔d (verb, past tense)
menstruates menstruate
menstruating menstruate۔ing
mensurable mensur۔able
menswear mans∙wear
mentally mental۔ly
mentally mental۔y
mentionable mention۔able
mentioned mention۔d (verb, past tense)
mentioning mention۔ing
mentions mention (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mentions mentions (noun plural)
mentored mentor۔d (verb, past tense)
mentoring mentor۔ing
mentors mentor (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
mentors mentors (noun plural)
meowed meow۔d (verb, past tense)
meowing meow۔ing
meows meow (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
meows meows (noun plural)
mercenaries mercenarys
mercerized mercerize۔d (verb, past tense)
mercerizes mercerize
mercerizing mercerize۔ing
merchandiser merchandise۔or
merchandiser merchandisor
merchandisers merchandise۔ors
merchandisers merchandisors
merchandized merchandize۔d (verb, past tense)
merchandizes merchandize (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
merchandizes merchandizes (noun plural)
merchandizing merchandize۔ing
merchanted merchant۔d (verb, past tense)
merchanting merchant۔ing
merchants merchant (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
merchants merchants (noun plural)
merciful mercyful
mercifully merciful۔ly
merciless merci۔less
merciless mercy۔less
mercilessly mercy۔lessly
mercurated mercurate۔d (verb, past tense)
mercurates mercurate
mercurating mercurate۔ing
merely mere۔by
merely mere۔ly Mere۔y" is the equivalent adjective merged;merge۔d;(verb, past tense) merges;merge; merging;merge۔ing; meristematically;meristematic۔ly; meristically;
predominantly main۔y Predominant" a misnomer, thus misleading predominated;predominate۔d;(verb, past tense) predominates;predominate; predominating;predominate۔ing; predrilled;pre&#
subcontinent mega۔peninsula
subcontinent mega۔peninsula
subcontinents mega۔peninsulas
tin-can metalcan Container for food.
tin-can metalcan Container for food.
tin-cans metalcans Container for food.
video motion∙photo
videos motion∙photos

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