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English Peoplese Explanation Definition
(no English equivalent) table۔et
(no English equivalent) table۔ets
(No English equivalent) taself (no English equivalent)
(No English equivalent) taselfs
(No English equivalent) tea∙cup۔full (no English equivalent)
(No English equivalent) tea∙cup۔fulls
(No English equivalent) time∙places
(No English equivalent) time∙spaces
(no English equivalent) titanik۔d Def.: sunk irretrievably low (e.g. business, romance)
(no English equivalent) titanik۔ing Def.: sinking irretrievably low (e.g. business, romance)
(no English equivalent) trisikad Philippine languages: A three-wheeled pedaled vehicle with a rear double-seat for transforting passengers.
(no English equivalent) trisikads Philippine languages: A three-wheeled pedaled vehicle with a rear double-seat for transforting passengers.
(No English equivalent) truth∙tellors
(No English equivalent) truth∙twist (no English equivalent)
(No English equivalent) truth∙twists
(no English equivalent) truthrage
burglar alarm theft∙alarm
burglar alarms theft∙alarms
caller telephone۔or
callers telephone۔ors
companies tradecos
company tradeco A business enterprise
companyette tradeco۔et
companyettes tradeco۔ets
companys tradecos A business enterprise
deafening thunderous
dozens tens
entitle title To assign a title (e.g. to a book)
fly to airplane (verb) to ride in an airplane from place to place
he or she ta
he-or-she ta
her or him ta
herself or himself taself
him or her ta
him-or-her ta
himself or herself taself
himself-or-himself taself
house trailer trailor∙home
house trailers trailor∙homes
kind type Group of things connected by a shared characteristic
kinds types Group of things connected by a shared characteristic
land touchland (verb) to descend from airborn to solid ground
landed touchland۔d E.g. the airplane touchlanded
landing touchland۔ing E.g. the airplane is now touchland-ing.
phoned telephone۔d (verb, past tense)
phoning telephone۔ing
pickup truck truck۔et
pickup trucks truck۔ets
she or he ta
she or he ta
skinnier thin۔er
skinniest thin۔est
streetcar trolley
streetcars trolleys
suitcase travel∙case
suitcases travel∙cases
suspender trouser∙strap
suspenders trouser∙strap
suspenders trouser∙straps
tabbed tab۔d (verb, past tense)
tabbing tab۔ing
table saw table∙saw
table saws table∙saws
tabled table۔d (verb, past tense)
tableful table۔ful
tablefuls table۔fuls
tables table (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tables tables (noun plural)
tablespoonful tablespoon۔ful
tablespoonfuls tablespoon۔fuls
table-top table۔top
table-top table۔top
table-tops table۔tops
tabling table۔ing
tabooed taboo۔d (verb, past tense)
tabooing taboo۔ing
taboos taboo (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taboos taboos (noun plural)
tabs tab (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tabs tabs (noun plural)
tabuing tabu۔ing
tabulated tabulate۔d (verb, past tense)
tabulates tabulate
tabulating tabulate۔ing
tabus tabu (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tabus tabus (noun plural)
tachistoscopically tachistoscopic۔ly
tacitly tacit۔ly
tacked tack۔d (verb, past tense)
tackily tacky۔yly
tacking tack۔ing
tackled tackle۔d (verb, past tense)
tackles tackle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tackles tackles (noun plural)
tackless tack۔less
tackless tact۔less
tackling tackle۔ing
tacks tack (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tacks tacks (noun plural)
tactfully tactful۔ly
tactfulness tactful۔ness
tactically tactic۔ly
tactilely tactile۔ly
tagged tag۔d (verb, past tense)
tagging tag۔ing
tags tag (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tags tags (noun plural)
tailed tail۔d (verb, past tense)
tailgated tailgate۔d (verb, past tense)
tailgater tailgate۔or
tailgaters tailgate۔ors
tailgates tailgate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tailgates tailgates (noun plural)
tailgating tailgate۔ing
tailing tail۔ing
tailless tail۔less
tailless tail۔less
tailored tailor۔d (verb, past tense)
tailoring tailor۔ing
tailors tailor (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tailors tailors (noun plural)
tails tail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tails tails (noun plural)
tainted taint۔d (verb, past tense)
tainting taint۔ing
taintless taint۔less
taints taint (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taints taints (noun plural)
take off flyoff Airplane action
take off remove
taken take۔d (verb) past-participle
takeoff fly∙off
taker take۔or
takers take۔ors
takes take
taking take۔ing
taking off oftlift۔ing Airplane action
talced talc۔d (verb, past tense)
talcing talc۔ing
talcked talc۔d (verb, past tense)
talentless talent۔less
talismanically talismanic۔ly
talk show talk∙show
talk shows talk∙shows
talkativeness talkative۔ness
talked talk۔d (verb, past tense)
talker talk۔or
talkers talk۔ors
talking talk۔ing
talks talk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
talks talks (noun plural)
tallaged tallage۔d (verb, past tense)
tallages tallage (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tallages tallages (noun plural)
tallaging tallage۔ing
taller tall۔er
tallest tall۔est
tallied tally۔d (verb, past tense)
tallies tallys
tallish tall۔ish
tallowed tallow۔d (verb, past tense)
tallowing tallow۔ing
tallows tallow (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tallows tallows (noun plural)
tallyhoed tallyho۔d (verb, past tense)
tallyhoing tallyho۔ing
tallyhos tallyho (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tallyhos tallyhos (noun plural)
tallying tally۔ing
tallys tally (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tallys tallys (noun plural)
tamable tame۔able
tamboured tambour۔d (verb, past tense)
tambouring tambour۔ing
tambours tambour (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tambours tambours (noun plural)
tameable tame۔able
tamed tame۔d (verb, past tense)
tameless tame۔less
tamely tame۔ly
tames tame
taming tame۔ing
tamped tamp۔d (verb, past tense)
tampered tamper۔d (verb, past tense)
tampering tamper۔ing
tampers tamper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tampers tampers (noun plural)
tamping tamp۔ing
tamponed tampon۔d (verb, past tense)
tamponing tampon۔ing
tampons tampon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tampons tampons (noun plural)
tamps tamp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tamps tamps (noun plural)
tanged tang۔d (verb, past tense)
tangible tanjable
tanging tang۔ing
tangled tangle۔d (verb, past tense)
tangles tangle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tangles tangles (noun plural)
tangling tangle۔ing
tangoed tango۔d (verb, past tense)
tangoing tango۔ing
tangos tango (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tangos tangos (noun plural)
tangs tang (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tangs tangs (noun plural)
tangy tang۔y
tank battletank A large combat vehicle with treads and gun turret.
tank battletank A large combat vehicle with treads and gun turret.
tank tank A large container for storing liquids or gasses.
tank tank A large container for storing liquids or gasses.
tanked tank۔d (verb, past tense)
tankful tank۔ful
tanking tank۔ing
tanks battletanks A large combat vehicle with treads and gun turret.
tanks tank (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tanks tanks (noun plural)
tanks tanks A large container for storing liquids or gasses.
tanksful tank۔fuls
tanned tan۔d (verb, past tense)
tanner tan۔er
tannest tan۔est
tanning tan۔in
tanning tan۔ing
tannings tan۔ins
tannish tan۔ish
tans tan (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tans tans (noun plural)
tantalise tantalize
tantalised tantalize۔d
tantalises tantalize
tantalising tantalize۔ing
tantalisingly tantalizing۔ly
tantalized tantalize۔d (verb, past tense)
tantalizes tantalize
tantalizing tantalize۔ing
tantalizing tantalize۔y
tap dancer tapdance۔or
tap dancers tapdance۔ors
tap water tapwater
tap-dancer tapdance۔or
tap-dancers tapdance۔ors
taped tape۔d (verb, past tense)
tapeless tape۔less
tapered taper۔d (verb, past tense)
tapering taper۔ing
tapers taper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tapers tapers (noun plural)
tapes tape (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tapes tapes (noun plural)
tapestried tapestry۔d (verb, past tense)
tapestries tapestrys
taping tape۔ing
tapped tap۔d (verb, past tense)
tapping tap۔in
tapping tap۔ing
tappings tap۔ins
taps tap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taps taps (noun plural)
tardier tardy۔er
tardiest tardy۔est
tardily tardy۔ly
tardiness tardy۔ness
tared tare۔d (verb, past tense)
tares tare (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tares tares (noun plural)
targetable target۔able
targeted target۔d (verb, past tense)
targeting target۔ing
targets target (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
targets targets (noun plural)
tariffed tariff۔d (verb, past tense)
tariffing tariff۔ing
tariffs tariff (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tariffs tariffs (noun plural)
taring tare۔ing
tarnishable tarnish۔able
tarnished tarnish۔d (verb, past tense)
tarnishes tarnish (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tarnishes tarnishes (noun plural)
tarnishing tarnish۔ing
tarred tar۔d (verb, past tense)
tarried tarry۔d (verb, past tense)
tarring tar۔ing
tarrying tarry۔ing
tarrys tarry
tars tar (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tars tars (noun plural)
tartish tart۔ish
tartly tart۔ly
tasked task۔d (verb, past tense)
tasking task۔ing
tasks task (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tasks tasks (noun plural)
tasseled tassel۔d (verb, past tense)
tasseling tassel۔ing
tasselled tassel۔d
tassels tassel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tassels tassels (noun plural)
taste bud taste∙bud
taste buds taste∙buds
tasted taste۔d (verb, past tense)
tasteful taste۔ful
tastefulness tasteful۔ness
tasteless taste۔less
tastelessness taste۔lessness
taster taste۔or
tasters taste۔ors
tastes taste (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tastes tastes (noun plural)
tastier taste۔yer
tastiest taste۔yest
tastily taste۔yly
tastiness taste۔yness
tasting taste۔ing
tasty tasteful
tattered tatter۔d (verb, past tense)
tattering tatter۔ing
tatters tatter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tatters tatters (noun plural)
tattily tattle۔ly
tattled tattle۔d (verb, past tense)
tattles tattle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tattles tattles (noun plural)
tattling tattle۔ing
tattooed tattoo۔d (verb, past tense)
tattooing tattoo۔ing
tattoos tattoo (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tattoos tattoos (noun plural)
taught teach۔d (verb, past tense)
taunted taunt۔d (verb, past tense)
taunting taunt۔ing
taunts taunt (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taunts taunts (noun plural)
tautened tauten۔d (verb, past tense)
tautening tauten۔ing
tautens tauten
tautly taut۔ly
tautologically tautological۔ly
tawdrily tawdry۔ly
tawed taw۔d (verb, past tense)
tawing taw۔ing
taws taw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taws taws (noun plural)
tawsed tawse۔d (verb, past tense)
tawses tawse (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tawses tawses (noun plural)
tawsing tawse۔ing
taxable tax۔able
taxed tax۔d (verb, past tense)
taxes tax (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taxes taxs (noun plural)
taxied taxi۔d (verb, past tense)
taxies taxis
taxiing taxi۔ing
taxing tax۔ing
taxis taxi (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
taxis taxis (noun plural)
taxless tax۔less
taxonomically taxonomic۔ly
taxpayer tax∙pay۔or
taxpayer tax∙payor
taxpayers tax∙pay۔ors
taxpayers tax∙payors
taxying taxi۔ing
teachable teach۔able
teacher teach۔or
teachers teach۔ors
teaches teach
teaching teach۔in
teaching teach۔ing
teachings teach۔ins
teacup tea∙cup
teacupful tea∙cup۔ful
teacupfuls tea∙cup۔fuls
teacups tea∙cups
teamed team۔d (verb, past tense)
teaming team۔ing
teams team (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
teams teams (noun plural)
teapot tea∙pot
teapots tea∙pots
tear۔ing tear۔y
tearable tear۔able
teardrop tear∙drop
teardrops tear∙drops
tearfully tearful۔ly
tearily tear۔yly
tearing tear۔ing
tearless tear۔less
tears tear (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tears tears (noun plural)
teased tease۔d (verb, past tense)
teases tease (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
teases teases (noun plural)
teasing teas۔y
teasing tease۔ing
teaspoonful teaspoon۔ful
teaspoonsful teaspoons۔ful
technicalities technicalitys
technicalized technicalize۔d (verb, past tense)
technicalizes technicalize
technicalizing technicalize۔ing
technically technical۔ly
technicolour technicolor
technologically technologic۔ly
technologized technologize۔d (verb, past tense)
technologizes technologize
technologizing technologize۔ing
tectonically tectonic۔ly
tedded ted۔d (verb, past tense)
tedding ted۔ing
tediously tedious۔ly
teds ted
teed tee۔d (verb, past tense)
teeing tee۔ing
teemed teem۔d (verb, past tense)
teeming teem۔ing
teems teem
teenager teenagor
teenagers teenagors
teenybopper teenyboppor
teenyboppers teenyboppors
tees tee (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tees tees (noun plural)
teetered teeter۔d (verb, past tense)
teetering teeter۔ing
teeters teeter
teeth tooths Plural of "tooth"
teeth tooths Plural of "tooth"
teeths toothss Plural of "tooth"
telecasted telecast۔d (verb, past tense)
telecasting telecast۔ing
telecasts telecast (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telecasts telecasts (noun plural)
telecommuted telecommute۔d (verb, past tense)
telecommutes telecommute
telecommuting telecommute۔ing
teleconferenced teleconference۔d (verb, past tense)
teleconferences teleconference (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
teleconferences teleconferences (noun plural)
teleconferencing tele∙conference۔ing
teleconferencing teleconference۔ing
telegraphed telegraph۔d (verb, past tense)
telegraphes telegraph (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telegraphes telegraphes (noun plural)
telegraphically telegraphic۔ly
telegraphing telegraph۔ing
telekinetically telekinetic۔ly
telemetered telemeter۔d (verb, past tense)
telemetering telemeter۔ing
telemeters telemeter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telemeters telemeters (noun plural)
telemetrically telemetric۔ly
teleologically teleological۔ly
telepathically telepathic۔ly
telephone call telephonecall
telephone calls telephonecalls
telephoned telephone۔d (verb, past tense)
telephones telephone (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telephones telephones (noun plural)
telephonically telephonic۔ly
telephoning telephone۔ing
teleported teleport۔d (verb, past tense)
teleporting teleport۔ing
teleports teleport
telescoped telescope۔d (verb, past tense)
telescopes telescope (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telescopes telescopes (noun plural)
telescopically telescopic۔ly
telescoping telescope۔ing
televised televise۔d (verb, past tense)
televises televise
televising televise۔ing
telexed telex۔d (verb, past tense)
telexes telex (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telexes telexs (noun plural)
telexing telex۔ing
telfered telfer۔d (verb, past tense)
telfering telfer۔ing
telfers telfer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telfers telfers (noun plural)
telically telic۔ly
teller bank clerk Bank employee who deals with customers.
teller bank clerk Bank employee who deals with customers.
teller tell۔or Somebody who tells.
tellers bank clerks Bank employee who deals with customers.
tellers tell۔ors Somebody who tells.
telling tell۔ing
tellingly telling۔ly
tells tell (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tells tells (noun plural)
Telneted Telnet۔d (verb, past tense)
telphered telpher۔d (verb, past tense)
telphering telpher۔ing
telphers telpher (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
telphers telphers (noun plural)
temped temp۔d (verb, past tense)
tempered temper۔d (verb, past tense)
tempering temper۔ing
temperproof tamper۔proof
tempers temper (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tempers tempers (noun plural)
temping temp۔ing
temporalized temporalize۔d (verb, past tense)
temporalizes temporalize
temporalizing temporalize۔ing
temporarily temporary۔ly
temporise temporize
temporised temporize۔d
temporises temporize
temporising temporize۔ing
temporized temporize۔d (verb, past tense)
temporizes temporize
temporizing temporize۔ing
temps temp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
temps temps (noun plural)
temptationless temptation۔less
tempted tempt۔d (verb, past tense)
tempting tempt۔ing
tempts tempt
tenanted tenant۔d (verb, past tense)
tenanting tenant۔ing
tenantless tenant۔less
tenatively tenative۔ly
tended tend۔d (verb, past tense)
tendencies tendencys
tendered tender۔d (verb, past tense)
tendering tender۔ing
tenderise tenderize
tenderised tenderize۔d
tenderises tenderize
tenderising tenderize۔ing
tenderized tenderize۔d (verb, past tense)
tenderizes tenderize
tenderizing tenderize۔ing
tenderly tender۔ly
tenderness tender۔ness
tenders tender (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tenders tenders (noun plural)
tending tend۔ing
tends tend
ten-fold ten۔fold
tennis ball tennis∙ball
tennis balls tennis∙balls
tennis-mate tennis۔mate
tennis-mate tennis۔mate
tennis-mates tennis۔mates
tenoned tenon۔d (verb, past tense)
tenoning tenon۔ing
tenons tenon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tenons tenons (noun plural)
tensed tense۔d (verb, past tense)
tensely tense۔ly
tenses tense
tensing tense۔ing
tensionless tension۔less
tented tent۔d (verb, past tense)
tentered tenter۔d (verb, past tense)
tentering tenter۔ing
tenters tenter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tenters tenters (noun plural)
tenthly tenth۔ly
tenting tent۔ing
tentless tent۔less
tents tent (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tents tents (noun plural)
tenuously tenuous۔ly
tepidly tepid۔ly
tergiversated tergiversate۔d (verb, past tense)
tergiversates tergiversate
tergiversating tergiversate۔ing
termed term۔d (verb, past tense)
terminated terminate۔d (verb, past tense)
terminates terminate
terminating terminate۔ing
terming term۔ing
terminologically terminological۔ly
termless term۔less
terms term (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
terms terms (noun plural)
terpeneless terpene۔less
terraced terrace۔d (verb, past tense)
terraces terrace (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
terraces terraces (noun plural)
terracing terrace۔ing
terrible terrable
terrifically terrific۔ly
terrified terrify۔d (verb, past tense)
terrifying terrify۔ing
terrifying terrifying۔y
terrifys terrify
territorialized territorialize۔d (verb, past tense)
territorializes territorialize
territorializing territorialize۔ing
territories territorys
terrorise terrorize
terrorised terrorize۔d
terrorises terrorize
terrorising terrorize۔ing
terrorized terrorize۔d (verb, past tense)
terrorizes terrorize
terrorizing terrorize۔ing
terrorless terror۔less
tersely terse۔ly
tessellated tessellate۔d (verb, past tense)
tessellates tessellate
tessellating tessellate۔ing
testable test۔able
testcrossed testcross۔d (verb, past tense)
testcrosses testcross (noun plural)
testcrosses testcross (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
testcrossing testcross۔ing
tested test۔d (verb, past tense)
tester test۔or
testers test۔ors
testified testify۔d (verb, past tense)
testifying testify۔ing
testifys testify
testily testy۔ly
testing test۔ing
tests test (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tests tests (noun plural)
tetanically tetanic۔ly
tetanized tetanize۔d (verb, past tense)
tetanizes tetanize
tetanizing tetanize۔ing
tethered tether۔d (verb, past tense)
tethering tether۔ing
tethers tether (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tethers tethers (noun plural)
Teutonizes Teutonize
Teutonizing Teutonize۔ing
textbook school∙book
textbookish textbook۔ish
textbooks school∙books
texted text۔d (verb, past tense)
texting text۔ing
textless text۔less
texts text (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
texts texts (noun plural)
textually textual۔ly
textured texture۔d (verb, past tense)
textureless texture۔less
textures texture (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
textures textures (noun plural)
texturing texture۔ing
texturized texturize۔d (verb, past tense)
texturizes texturize
texturizing texturize۔ing
thanked thank۔d (verb, past tense)
thankfully thankful۔ly
thankfully thankful۔y
thankfulness thankful۔ness
thankgiving thankgive۔in
thankgivings thankgive۔ins
thanking thank۔ing
thankless thank۔less
thanks thank
thatched thatch۔d (verb, past tense)
thatched thatch۔y
thatches thatch
thatching thatch۔ing
'that''d' that had
'that''d' that would
'that''ll' that will
'that''s' that have
'that''s' that is
thawed thaw۔d (verb, past tense)
thawing thaw۔ing
thawless thaw۔less
thaws thaw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thaws thaws (noun plural)
theatre theater
theatregoer theatergo۔or
theatregoers theatergo۔ors
theatres theaters
theatricalized theatricalize۔d (verb, past tense)
theatricalizes theatricalize
theatricalizing theatricalize۔ing
theatrically theatric۔ly
theft alarm theft∙alarm
theft alarms theft∙alarms
theft-proof theft۔proof
their 'they''s'
theirs 'they''s'
theistically theistic۔ly
thematically thematic۔ly
themed theme۔d (verb, past tense)
themes theme (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
themes themes (noun plural)
theming theme۔ing
themselves themselfs
then there then∙there
theocracies theocracys
theocratically theocratic۔ly
theologically theologic۔ly
theologies theologys
theologized theologize۔d (verb, past tense)
theologizes theologize
theologizing theologize۔ing
theoretically theoretic۔ly
theories theorys
theorise theorize
theorised theorize۔d
theorises theorize
theorising theorize۔ing
theorized theorize۔d (verb, past tense)
theorizes theorize
theorizing theorize۔ing
theosophically theosophical۔ly
therapeutically therapeutic۔ly
there then there∙then
'there''s' there have
'there''s' there is
theretofore thentofore
thereupon thenupon
thermalized thermalize۔d (verb, past tense)
thermalizes thermalize
thermalizing thermalize۔ing
thermally thermal۔ly
thermically thermic۔ly
thermodynamically thermodynamic۔ly
thermoformed thermoform۔d (verb, past tense)
thermoforming thermoform۔ing
thermoforms thermoform
thermographically thermographic۔ly
thermometrically thermometric۔ly
thermoregulated thermoregulate۔d (verb, past tense)
thermoregulates thermoregulate
thermoregulating thermoregulate۔ing
thermos bottle thermos∙bottle
thermos bottles thermos∙bottles
thermostatically thermostatic۔ly
theses thesises
thetically thetic۔ly
thewless thew۔less
'they''d' they had
'they''d' they would
'they''ll' they will
'they''re' they are
'they''ve' they have
thickened thicken۔d (verb, past tense)
thickening thicken۔ing
thickens thicken
thicker thick۔er
thickest thick۔est
thickish thick۔ish
thickly thick۔ly
thickness thick۔ness
thieved thieve۔d (verb, past tense)
thieves thiefs
thieves thieve
thieving thieve۔ing
thievish thief۔ish
thimbleful thimble۔ful
thimbleful thimble۔ful
thimbleriged thimblerig۔d (verb, past tense)
thimbleriging thimblerig۔ing
thimblerigs thimblerig (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thimblerigs thimblerigs (noun plural)
thinker think۔or
thinkers think۔ors
thinking think۔ing
thinks think (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thinks thinks (noun plural)
thinly thin۔ly
thinned thin۔d (verb, past tense)
thinner thin۔er
thinner thin۔or E.g. paint tinner
thinners thin۔ors E.g. paint tinner
thinness thin۔ness
thinnest thin۔est
thinning thin۔ing
thinnish thin۔ish
thins thin
thin-waisted thin۔bodywaist۔y
thirdly third۔ly
third-story third-floor∙level
thirled thirl۔d (verb, past tense)
thirling thirl۔ing
thirls thirl
thirsted thirst۔d (verb, past tense)
thirstier thirst۔yer
thirstiest thirst۔yest
thirstily thirst۔yly
thirsting thirst۔ing
thirsts thirst (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thirsts thirsts (noun plural)
thirsty thirst۔y
thirties thirtys
thirtyfold thirty۔fold
thirty-fold thirty۔fold
thirtyish thirty۔ish
tholed thole۔d (verb, past tense)
tholes thole (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tholes tholes (noun plural)
tholing thole۔ing
thoracically thoracic۔ly
thornier thorn۔yer
thorniest thorn۔yest
thornily thorn۔yly
thornless thorn۔less
thoroughly thorough۔by
thoroughly thorough۔ly
thoroughness thorough۔ness
thought think۔d (verb, past tense)
thought thought (noun)
thought thought (noun)
thought-adjuster thought∙adjust۔or
thought-adjusters thought∙adjust۔ors
thoughtfully thoughtful۔ly
thoughtfulness thoughtful۔ness
thoughtless inconsiderate
thoughtless thought۔less Without thought, quiet mind
thoughtlessness thoughtless۔ness
thoughts thoughts (noun)
thousand-fold thousandl۔fold
thousands-fold thousands۔fold
thowless thow۔less
thrashed thrash۔d (verb, past tense)
thrashes thrash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thrashes thrashes (noun plural)
thrashing thrash۔in
thrashing thrash۔ing
thrashings thrash۔ins
thrasonically thrasonic۔ly
threaded thread۔d (verb, past tense)
threading thread۔ing
threadless thread۔less
threads thread (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
threads threads (noun plural)
threaped threap۔d (verb, past tense)
threaping threap۔ing
threaps threap
threatened threaten۔d (verb, past tense)
threatening threaten۔ing
threatening threaten۔y
threatens threaten
three-fold three۔fold
threeped threep۔d (verb, past tense)
threeping threep۔ing
threeps threep
threshed thresh۔d (verb, past tense)
thresher thresh۔or
threshers thresh۔ors
threshes thresh (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
threshes threshes (noun plural)
threshing thresh۔ing
threw throw۔d (verb, past tense)
thriftier thrift۔yer
thriftiest thrift۔yest
thriftily thrift۔yly
thriftiness thrift۔yness
thriftless thrift۔less
thriftlessness thriftless۔ness
thrilled thrill۔d (verb, past tense)
thrilling thrill۔ing
thrills thrill (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thrills thrills (noun plural)
thrived thrive۔d (verb, past tense)
thrives thrive
thriving thrive۔ing
throated throat۔d (verb, past tense)
throatily throat۔yly
throating throat۔ing
throats throat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
throats throats (noun plural)
throbed throb۔d (verb, past tense)
throbing throb۔ing
throbs throb (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
throbs throbs (noun plural)
throned throne۔d (verb, past tense)
thrones throne (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thrones thrones (noun plural)
thronged throng۔d (verb, past tense)
thronging throng۔ing
throngs throng (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
throngs throngs (noun plural)
throning throne۔ing
throttled throttle۔d (verb, past tense)
throttles throttle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
throttles throttles (noun plural)
throttling throttle۔ing
throve thrive۔d (verb, past tense)
thrower throw۔or
throwers throw۔ors
throwing throw۔ing
thrown throw۔d (verb) past-participle
throws throw (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
throws throws (noun plural)
thruming thrum۔ing
thrummed thrum۔d (verb, past tense)
thrums thrum (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thrums thrums (noun plural)
thrust thrust (noun)
thrust thrust (noun)
thrust thrust۔d (verb, past tense)
thrusting thrust۔ing
thrusts thrust (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thrusts thrusts (noun plural)
thrusts thrusts (noun)
thudded thud۔d (verb, past tense)
thudding thud۔ing
thuds thud (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thuds thuds (noun plural)
thuggish thug۔ish
thumbed thumb۔d (verb, past tense)
thumbing thumb۔ing
thumbs thumb (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thumbs thumbs (noun plural)
thumb-size thumb۔size
thumbtacked thumbtack۔d (verb, past tense)
thumbtacking thumbtack۔ing
thumbtacks thumbtack (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thumbtacks thumbtacks (noun plural)
thumped thump۔d (verb, past tense)
thumping thump۔ing
thumps thump (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thumps thumps (noun plural)
thundered thunder۔d (verb, past tense)
thundering thunder۔ing
thunders thunder (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thunders thunders (noun plural)
thunderstorm thunder∙storm
thunderstorms thunder∙storms
thunked thunk۔d (verb, past tense)
thunking thunk۔ing
thunks thunk (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thunks thunks (noun plural)
thwacked thwack۔d (verb, past tense)
thwacking thwack۔ing
thwacks thwack (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thwacks thwacks (noun plural)
thwarted thwart۔d (verb, past tense)
thwarting thwart۔ing
thwarts thwart (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
thwarts thwarts (noun plural)
thymectomized thymectomize۔d (verb, past tense)
thymectomizes thymectomize
thymectomizing thymectomize۔ing
ticked tick۔d (verb, past tense)
ticketed ticket۔d (verb, past tense)
ticketing ticket۔ing
ticketless ticket۔less
ticking tick۔ing
tickled tickle۔d (verb, past tense)
tickles tickle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tickles tickles (noun plural)
tickling tickle۔ing
ticks tick (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ticks ticks (noun plural)
ticktocked ticktock۔d (verb, past tense)
ticktocking ticktock۔ing
ticktocks ticktock (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ticktocks ticktocks (noun plural)
tidal wave tsunami
tidal waves tsunamis
tidally tidal۔ly
tided tide۔d (verb, past tense)
tideless tide۔less
tides tide (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tides tides (noun plural)
tidied tidy۔d (verb, past tense)
tidier tidy۔er
tidiest tidy۔est
tidily tidy۔ly
tidiness tidy۔ness
tiding tide۔ing
tidying tidy۔ing
tidys tidy
tied tie۔d (verb, past tense)
tieless tie۔less
tiered tier۔d (verb, past tense)
tiering tier۔ing
tiers tier (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tiers tiers (noun plural)
ties tie (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ties ties (noun plural)
tiffed tiff۔d (verb, past tense)
tiffing tiff۔ing
tiffs tiff (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tiffs tiffs (noun plural)
tigerish tiger۔ish
tightened tighten۔d (verb, past tense)
tightening tighten۔ing
tightens tighten
tighter tight۔er
tightest tight۔est
tight-lipped tightlipd
tightly tight۔ly
tiled tile۔d (verb, past tense)
tiles tile (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tiles tiles (noun plural)
tiling tile۔ing
tillable till۔able
tilled till۔d (verb, past tense)
tilling till۔ing
tills till (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tills tills (noun plural)
tiltable tilt۔able
tilted tilt۔d (verb, past tense)
tilting tilt۔ing
tilts tilt (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tilts tilts (noun plural)
timbered timber۔d (verb, past tense)
timbering timber۔ing
timbers timber (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
timbers timbers (noun plural)
time and place place∙time
time and place time∙place
time bomb timed∙bomb
time bombs timed∙bombs
timed time۔d (verb, past tense)
timeless time۔less
timelessness timeless۔ness
timelier timely۔er
timeliest timely۔est
timeliness timely۔ness
time-place time∙place (no English equivalent)
timer time۔or That which times.
timer time۔or
timers time۔ors That which times.
timers time۔ors
times time (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
times times (noun plural)
time-space time∙space (no English equivalent)
timider timid۔er
timidest timid۔est
timidly timid۔ly
timing time۔ing
timing timein
tin-can metalcan Container for food.
tin-can metalcan Container for food.
tin-cans metalcans Container for food.
tincted tinct۔d (verb, past tense)
tincting tinct۔ing
tincts tinct (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tincts tincts (noun plural)
tinctured tincture۔d (verb, past tense)
tinctures tincture (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tinctures tinctures (noun plural)
tincturing tincture۔ing
tinged tinge۔d (verb, past tense)
tingeing tinge۔ing
tinges tinge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tinges tinges (noun plural)
tinging ting۔ing
tingled tingle۔d (verb, past tense)
tingles tingle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tingles tingles (noun plural)
tingling tingle۔ing
tingly tingle۔yly
tings ting (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tings tings (noun plural)
tinier tiny۔er
tiniest tiny۔est
tinkered tinker۔d (verb, past tense)
tinkering tinker۔ing
tinkers tinker (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tinkers tinkers (noun plural)
tinkled tinkle۔d (verb, past tense)
tinkles tinkle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tinkles tinkles (noun plural)
tinkling tinkle۔ing
tinning tin۔ing
tins tin (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tins tins (noun plural)
tinseled tinsel۔d (verb, past tense)
tinseling tinsel۔ing
tinsels tinsel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tinsels tinsels (noun plural)
tinted tint۔d (verb, past tense)
tinting tint۔ing
tintless tint۔less
tints tint (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tints tints (noun plural)
tip gratuity Money or gift given in exchange for a service.
tip gratuity Money or gift given in exchange for a service.
tip tip 1. Pointed end. 2. To tilt something.
tip tip 1. Pointed end. 2. To tilt something.
tipable tip۔able
tipless tip۔less
tipped tip۔d (verb, past tense)
tipping tip۔ing
tippled tipple۔d (verb, past tense)
tipples tipple (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tipples tipples (noun plural)
tippling tipple۔ing
tips gratuitys Money or gift given in exchange for a service.
tips tip (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tips tips (noun plural)
tips tips 1. Pointed end. 2. To tilt something.
tipsily tipys۔ly
tiptoed tiptoe۔d (verb, past tense)
tiptoes tiptoe (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tiptoes tiptoes (noun plural)
tiptoing tiptoe۔ing
tired tire۔d (verb, past tense)
tireder tired۔er
tiredest tired۔est
tiredly tired۔ly
tireless tire۔less
tires tire (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tires tires (noun plural)
tiring tire۔ing
tis it is
tissue paper tissuepaper
tissue papers tissuepapers
titanically titanic۔ly
tithed tithe۔d (verb, past tense)
tithes tithe (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tithes tithes (noun plural)
tithing tithe۔ing
titillated titillate۔d (verb, past tense)
titillates titillate
titillating titillate۔ing
titivated titivate۔d (verb, past tense)
titivates titivate
titivating titivate۔ing
titled title۔d (verb, past tense)
titles title (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
titles titles (noun plural)
titling title۔ing
titrated titrate۔d (verb, past tense)
titrates titrate
titrating titrate۔ing
tittivated tittivate۔d (verb, past tense)
tittivates tittivate
tittivating tittivate۔ing
tittuped tittup۔d (verb, past tense)
tittuping tittup۔ing
tittupping tittup۔ing
tittups tittup (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tittups tittups (noun plural)
titularly titular۔ly
toadied toady۔d (verb, past tense)
toadish toad۔ish
toadless toad۔less
toadying toady۔ing
toadyish toady۔ish
toadys toady (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toadys toadys (noun plural)
toasted toast۔d (verb, past tense)
toaster toast۔or
toasters toast۔ors
toasting toast۔ing
toasts toast (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toasts toasts (noun plural)
tobogganed toboggan۔d (verb, past tense)
tobogganing toboggan۔ing
toboggans toboggan (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toboggans toboggans (noun plural)
tochered tocher۔d (verb, past tense)
tochering tocher۔ing
tochers tocher (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tochers tochers (noun plural)
toddled toddle۔d (verb, past tense)
toddler toddlor
toddlerhood toddlor۔hood
toddlers toddlors
toddles toddle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toddles toddles (noun plural)
toddling toddle۔ing
toed toe۔d (verb, past tense)
toeing toe۔ing
toeless toe۔less
toenailed toenail۔d (verb, past tense)
toenailing toenail۔ing
toenails toenail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toenails toenails (noun plural)
toes toe (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toes toes (noun plural)
togged tog۔d (verb, past tense)
togging tog۔ing
toggled toggle۔d (verb, past tense)
toggles toggle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toggles toggles (noun plural)
toggling toggle۔ing
togs tog (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
togs togs (noun plural)
toiled toil۔d (verb, past tense)
toilet paper toilet∙paper
toilet papers toilet∙papers
toiletries toiletrys
toilfully toilful۔ly
toiling toil۔ing
toils toil (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toils toils (noun plural)
toked toke۔d (verb, past tense)
tokened token۔d (verb, past tense)
tokening token۔ing
tokens token (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tokens tokens (noun plural)
tokes toke (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tokes tokes (noun plural)
toking toke۔ing
told tell۔d (verb) past-tense
toled tole۔d (verb, past tense)
tolerated tolerate۔d (verb, past tense)
tolerates tolerate
tolerating tolerate۔ing
toles tole (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toles toles (noun plural)
toling tole۔ing
tolled toll۔d (verb, past tense)
tolling toll۔ing
tolls toll (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tolls tolls (noun plural)
tomatoes tomatos
tombless tomb۔less
tomblike tomb۔alike
tomboyish tomboy۔ish
ton British ton British ton = 1,016.05 kg = 1.01605 metric tonne
ton British ton British ton = 1,016.05 kg = 1.01605 metric tonne
tonally tonal۔ly
toned tone۔d (verb, past tense)
toneless tone۔less
tones tone (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tones tones (noun plural)
tonetically tonetic۔ly
tonged tong۔d (verb, past tense)
tonging tong۔ing
tongs tong (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tongs tongs (noun plural)
tongue tied tongue∙tie۔d
tongued tongue۔d (verb, past tense)
tongueless tongue۔less
tongues tongue (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tongues tongues (noun plural)
tonguing tongue۔ing
tonically tonic۔ly
toning tone۔ing
tonne ton
tonnes tons
tons British tons British ton = 1,016.05 kg = 1.01605 metric tonne
tonsured tonsure۔d (verb, past tense)
tonsures tonsure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tonsures tonsures (noun plural)
tonsuring tonsure۔ing
too also
too too Def.: more than desireable
took take۔d (verb) past-tense
took take۔d (verb, past tense)
took off offlift۔d Airplane action
tool belt tool∙belt
tool belts tool∙belts
tool box tool∙box
tool boxs tool∙boxs
tooled tool۔d (verb, past tense)
tooling tool۔ing
toolless tool۔less
tools tool (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tools tools (noun plural)
tooted toot۔d (verb, past tense)
toothache tooth∙ache
toothaches tooth∙aches
toothbrush tooth∙brush
toothbrushes tooth∙brushes
toothed tooth۔d (verb, past tense)
toothes tooth (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toothes tooths (noun plural)
toothily tooth۔yly
toothing tooth۔ing
toothless tooth۔less
toothpaste tooth∙paste
toothpastes tooth∙pastes
tooting toot۔ing
toots toot (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toots toots (noun plural)
topdressed topdress۔d (verb, past tense)
topdresses topdress
topdressing topdress۔ing
topically topical۔ly
topless top۔less
topographically topographic۔ly
topologically topologic۔ly
topped top۔d (verb, past tense)
topping top۔ing
toppled topple۔d (verb, past tense)
topples topple
toppling topple۔ing
tops top (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tops tops (noun plural)
topsoiled topsoil۔d (verb, past tense)
topsoiling topsoil۔ing
topsoils topsoil (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
topsoils topsoils (noun plural)
topstitched topstitch۔d (verb, past tense)
topstitches topstitch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
topstitches topstitches (noun plural)
topstitching topstitch۔ing
torched torch۔d (verb, past tense)
torches torch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
torches torches (noun plural)
torching torch۔ing
torchlight torch∙light
torchlights torch∙lights
tore tear۔d (verb, past tense) of "to tear"
tormented torment۔d (verb, past tense)
tormenter torment۔or
tormenters torment۔ors
tormenting torment۔ing
torments torment (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
torments torments (noun plural)
torn tear۔d (verb) past participle of "to tear"
torn tear۔d
tornado-proof tornado۔proof
torpedoed torpedo۔d (verb, past tense)
torpedoing torpedo۔ing
torpedos torpedo (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
torpedos torpedos (noun plural)
torpidly torpid۔ly
torqued torque۔d (verb, past tense)
torques torque (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
torques torques (noun plural)
torquing torque۔ing
torrefied torrefy۔d (verb, past tense)
torrefying torrefy۔ing
torrefys torrefy
torridly torrid۔ly
tortureable torture۔able
tortured torture۔d (verb, past tense)
torturee torture۔eer
torturees torture۔eers
torturer torture۔or
torturers torture۔ors
tortures torture (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tortures tortures (noun plural)
torturing torture۔ing
tossed toss۔d (verb, past tense)
tosses toss (noun plural)
tosses toss (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tossing toss۔ing
totaled total۔d (verb, past tense)
totaling total۔ing
totalitarianized totalitarianize۔d (verb, past tense)
totalitarianizes totalitarianize
totalitarianizing totalitarianize۔ing
totalized totalize۔d (verb, past tense)
totalizes totalize
totalizing totalize۔ing
totalizing totalizing
totally total۔by
totally total۔ly
totals total (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
totals totals (noun plural)
tots tot (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tots tots (noun plural)
totted tot۔d (verb, past tense)
tottered totter۔d (verb, past tense)
tottering totter۔ing
totters totter (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
totters totters (noun plural)
totting tot۔ing
touchable touch۔able
touched touch۔d (verb, past tense)
touches touch (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
touches touches (noun plural)
touchily touch۔yly
touching touch۔ing
toughened toughen۔d (verb, past tense)
toughening toughen۔ing
toughens toughen
tougher tough۔er
toughest tough۔est
toughly tough۔ly
toughness tough۔ness
toured tour۔d (verb, past tense)
touring tour۔ing
tourist tour۔or
touristically touristic۔ly
tourists tour۔ors
touristy tourist۔y
tourneyed tourney۔d (verb, past tense)
tourneying tourney۔ing
tourneys tourney (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tourneys tourneys (noun plural)
tours tour (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tours tours (noun plural)
tousled tousle۔d (verb, past tense)
tousles tousle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tousles tousles (noun plural)
tousling tousle۔ing
touted tout۔d (verb, past tense)
touting tout۔ing
touts tout (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
touts touts (noun plural)
tow truck tow∙truck
tow trucks tow∙trucks
towards toward
towed tow۔d (verb, past tense)
toweled towel۔d (verb, past tense)
toweling towel۔ing
towelled towel۔d
towelling towel۔ing
towelling towel۔ing
towels towel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
towels towels (noun plural)
towered tower۔d (verb, past tense)
towering tower۔ing
towers tower (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
towers towers (noun plural)
towing tow۔ing
town center town∙center
town centers town∙centers
town square plaza
town squares plazas
townette town۔et
townette town۔et
townettes town۔ets
townfolks town∙folks
townfolks town∙folks
townhouse rowhouse
townhouses rowhouses
townless town۔less
townsfolk town∙folks
townsfolks town∙folks
townsman town۔man
townsman town۔man
townsmen town۔mans
townspeople town∙peoples Plural of "town∙people"
townspeople town∙peoples
townspeoples town∙peopless
townsperson town∙people Plural of "town∙people"
townsperson town∙people Plural of "town∙people"
townswoman town۔woman
townswoman town۔woman
townswomen town۔womans
townwear town∙wear
tows tow (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tows tows (noun plural)
toxaemia toxemia
toxically toxic۔ly
toxicologically toxicologic۔ly
toyed toy۔d (verb, past tense)
toying toy۔ing
toyless toy۔less
toys toy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
toys toys (noun plural)
traceable trace۔able
traced trace۔d (verb, past tense)
traceless trace۔less
traces trace (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
traces traces (noun plural)
tracing trace۔ing
tracked track۔d (verb, past tense)
trackee track۔eer
trackees track۔eers
tracker track۔or
trackers track۔ors
tracking track۔ing
trackless track۔less
tracks track (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tracks tracks (noun plural)
tractably tract۔ably
tradeable trade۔able
tradecompanies tradecos
traded trade۔d (verb, past tense)
trademarked trademark۔d (verb, past tense)
trademarking trademark۔ing
trademarks trademark (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trademarks trademarks (noun plural)
trader trade۔or
traders trade۔ors
trades trade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trades trades (noun plural)
trading trade۔ing
traditionalized traditionalize۔d (verb, past tense)
traditionalizes traditionalize
traditionalizing traditionalize۔ing
traditionally traditional۔by
traditionally traditional۔ly
traditionless tradition۔less
traduced traduce۔d (verb, past tense)
traduces traduce
traducing traduce۔ing
traffic circle roundabout
traffic circles roundabouts
traffic jam traffic∙jam
traffic jams traffic∙jams
traffic light traffiklight
traffic lights trafficlights
traffic-circle traffik∙circle
traffic-circles traffic∙circles
trafficed traffic۔d (verb, past tense)
trafficing traffic۔ing
trafficky traffick۔y
traffics traffic (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
traffics traffics (noun plural)
tragedies tragedys
tragically tragic۔ly
trailblazed trailblaze۔d (verb, past tense)
trailblazes trailblaze
trailblazing trailblaze۔ing
trailed trail۔d (verb, past tense)
trailer trail۔or
trailer house trailor∙home
trailer houses trailor∙homes
trailered trailer۔d (verb, past tense)
trailering trailer۔ing
trailers trail۔ors
trailers trailer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trailers trailers (noun plural)
trailing trail۔ing
trailless trail۔less
trails trail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trails trails (noun plural)
train track train∙track
train tracks train∙tracks
trained train۔d (verb, past tense)
trainer train۔or
trainers train۔ors
trainful train۔ful
trainfuls train۔fuls
training train۔in
training train۔ing
trainings train۔ins
trains train (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trains trains (noun plural)
traipsed traipse۔d (verb, past tense)
traipses traipse
traipsing traipse۔ing
tramelled tramell۔d (verb, past tense)
tramells tramell
tramless tram۔less
trammed tram۔d (verb, past tense)
trammeled trammel۔d (verb, past tense)
trammeling trammel۔ing
trammels trammel
tramming tram۔ing
tramped tramp۔d (verb, past tense)
tramping tramp۔ing
trampish tramp۔ish
trampled trample۔d (verb, past tense)
tramples trample
trampling trample۔ing
trampolined trampoline۔d (verb, past tense)
trampolines trampoline (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trampolines trampolines (noun plural)
trampolining trampoline۔ing
tramps tramp (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tramps tramps (noun plural)
trams tram (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trams trams (noun plural)
tranced trance۔d (verb, past tense)
trancelike trance۔alike
trances trance (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trances trances (noun plural)
trancing trance۔ing
trangularish triangular۔ish
tranquilized tranquilize۔d (verb, past tense)
tranquilizer transquilize۔or
tranquilizers transquilize۔ors
tranquilizes tranquilize
tranquilizing tranquilize۔ing
tranquillise tranquilize
tranquillised tranquilize۔d
tranquilliser tranquilize۔or
tranquillisers tranquilize۔ors
tranquillises tranquilize
tranquillising tranquilize۔ing
tranquillity tranquility
tranquillity tranquility
tranquillize tranquilize
tranquillized tranquilize۔d
tranquillizer tranquilize۔or
tranquillizers tranquilize۔ors
tranquillizes tranquilize
tranquillizing tranquilize۔ing
transacted transact۔d (verb, past tense)
transacting transact۔ing
transacts transact
transatlantic trans۔atlantic
transcended transcend۔d (verb, past tense)
transcendentals transcendentals Transcendentals are subinfinite and subabsolute but superfinite and supercreatural.
transcending transcend۔ing
transcends transcend
trans-continent trans۔continent
transcontinental trans۔continental
transcribed transcribe۔d (verb, past tense)
transcriber transcribe۔or
transcribers transcribe۔ors
transcribes transcribe
transcribing transcribe۔ing
transduced transduce۔d (verb, past tense)
transduces transduce
transducing transduce۔ing
transected transect۔d (verb, past tense)
transecting transect۔ing
transects transect (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transects transects (noun plural)
transfected transfect۔d (verb, past tense)
transfecting transfect۔ing
transfects transfect (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transfects transfects (noun plural)
transferable transfer۔able
transferrable transfer۔able
transferred transfer۔d (verb, past tense)
transferring transfer۔ing
transfers transfer (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transfers transfers (noun plural)
transfigured transfigure۔d (verb, past tense)
transfigures transfigure
transfiguring transfigure۔ing
transfixed transfix۔d (verb, past tense)
transfixes transfix
transfixing transfix۔ing
transformable transform۔able
transformed transform۔d (verb, past tense)
transformer transform۔or
transformers transform۔ors
transforming transform۔ing
transforms transform (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transforms transforms (noun plural)
transfusable transfuse۔able
transfused transfuse۔d (verb, past tense)
transfuses transfuse
transfusible transfuse۔able
transfusing transfuse۔ing
transgressed transgress۔d (verb, past tense)
transgresses transgress
transgressing transgress۔ing
transhipped tranship۔d (verb, past tense)
transhipping tranship۔ing
tranships tranship
transilluminated trans۔illuminate۔d (verb, past tense)
transilluminates trans۔illuminate
transilluminating transilluminate۔ing
transistorised transistorize۔d
transistorized transistorize۔d (verb, past tense)
transistorizes transistorize
transistorizing transistorize۔ing
transited transit۔d (verb, past tense)
transiting transit۔ing
transits transit (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transits transits (noun plural)
translatable translate۔able
translated translate۔d (verb, past tense)
translater translate۔or
translaters translate۔ors
translates translate
translating translate۔ing
transliterated trans۔literate۔d (verb, past tense)
transliterates trans۔literate
transliterating transiterate۔ing
translocated trans۔locate۔d (verb, past tense)
translocates trans۔locate
translocating translocate۔ing
transmigrated trans۔migrate۔d (verb, past tense)
transmigrates trans۔migrate
transmigrating transmigrate۔ing
transmissible transmiss۔able
transmittable transmit۔able
transmitted transmit۔d
transmitter transmit۔or
transmitters transmit۔ors
transmitting transmit۔ing
transmogrified transmogrify۔d (verb, past tense)
transmogrifying transmogrify۔ing
transmogrifys transmogrify
transmutable transmute۔able
transmuted trans۔mute۔d (verb, past tense)
transmutes trans۔mute
transmuting transmute۔ing
trans-nation trans۔continental
transnational trans۔national
trans-ocean trans۔ocean
transoceanic trans۔oceanic
transpacific trans۔pacific
transparentized transparentize۔d (verb, past tense)
transparentizes transparentize
transparentizing transparentize۔ing
transpierced trans۔pierce۔d (verb, past tense)
transpierces trans۔pierce
transpiercing trans۔pierce۔ing
transpired transpire۔d (verb, past tense)
transpires transpire
transpiring transpire۔ing
transplantable transplant۔able
transplanted transplant۔d (verb, past tense)
transplanting transplant۔ing
transplants trans۔plant (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transplants trans۔plants (noun plural)
transportable transport۔able
transported transport۔d (verb, past tense)
transporting transport۔ing
transports transport (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
transports transports (noun plural)
transposable transpose۔able
transposed transpose۔d (verb, past tense)
transposes trans۔pose
transposing transpose۔ing
transshaped trans۔shape۔d (verb, past tense)
transshapes trans۔shape
transshaping transshape۔ing
transshipped trans۔ship۔d (verb, past tense)
transshipping transship۔ing
transships trans۔ship
transthoracically transthoracic۔ly
transubstantiated transubstantiate۔d (verb, past tense)
transubstantiates transubstantiate
transubstantiating transubstantiate۔ing
transuded transude۔d (verb, past tense)
transudes transude
transuding transude۔ing
transvaluated trans۔valuate۔d (verb, past tense)
transvaluates trans۔valuate
transvaluating transvaluate۔ing
transvalued trans۔value۔d (verb, past tense)
transvalues trans۔value
transvaluing transvalue۔ing
trapped trap۔d (verb, past tense)
trapping trap۔in
trapping trap۔ing
trappings trap۔ins
traps trap (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
traps traps (noun plural)
trash can trash∙can
trash cans trash∙cans
trashed trash۔d (verb, past tense)
trashes trash (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trashes trashes (noun plural)
trashing trash۔ing
trash-man trash۔man
trash-man trash۔man
trash-men trash۔mans
trash-women trash۔woman
trash-women trash۔woman
trash-women trash۔womans
traumatically traumatic۔ly
traumatise traumatize
traumatised traumatize۔d
traumatises traumatize
traumatising traumatize۔ing
traumatized traumatize۔d (verb, past tense)
traumatizes traumatize
traumatizing traumatize۔ing
travailed travail۔d (verb, past tense)
travailing travail۔ing
travails travail (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
travails travails (noun plural)
travel bag travel∙bag
travel bags travel∙bags
travel case travel∙case
travel cases travel∙cases
travel log travel∙log
travel logs travel∙logs
traveled travel۔d (verb, past tense)
traveler travel۔or
travelers travel۔ors
traveling travel۔ing
travelled travel۔d (verb, past tense)
travelled travel۔d
traveller travel۔or
travellers travel۔ors
travelling travel۔ing
travelling travel۔ing
travelogue travelog
travelogues travelogs
travels travel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
travels travels (noun plural)
traversable traverse۔able
traversed traverse۔d (verb, past tense)
traverses traverse (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
traverses traverses (noun plural)
traversing traverse۔ing
travestied travesty۔d (verb, past tense)
travestying travesty۔ing
travestys travesty (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
travestys travestys (noun plural)
trawled trawl۔d (verb, past tense)
trawling trawl۔ing
trawls trawl (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trawls trawls (noun plural)
trayful tray۔ful
traysful tray۔fuls
treaded tread۔d (verb, past tense)
treaded tread۔d (verb, past tense)
treading tread۔ing
treadled treadle۔d (verb, past tense)
treadles treadle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
treadles treadles (noun plural)
treadless tread۔less
treadling treadle۔ing
treads tread (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
treads treads (noun plural)
treasonably treason۔ably
treasured treasure۔d (verb, past tense)
treasurer treasuror
treasurers treasurors
treasures treasure (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
treasures treasures (noun plural)
treasuring treasure۔ing
treatable treat۔able
treated treat۔d (verb, past tense)
treaties treatys
treating treat۔ing
treats treat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
treats treats (noun plural)
trebled treble۔d (verb, past tense)
trebles treble (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trebles trebles (noun plural)
trebling treble۔ing
trebly treble۔ly
tree house tree∙house
tree houses tree∙houses
tree trunk tree∙trunk
tree trunks tree∙trunks
treed tree۔d (verb, past tense)
treeing tree۔ing
treeless tree۔less
treelike tree۔alike
treey tree۔y
trekked trek۔d (verb, past tense)
trekker trek۔or
trekkers trek۔ors
trekking trek۔ing
treks trek (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
treks treks (noun plural)
trellised trellis۔d (verb, past tense)
trellising trellis۔ing
trelliss trellis (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trelliss trelliss (noun plural)
trembled tremble۔d (verb, past tense)
trembles tremble (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trembles trembles (noun plural)
trembling tremble۔ing
trembly tremble۔ly
trenched trench۔d (verb, past tense)
trenches trench (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trenches trenches (noun plural)
trenching trench۔ing
trended trend۔d (verb, past tense)
trendily trend۔yly
trending trend۔ing
trends trend (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trends trends (noun plural)
trendy trend۔y
trepaned trepan۔d (verb, past tense)
trepanning trepan۔ing
trepans trepan (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trepans trepans (noun plural)
trephined trephine۔d (verb, past tense)
trephines trephine (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trephines trephines (noun plural)
trephining trephine۔ing
trespassed trespass۔d (verb, past tense)
trespasser trespass۔or
trespassers trespass۔ors
trespasses trespass (noun plural)
trespasses trespass (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trespassing trespass۔ing
triadically triadic۔ly
trial lawcourtrial A trial in a court of law
trial lawcourtrial A trial in a court of law
trial trial An experimental test.
trial trial An experimental test.
trialled trial۔d
trialling trial۔ing
trials courtrials A trial in a court of law
trials trials An experimental test.
triangulated triangulate۔d (verb, past tense)
triangulates triangulate
triangulating triangulate۔ing
tribally tribal۔ly
tribal-mate tribe۔mate
tribal-mate tribe۔mate
tribal-mates tribe۔mates
tribal-suicide tribalcide
tribesman tribe۔man
tribesman tribe۔man
tribesmen tribe۔mans
tribespeople tribe∙peoples
tribespeople tribe∙peoples
tribesperson tribe∙people
tribesperson tribe∙people
tribeswoman tribe۔woman
tribeswoman tribe۔woman
tribeswomen tribe۔womans
tribulated tribulate۔d (verb, past tense)
tribulates tribulate
tribulating tribulate۔ing
triced trice۔d (verb, past tense)
trices trice (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trices trices (noun plural)
trichinized trichinize۔d (verb, past tense)
trichinizes trichinize
trichinizing trichinize۔ing
tricing trice۔ing
tricked trick۔d (verb, past tense)
trickier tricky۔er
trickiest tricky۔est
trickily trick۔yly
trickiness tricky۔ness
tricking trick۔ing
trickled trickle۔d (verb, past tense)
trickles trickle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trickles trickles (noun plural)
trickling trickle۔ing
tricks trick (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
tricks tricks (noun plural)
trickster trick۔or
tricksters trick۔ors
tricky trick۔y
tricolour tricolor
tricolours tricolors
tried lawcourtrial۔d
tried try۔d (verb, past tense)
tries trys
trifurcated trifurcate۔d (verb, past tense)
trifurcates trifurcate
trifurcating trifurcate۔ing
trigged trig۔d (verb, past tense)
triggered trigger۔d (verb, past tense)
triggering trigger۔ing
triggers trigger (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
triggers triggers (noun plural)
trigging trig۔ing
trigonometrically trigonometric۔ly
trigs trig (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trigs trigs (noun plural)
trilled trill۔d (verb, past tense)
trilling trill۔ing
trills trill (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trills trills (noun plural)
trimly trim۔ly
trimmed trim۔d (verb, past tense)
trimmer trim۔er
trimmest trim۔est
trimming trim۔in
trimming trim۔ing
trimmings trim۔ins
trims trim (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trims trims (noun plural)
trined trine۔d (verb, past tense)
trines trine (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trines trines (noun plural)
trining trine۔ing
triplicated triplicate۔d (verb, past tense)
triplicates triplicate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
triplicates triplicates (noun plural)
triplicating triplicate۔ing
tripped trip۔d (verb, past tense)
tripping trip۔ing
trips trip (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trips trips (noun plural)
trisected trisect۔d (verb, past tense)
trisecting trisect۔ing
trisects trisect
tritely trite۔ly
triteness trite۔ness
triteness trite۔ness
triturated triturate۔d (verb, past tense)
triturates triturate (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
triturates triturates (noun plural)
triturating triturate۔ing
triumphed triumph۔d (verb, past tense)
triumphes triumph (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
triumphes triumphes (noun plural)
triumphing triumph۔ing
trivialise trivialize
trivialised trivialize۔d
trivialises trivialize
trivialising trivialize۔ing
trivialized trivialize۔d (verb, past tense)
trivializes trivialize
trivializing trivialize۔ing
trivially trivial۔ly
tri-weekly tri۔week۔y
trod tread۔d (verb) past-tense of "to tread"
trodden tread۔d (verb) past-participle of "to tread"
trolled troll۔d (verb, past tense)
trolleyed trolley۔d (verb, past tense)
trolleying trolley۔ing
trolleys trolley (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trolleys trolleys (noun plural)
trollies trollys
trolling troll۔ing
trolls troll (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trolls trolls (noun plural)
tromped tromp۔d (verb, past tense)
tromping tromp۔ing
tromps tromp
trooped troop۔d (verb, past tense)
trooping troop۔ing
troops troop (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
troops troops (noun plural)
trophically trophic۔ly
trophied trophy۔d (verb, past tense)
trophies trophys
trophying trophy۔ing
trophys trophy
tropicalized tropicalize۔d (verb, past tense)
tropicalizes tropicalize
tropicalizing tropicalize۔ing
tropically tropic۔ly
tropologically tropologic۔ly
trothplighted trothplight۔d (verb, past tense)
trothplighting trothplight۔ing
trothplights trothplight
trotted trot۔d
trotting trot۔ing
trouble spot trouble∙spot
trouble spots trouble∙spots
trouble∙causor trouble∙cause۔or
trouble∙causors trouble∙cause۔ors
troubled trouble۔d (verb, past tense)
troublemaker trouble∙cause۔or
troublemaker trouble∙cause۔or
troublemakers trouble∙cause۔ors
troublemakers trouble∙cause۔ors
troubles trouble (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
troubles troubles (noun plural)
troubleshooted troubleshoot۔d (verb, past tense)
troubleshooting troubleshoot۔ing
troubleshoots troubleshoot
troubling trouble۔ing
trounced trounce۔d (verb, past tense)
trounces trounce
trouncing trounce۔ing
trouped troupe۔d (verb, past tense)
troupes troupe (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
troupes troupes (noun plural)
trouping troupe۔ing
troweled trowel۔d (verb, past tense)
troweling trowel۔ing
trowelling trowel۔ing
trowels trowel (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trowels trowels (noun plural)
truanted truant۔d (verb, past tense)
truanting truant۔ing
truants truant (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
truants truants (noun plural)
trucked truck۔d (verb, past tense)
trucker truck۔or
truckers truck۔ors
truckful truck۔ful
trucking truck۔ing
truckled truckle۔d (verb, past tense)
truckles truckle
truckling truckle۔ing
truckload truck۔load
truckload truck۔load
truckloads truck۔loads
trucks truck (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trucks trucks (noun plural)
trucksful truck۔fuls
trudged trudge۔d (verb, past tense)
trudges trudge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trudges trudges (noun plural)
trudging trudge۔ing
trued true۔d (verb, past tense)
truer true۔er
trues trues (noun plural)
trues 1 (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
truest true۔est
truing true۔ing
truly true۔by
truly true۔ly
trumped trump۔d (verb, past tense)
trumpeted trumpet۔d (verb, past tense)
trumpeting trumpet۔ing
trumpets trumpet (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trumpets trumpets (noun plural)
trumping trump۔ing
trumps trump
truncated truncate۔d (verb, past tense)
truncates truncate
truncating truncate۔ing
truncheoned truncheon۔d (verb, past tense)
truncheoning truncheon۔ing
truncheons truncheon (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
truncheons truncheons (noun plural)
trundled trundle۔d (verb, past tense)
trundles trundle (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trundles trundles (noun plural)
trundling trundle۔ing
trunk treetrunk
trunk trunk
trunk trunk
trunkful trunk۔ful
trunks trunks
trunksful trunk۔fuls
trussed truss۔d (verb, past tense)
trusses truss (noun plural)
trusses truss (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trussing truss۔ing
trustable trust۔able
trusted trust۔d (verb, past tense)
trusteed trustee۔d (verb, past tense)
trusteeing trustee۔ing
trustees trustee (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trustees trustees (noun plural)
trustfulness trustful۔ness
trusties trustys
trustily trust۔yly
trusting trust۔ing
trustless trust۔less
trusts trust (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
trusts trusts (noun plural)
trustworthiness trust∙worthy۔ness
trustworthiness trustworthy۔ness
trustworthy trust∙worthy
trusty trust۔y
truth teller truth∙tellor
truth tellers truth∙tellors
truthfully truthful۔ly
truthfulness truthful۔ness
truthless truth۔less
truth-teller truth∙tellor (no English equivalent)