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English Peoplese Explanation Definition
catch up upcatch
catching up upcatch∙ing
caught up upcatch∙d
deafening ultra۔loud
disadvantage un۔advantage
disadvantages un۔advantages
disagreeable un۔agree۔able
disagreeably un۔agree۔ably
disagreed un۔agree۔d Did not agree
disapprove un۔approve
disapproved un۔approve۔d Did not approve
disapproves un۔approve
disapproving un۔approve۔ing
dishonest un۔honest
dishonesty un۔honesty
disobedient un۔obedient
disobediently un۔obedient۔ly
disorderliness un۔order۔yness
disorderly un۔order۔ly
disrespect un۔respect Contemptuous of, opposite of respect
disrespected un۔respect۔d Opposite of respected
disrespectful un۔respectful Showing contemptuousness
dissatisfactory un۔satisfactory Not satisfactory (less negative than "un-satisfactory")
dissatisfied un۔satisfi۔d (verb, past tense)
illegal un۔legal
illegally un۔legal۔ly
illegitimate un۔legitimate
illogical un۔logical (adjective) opposite of logical - as when using faulty logic
imbalance un۔balance (noun) opposite of balanced - e.g. a tilted scale
imbalanced un۔balanced (verb) past-tense
immethodically un۔methodic۔ly
immoderate un۔moderate Opposite of moderate, excessive
immoderately un۔moderate۔ly
immoral un۔moral Contrary to accepted moral principles
immorally un۔moral۔ly
impassiveness un۔passive۔ness
impatience un۔patience
impatient un۔patient
impatiently un۔patient۔ly
impermissible un۔permit۔able
impiousness un۔pious۔ness
implausible un۔plausible
impoliteness un۔polite۔ness
impractically un۔practical۔ly
inaccuracy un۔accuracy
inaccurate un۔accurate
inadventurous un۔adventurous
inadvisable un۔advise۔able
inadvisedly un۔advised۔ly
inaidable un۔aid۔able
inalienably un۔alienate۔ably
inappropriately un۔appropriate۔ly The opposite of appropriately
inapropriate un۔apropriate
inauspicious un۔auspicious
inauspiciousness un۔auspicious۔ness
inauthoritative un۔authoritative
incompatible un۔compatable Opposite of campatible.
inconsiderate un۔considerate
inconsideration un۔consideration
incorrect un۔correct
incorrectly un۔correct۔ly
incredulousness un۔credulous۔ness
indirectly un۔direct۔ly
indiscreet un۔discreet
indispensable un۔dispense۔able
indispensably un۔dispense۔ably
indomitable un۔dominate۔able
ineffectiveness un۔effective۔ness
inexpensive un۔expensive
infallibleness un۔fallible۔ness
inflexible un۔flexable
inglorious un۔glorious
inhospitable un۔hospitable
inhospitably un۔hospitably
inhospitality un۔hospitality
injust un۔just
injustice un۔justice
insanitary un۔sanitary
insatiable un۔satiate۔able
insatiably un۔satiate۔ably
insatiate un۔satiate
insensible un۔sensible
insensitive un۔sensitive
inseparable un۔separate۔able
inseparably un۔separate۔ably
insignificance un۔significance
insignificantly un۔significant۔ly
insincere un۔sincere
insincerity un۔sincerity
insociable un۔sociable
insociably un۔sociably
insoluble un۔soluble
insolvent un۔solvent
instable un۔stable
insubstantial un۔substantial
insufferably un۔suffer۔ably
insupportable un۔support۔able
insupportably un۔support۔ably
intangible un۔tangible
intolerable un۔tolerate۔able
intolerably un۔tolerate۔ably
intolerance un۔tolerance
intolerant un۔tolerant
intractable un۔tract۔able
intractably un۔tract۔ably
intransient un۔transient
intranslatable un۔translate۔able
inutterable un۔utter۔able
involuntary un۔voluntary
invulnerable un۔vulnerable
invulnerably un۔vulnerably
irrational un۔rational
irrationality un۔rationality
irrationally un۔rational۔ly
irrationalness un۔rational۔ness
irregularly un۔regular۔ly
irrelevancies un۔relevancys
irreligious un۔religious
irreligiously un۔religious۔ly
irreligiousness un۔religious۔ness
irresistibly un۔resist۔ably
irresponsible un۔responsable
irresponsible un۔responsible
irresponsibly un۔responsably
irreversible un۔reversible
one-upmanship upmanship
uglier ugly۔er
ugliest ugly۔est
uglified uglify۔d (verb, past tense)
uglifying uglify۔ing
uglifys uglify
ugliness ugly۔ness
ulcerated ulcerate۔d (verb, past tense)
ulcerates ulcerate
ulcerating ulcerate۔ing
ulcered ulcer۔d (verb, past tense)
ulcering ulcer۔ing
ulcers ulcer
ultimately ultimate۔ly
ultracentrifuged ultra۔centrifuge۔d (verb, past tense)
ultracentrifuges ultra۔centrifuge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ultracentrifuges ultra۔centrifuges (noun plural)
ultracentrifuging ultra۔centrifuge۔ing
ultra-conservative ultra۔conservative
ultra-liberal ultra۔liberal
ultramicroscopically ultra۔microscopic۔ly
ultra-short ultra۔short
ultrasonically ultra۔sonic۔ly
ultra-strange ultra۔strange
ultra-strict ultra۔strict
ultra-strictness ultra۔strict۔ness
ultra-thin ultra۔thin
ululated ululate۔d (verb, past tense)
ululates ululate
ululating ululate۔ing
umbered umber۔d (verb, past tense)
umbering umber۔ing
umbers umber (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
umbers umbers (noun plural)
umlauted umlaut۔d (verb, past tense)
umlauting umlaut۔ing
umlauts umlaut (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
umlauts umlauts (noun plural)
umpired umpire۔d (verb, past tense)
umpires umpire (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
umpires umpires (noun plural)
umpiring umpire۔ing
unabashed un۔abash۔d (verb) past-tense
unabashedly un۔abashed۔ly
unabated un۔abate۔d (verb) past-tense
unabatedly un۔abated۔ly
unable un۔able
unabridged non۔abridge۔d (verb) past-tense
unacademically non۔academic۔ly
unacceptable non۔accept۔able
unacceptably un۔accept۔ably
unaccommodated non۔accommodate۔d (verb) past-tense
unaccompanied non۔accompany۔d (verb, past tense)
unaccomplished non۔accomplishe۔d (verb) past-tense
unaccountable non۔account۔able
unaccountably non۔account۔ably
unaccused non۔accuse۔d (verb) past-tense
unaccustomed non۔accustom۔d (verb) past-tense
unacknowledged non۔acknowledge۔d (verb) past-tense
unacquainted non۔acquainte۔d (verb) past-tense
unactivate dis۔activate
unactive non۔active
unactivity non۔activity
unactorish un۔actor۔ish
unadaptability non۔adaptability
unadaptable non۔adapt۔able
unadept un۔adept
unadeptly un۔adept۔ly
unadjacent non۔adjacent
unadopted non۔adopt۔d (verb) past-tense
unadorned non۔adorn۔d (verb) past-tense
unadulterated non۔adulterate۔d (verb) past-tense
unadventurous non۔adventurous
unadvertised non۔advertised (verb) past-tense
unadvisable un۔advisable
unadvised un۔advise۔d (verb) past-tense
unadvisedly un۔advised۔ly
unaesthetic non۔aesthetic
unaffected non۔affecte۔d (verb) past-tense
unaffordable non۔afford۔able
unaffordably non۔afford۔ably
unaffordably non۔affordably
unafraid non۔afraid
unaggressive non۔aggressive
unagitated non۔agitate۔d (verb) past-tense
unagreeable un۔agreeable
unaided un۔aid۔d (verb) past-tense
unallied non۔ally۔d (verb, past tense)
unalterable non۔alter۔able
unalterably non۔alter۔ably
unambiguous non۔ambiguous
unambiguously non۔ambiguous۔ly
unambitious non۔ambitious
unanalogous non۔analogous
unanimate non۔animate
unanimation non۔animation
unanimously unanimous۔ly
unannounced non۔announce۔d (verb) past-tense
unanswerable non۔answerable
unanswerably non۔answerably
unanswered non۔answer۔d (verb) past-tense
unapologetically non۔apologetic۔ly
unapostolic non۔apostolic
unapparent non۔apparent
unappealable non۔appeal۔able
unappealing non۔appealing
unappeasable non۔appease۔able
unappeasably non۔appease۔ably
unappetizing non۔appetizing
unapplicable non۔apply۔able
unappreciable non۔appreciable
unappreciation non۔appreciation
unappreciative non۔appreciative
unapprehended non۔apprehend۔d
unapprehensible non۔apprehend۔able
unapprehension non۔apprehension
unapprehensive non۔apprehensive
unapproachable non۔approach۔able
unapproachable non۔approachable
unapproachably non۔approach۔ably
unapproachably non۔approachably
unapproached non۔approach۔d (verb) past-tense
unappropriate non۔appropriate
unappropriately un۔appropriate۔ly
unapropos non۔apropos
unapt non۔apt
unaptitude non۔aptitude
unaptly un۔apt۔ly
unarguably non۔arguably
unarmed non۔weapon۔d (verb) past-tense
unarmored non۔armor۔d (verb) past-tense
unarranged non۔arrange۔d (verb) past-tense
unarticulate non۔articulate
unarticulate non۔articulate
unarticulated non۔articulate۔d (verb) past-tense
unarticulation non۔articulation
unartificial non۔artificial
unartistic non۔artistic
unashamed non۔ashame۔d (verb) past-tense
unasked non۔ask۔d (verb) past-tense
unaspirated non۔aspirate۔d (verb) past-tense
unaspiring non۔aspiring
unassailable non۔assail۔able
unassailably non۔assail۔ably
unassembled dis۔assemble۔d (verb) past-tense
unasssertive non۔asssertive
unassuming unassuming
unattached non۔attach۔d (verb) past-tense
unattainable non۔attain۔able
unattained non۔attain۔d (verb) past-tense
unattended non۔attend۔d (verb) past-tense
unattention non۔attention
unattentive non۔attentive
unattractive un۔attractive
unattractively un۔attractive۔ly
unaudible non۔audible
unauspicious non۔auspicious
unauthentic non۔authentic
unauthenticated non۔authenticat۔d (verb) past-tense
unauthorised un۔authorized Ed adj
unauthoritative non۔authoritative
unauthorized non۔authorize۔d (verb) past-tense
unavailability non۔availability
unavailable non۔available
unavailing non۔availing
unavoidable non۔avoid۔able
unavoidably non۔avoid۔ably
unavowed non۔avow۔d (verb) past-tense
unaware non۔aware
unbacked non۔back۔d (verb) past-tense
unbalance non۔balance
unbalanced un۔balance۔d (verb) past-tense
unbar dis۔lock
unbarred dis۔bar۔d (verb) past-tense
unbearable non۔bear۔able
unbearably non۔bear۔ably
unbeatable non۔beat۔able
unbeatably non۔beat۔ably
unbecoming un۔becoming
unbefitting un۔befitting
unbeknown unbeknown (adjective)
unbelief non۔belief
unbelievable un۔believe۔able
unbelievably un۔believe۔ably
unbelieved un۔believe۔d (verb) past-tense
unbelieving non۔believe۔y
unbelieving un۔believe۔ing
unbelieving un۔believing
unbelt dis۔belt
unbend dis۔bend
unbendable un۔bend۔able
unbended dis۔bend۔d (verb) past-tense
unbended un۔bend۔d (verb) past-tense
unbending un۔bend۔ing
unbeneficial un۔beneficial
unbent dis۔bend۔d (verb) past-tense
unbiased non۔bias۔d (verb) past-tense
unbigoted non۔bigot۔d (verb) past-tense
unbind dis۔bind
unbinded dis۔bind۔d (verb) past-tense
unbinding dis۔bind۔ing
unblameable un۔blame۔able
unblemished non۔blemish۔d (verb) past-tense
unblinking un۔blink۔ing
unbolt dis۔bolt
unbolted dis۔bolt۔d (verb) past-tense
unbolting dis۔bolt۔ing
unborn non۔birth۔d
unbothered non۔bother۔d (verb) past-tense
unbound non۔restrict
unbounded non۔restrict۔d (verb) past-tense
unbroken un۔break۔d (verb) past-tense
unbuckle dis۔buckle
unbuckled dis۔buckle۔d (verb) past-tense
unbuckled un۔buckle۔d (verb) past-tense
unbudgeably un۔budge۔ably
unburden dis۔burden
unburdened dis۔burden۔d (verb) past-tense
unburdening dis۔burden۔ing
unburned non۔burn۔d (verb) past-tense
unbury dis۔bury
unbutton dis۔button
unbuttoned dis۔button۔d (verb) past-tense
unbuttoned non۔button۔d (verb) past-tense
unbuttoning dis۔button۔ing
uncalled-for un۔justify۔d (verb) past-tense
uncannily un۔canny۔ly
uncanvassed non۔canvass۔d (verb) past-tense
uncap dis۔cap
uncapable un۔capable
uncapacitate dis۔capacitate
uncapacity un۔capacity
uncapped dis۔cap۔d (verb) past-tense
uncapped non۔cap۔d (verb) past-tense
uncapping dis۔capping
uncaps dis۔cap
uncareful un۔careful
uncarpeted non۔carpet۔d (verb) past-tense
uncategorized non۔categorize۔d (verb) past-tense
uncautious un۔cautious
unceasing non۔cease۔y
unceasing non۔ceasing
uncelebrated non۔celebrated
unceremoniously non۔ceremonious۔ly
uncertain non۔certain
uncertainly un۔certain۔ly
uncertainty non۔certainty
uncertified non۔certify۔d (verb, past tense)
uncessant uncessant
unchain dis۔chain
unchained dis۔chain۔d (verb) past-tense
unchained non۔chain۔d (verb) past-tense
unchaining dis۔chaining
unchallenge dis۔challenge
unchallengeable non۔challengeable
unchallengeable nonchallenge۔able
unchallenged non۔challeng۔d (verb) past-tense
unchallenging non۔challenging
unchangeable non۔change۔able
unchangeably non۔change۔ably
unchanged non۔change۔d (verb) past-tense
unchanging non۔changing
uncharacteristic non۔characteristic
uncharacteristically non۔characteristic۔ly
uncharacteristically non۔characteristical۔ly
uncharitable un۔charitable
uncharitably un۔charitably
uncharted non۔chart۔d (verb) past-tense
unchaste un۔chaste
unchecked non۔check۔d (verb) past-tense
uncheerful un۔cheerful
uncirculated non۔circulate۔d (verb) past-tense
uncircumcised non۔circumcise۔d (verb) past-tense
uncircumscribed non۔circumscribe۔d (verb) past-tense
uncircumspect un۔circumspect
uncircumstantial un۔circumstantial
uncivil un۔civil
uncivilised un۔civilized Ed adj
uncivilize un۔civilize
uncivilized un۔civilize۔d (verb) past-tense
uncivilly un۔civil۔ly
unclad un۔clad
unclaimed non۔claim۔d (verb) past-tense
unclarified non۔clarify۔d (verb, past tense)
unclasp dis۔clasp
unclasped dis۔clasp۔d (verb) past-tense
unclasped non۔clasp۔d (verb) past-tense
unclasping dis۔clasping
unclasping un۔clasping
unclassed non۔class۔d (verb) past-tense
unclassified non۔classify۔d (verb, past tense)
unclean un۔clean
uncleanly un۔clean۔ly
unclear non۔clear
unclearly un۔clear۔ly
unclench dis۔clench
unclenched dis۔clench۔d (verb) past-tense
unclenched non۔clench۔d (verb) past-tense
unclenching dis۔clenching
unclip dis۔clip
unclipped dis۔clip۔d (verb) past-tense
unclipped un۔clip۔d (verb) past-tense
unclipping dis۔clipping
uncloak dis۔cloak
uncloaked dis۔cloak۔d (verb) past-tense
uncloaked non۔cloak۔d (verb) past-tense
uncloaking dis۔cloaking
unclog dis۔clog
unclogged dis۔clog۔d (verb) past-tense
unclogged un۔clog۔d (verb) past-tense
unclogging dis۔clogging
unclothe dis۔clothe
unclothed dis۔clothe۔d (verb) past-tense
unclothed non۔clothe۔d (verb) past-tense
unclothing dis۔clothing
unclutter dis۔clutter
uncluttered dis۔clutter۔d (verb) past-tense
uncluttered non۔clutter۔d (verb) past-tense
uncluttering dis۔cluttering
unclutters dis۔clutter
uncodified dis۔codify۔d (verb, past tense)
uncodified non۔codify۔d (verb, past tense)
uncognisable un۔cognize۔able
uncognisible un۔cognize۔able
uncognito incognito
uncognizable un۔cognize۔able
uncognizant un۔cognizant
uncoherence non۔coherence
uncoherent un۔coherent
uncohesion non۔cohesion
uncohesive un۔cohesive
uncoil dis۔coil
uncoiled dis۔coil۔d (verb) past-tense
uncoiled non۔coil۔d (verb) past-tense
uncoiling dis۔coiling
uncoincidence non۔coincidence
uncoincident non۔coincident
uncollected un۔collect۔d (verb) past-tense
uncollectible non۔collect۔able
uncolored non۔color۔d (verb) past-tense
uncombed non۔comb۔d (verb) past-tense
uncombustible un۔combust۔able
uncomfortable un۔comfortable
uncomfortably un۔comfortably
uncommensurable un۔commensurate۔able
uncommensurate un۔commensurate
uncommitted non۔committe۔d (verb) past-tense
uncommon un۔common
uncommonly un۔common۔ly
uncommunicable un۔communicate۔able
uncommunicado un۔communicado
uncommunicative un۔communicative
uncommutable un۔commute۔able
uncompact un۔compact
uncomparable non۔compare۔able
uncompatibility un۔compatibility
uncompatible un۔compatible
uncompensated non۔compensate۔d (verb) past-tense
uncompetence non۔competence
uncompetent un۔competent
uncomplaining non۔complain۔y
uncomplaining non۔complaining
uncomplete non۔complete
uncompleteable non۔complete۔able
uncompleted non۔complet۔d (verb) past-tense
uncompletion non۔completion
uncomplex non۔complex
uncompliance non۔compliance
uncomplicated non۔complicat۔d (verb) past-tense
uncomplimentary non۔complimentary
uncomplying non۔complying
uncomposite non۔composite
uncomprehended non۔comprehend۔d (verb) past-tense
uncomprehending non۔comprehending
uncomprehensible non۔comprehend۔able
uncomprehension non۔comprehension
uncomprehensive non۔comprehensive
uncompressible non۔compress۔able
uncompromised non۔compromis۔d (verb) past-tense
uncompromising non۔compromise۔y
uncompromising non۔compromising
uncomputable non۔compute۔able
uncomunicating non۔comunicating
unconcealed non۔conceal۔d (verb) past-tense
unconceivable non۔conceive۔able
unconcern non۔concern
unconcerned non۔concern۔d (verb) past-tense
unconcerning non۔concerning
unconclusion non۔conclusion
unconclusive non۔conclusive
unconcrete non۔concrete
unconditional non۔conditional
unconditionally un۔conditional۔ly
unconformably non۔conform۔ably
uncongested non۔congest۔d (verb) past-tense
unconnected non۔connect۔d (verb) past-tense
unconnection non۔connection
unconquerable non۔conquer۔able
unconquerably non۔conquer۔ably
unconquered non۔conquer۔d (verb) past-tense
unconscientious non۔conscientious
unconsciously un۔conscious۔ly
unconsequential non۔consequential
unconsiderable non۔consider۔able
unconsiderate un۔considerate
unconsideration non۔consideration
unconsistency non۔consistency
unconsistent non۔consistent
unconspicuous non۔conspicuous
unconstitutional non۔constitutional
unconstitutional non۔constitutional
unconstrained non۔constrain۔d (verb) past-tense
unconstraint un۔constraint
unconstructed non۔construct۔d (verb) past-tense
uncontrollable non۔control۔able
uncontrollably non۔control۔ably
uncontrolled non۔control۔d (verb) past-tense
unconvenient non۔convenient
unconventional non۔conventional
unconventionally un۔conventional۔ly
unconvertible non۔convert۔able
unconvincing non۔convincing
uncooked non۔cook۔d (verb) past-tense
uncooperative non۔cooperative
uncoordinated non۔coordinate۔d (verb) past-tense
uncork dis۔cork
uncorked dis۔cork۔d (verb) past-tense
uncorked non۔cork۔d (verb) past-tense
uncorking dis۔corking
uncorrect non۔correct
uncountable non۔count۔able
uncounted non۔count۔d (verb) past-tense
uncouple dis۔couple
uncoupled dis۔couple۔d (verb) past-tense
uncoupling dis۔coupling
uncouth un۔couth
uncouthly un۔couth۔ly
uncover dis۔cover
uncovered dis۔cover۔d (verb) past-tense
uncredulous non۔credulous
uncritical non۔critical
uncritically non۔critical۔ly
uncross dis۔cross
uncrossed dis۔cross۔d (verb) past-tense
uncrosses un۔cross
uncrown dis۔crown
uncrowned dis۔crown۔d (verb) past-tense
uncrowned non۔crown۔d (verb) past-tense
uncrowning dis۔crowning
uncurable non۔cure۔able
uncurably un۔cure۔able۔ly
uncurl dis۔curl
uncurled dis۔curl۔d (verb) past-tense
uncurled un۔curl۔d (verb) past-tense
uncurling dis۔curling
uncurls un۔curl
uncynically non۔cynic۔ly
undamaged non۔damage۔d (verb) past-tense
undaunted non۔daunt۔d (verb) past-tense
undebatably un۔debate۔ably
undecided non۔decide۔d (verb) past-tense
undecisive non۔decisive
undeclared non۔declare۔d (verb) past-tense
undecorous non۔decorous
undecorum non۔decorum
undefended non۔defend۔d (verb) past-tense
undefensible non۔defense۔able
undefined non۔define۔d (verb) past-tense
undeified non۔deify۔d
undelete dis۔delete
undeleted dis۔delete۔d (verb) past-tense
undeleted non۔delete۔d (verb) past-tense
undeletes dis۔delete
undeleting dis۔deleting
undelicate non۔delicate
undelivered non۔deliver۔d (verb) past-tense
undemanding non۔demanding
undemocratic non۔democratic
undemocratically non۔democratic۔ly
undemonstrated non۔demonstrate۔d (verb) past-tense
undemonstrative non۔demonstrative
undeniable non۔deny۔able
undeniably non۔deny۔ably
undenied non۔deny۔d (verb, past tense)
underachieved underachieve۔d (verb) past-tense
underachieved underachieve۔d (verb, past tense)
underachiever underachieve۔or
underachievers underachieve۔ors
underachieves underachieve
underachieving underachieve۔ing
underacted underact۔d (verb, past tense)
underacting underact۔ing
underacts underact
underaged underaged
underarm under۔arm
underbellies underbellys Plural of underbelly, seamy part of something
underbelly under۔belly
underbid underbid
underbidding underbid۔ing
underbided underbid۔d (verb, past tense)
underbids underbid
undercapitalized undercapitalize۔d (verb) past-tense
undercarriage under۔carriage
undercharged undercharge۔d (verb, past tense)
undercharges undercharge
undercharging undercharge۔ing
underclothes under۔clothes
undercoated undercoat۔d (verb, past tense)
undercoating undercoat۔in
undercoating undercoat۔ing
undercoatings undercoat۔ins
undercoats undercoat (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
undercoats undercoats (noun plural)
undercooled undercool۔d (verb, past tense)
undercooling undercool۔ing
undercools undercool
undercut undercut (verb, present tense)
undercut undercut۔d (verb, past tense)
undereated undereat۔d (verb, past tense)
undereating undereat۔ing
undereats undereat
underemphasized underemphasize۔d (verb, past tense)
underemphasizes underemphasize
underemphasizing underemphasize۔ing
underestimated underestimate۔d (verb, past tense)
underestimates underestimate
underestimating underestimate۔ing
underexposed underexpose۔d (verb, past tense)
underexposes underexpose
underexposing underexpose۔ing
underfeeded underfeed۔d (verb, past tense)
underfeeding underfeed۔ing
underfeeds underfeed
underfoot under۔foot
underfunded underfund۔d (verb, past tense)
underfunding underfund۔ing
underfunds underfund
undergarment under۔garment
undergirded under۔gird۔d (verb, past tense)
undergirding under۔gird۔ing
undergirds under۔gird
undergoed undergo۔d (verb, past tense)
undergoes undergo
undergoing undergo۔ing
undergos undergo
underground under۔ground Beneath ground
underground underground Clandestine operation, usually political
underhandedness underhanded۔ness
underlayed underlay۔d (verb, past tense)
underlaying underlay۔ing
underlays underlay (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
underlays underlays (noun plural)
underlied under۔lie۔d (verb, past tense)
underlies under۔lie
underlined under۔line۔d (verb, past tense)
underlines under۔line
underlining under۔line۔ing
underlying under۔lie۔ing
undermined undermine۔d (verb, past tense)
undermineor undermine۔or
undermineors undermine۔ors
undermines undermine
undermining undermine۔ing
underpainted underpaint۔d (verb, past tense)
underpainting underpaint۔ing
underpaints underpaint
underpants under∙pant
underpants under∙pants
underpayed underpay۔d (verb, past tense)
underpaying underpay۔ing
underpays underpay
underpined underpin۔d (verb, past tense)
underpinning underpin۔ing
underpins underpin
underplayed underplay۔d (verb, past tense)
underplaying underplay۔ing
underplays underplay
underpriced underprice۔d (verb, past tense)
underprices underprice
underpricing underprice۔ing
underqualified underqualify۔d (verb, past tense)
underrated underrate۔d (verb, past tense)
underrates underrate
underrating underrate۔ing
underreacted underreact۔d (verb, past tense)
underreacting underreact۔ing
underreacts underreact
underreported underreport۔d (verb, past tense)
underreporting underreport۔ing
underreports underreport
underruned underrun۔d (verb, past tense)
underrunning underrun۔ing
underruns underrun
underscored underscore۔d (verb, past tense)
underscores underscore (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
underscores underscores (noun plural)
underscoring underscore۔ing
underselled undersell۔d (verb, past tense)
underselling undersell۔ing
undersells undersell
undershooted undershoot۔d (verb, past tense)
undershooting undershoot۔ing
undershoots undershoot
understaffed understaff۔d (verb, past tense)
understaffing understaff۔ing
understaffs understaff
understand comprehend
understandable comprehend۔able
understandably comprehend۔ably
understanding undestand۔ing
understated understate۔d (verb, past tense)
understates understate
understating understate۔ing
understeered understeer۔d (verb, past tense)
understeering understeer۔ing
understeers understeer
understood comprehend۔d (verb, past tense)
understudied understudy۔d (verb, past tense)
understudying understudy۔ing
understudys understudy (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
understudys understudys (noun plural)
undertaken undertake۔d (verb) past-participle
undertakes undertake
undertaking undertake۔ing
undertaxed undertax۔d (verb, past tense)
undertaxes undertax
undertaxing undertax۔ing
underthrusted underthrust۔d (verb, past tense)
underthrusting underthrust۔ing
underthrusts underthrust
undertook undertake۔d (verb) past-tense
underutilised underutilized Ed adj
underutilized underutilize۔d (verb, past tense)
underutilizes underutilize
underutilizing underutilize۔ing
undervalued undervalue۔d (verb, past tense)
undervalues undervalue
undervaluing undervalue۔ing
underwater under۔water
underwear under∙clothes
underwear under∙clothes
underwent undergo۔d (verb) past-tense
underwhelmed underwhelm۔d (verb, past tense)
underwhelming underwhelm۔ing
underwhelms underwhelm
underwrited underwrite۔d (verb, past tense)
underwrites underwrite
underwriting underwrite۔ing
undeserve un۔deserve
undeserving un۔deserving
undesirable unn۔desire۔able
undesirably un۔desirably
undesirably unn۔desire۔ably
undesired un۔desire۔d (verb) past-tense
undespensable non۔despense۔able
undestructible non۔destruct۔able
undetectable non۔detect۔able
undetectably non۔detect۔ably
undetected non۔detect۔d (verb) past-tense
undeterminable non۔determine۔able
undeterminate non۔determinate
undetermined non۔determine۔d (verb) past-tense
undeterred non۔deter۔d (verb) past-tense
undeveloped non۔develope۔d (verb) past-tense
undeviated non۔deviate۔d (verb) past-tense
undeviating non۔deviating
undifferentiated non۔differentiate۔d (verb) past-tense
undigested non۔digested (verb) past-tense
undigestible non۔digest۔able
undignified un۔dignify۔d (verb, past tense)
undiluted non۔dilute۔d (verb) past-tense
undiminished non۔diminish۔d (verb) past-tense
undiplomatic un۔diplomatic
undiplomatically non۔diplomatic۔ly
undirected non۔direct۔d (verb) past-tense
undirection non۔direction
undiscernable non۔discern۔able
undiscernible non۔discern۔able
undisciplined un۔discipline۔d (verb) past-tense
undisclosed non۔disclose۔d (verb) past-tense
undiscovered non۔discover۔d (verb) past-tense
undiscreet un۔discreet
undiscretion non۔discretion
undiscriminated non۔discriminate۔d (verb) past-tense
undiscriminating non۔discriminating
undiscrimination non۔discrimination
undiscriminative non۔discriminative
undiscussed non۔discuss۔d (verb) past-tense
undisguised non۔disguise۔d (verb) past-tense
undisposed non۔dispose۔d (verb) past-tense
undisputed non۔dispute۔d (verb) past-tense
undistinct non۔distinct
undistinctive non۔distinctive
undistinguishable non۔distinguish۔able
undistinguished non۔distinguished
undistinguishing non۔distinguishing
undistributed non۔distribute۔d (verb) past-tense
undisturbed non۔disturb۔d (verb) past-tense
undiverted non۔divert۔d (verb) past-tense
undivided non۔divide۔d (verb) past-tense
undivisable non۔divise۔able
undo dis۔do
undoable non۔do۔able
undogmatically non۔dogmatic۔ly
undomestic non۔domestic
undomesticate dis۔domesticate
undomesticated non۔domesticate۔d (verb) past-tense
undone dis۔do
undoubted non۔doubful
undoubtedly non۔doubful۔ly
undramatic non۔dramatic
undramatically non۔dramatic۔ly
undrape dis۔drape
undraped dis۔drape۔d (verb) past-tense
undraped non۔drape۔d (verb) past-tense
undrapes dis۔drape
undraping dis۔draping
undress dis۔dress
undressed dis۔dress۔d (verb) past-tense
undressed non۔dress۔d (verb) past-tense
undressing dis۔dressing
undrinkable non۔drink۔able
unduly excessive۔y
undurable non۔durable
undying undy۔y
uneagerly uneager۔ly
unearned non۔earn۔d (verb) past-tense
unearthed unearth۔d (verb, past tense)
unearthes unearth
unearthing unearth۔ing
unearthly unearth۔ly
uneasily uneasy۔ly
uneasiness anxious۔ness
uneasy anxious
uneconomic non۔economic
uneconomical non۔economical
uneconomically un۔economical۔ly
unedible non۔eat۔able
uneducated non۔educate۔d (verb) past-tense
unefficiency non۔efficiency
unefficient un۔efficient
unelastic non۔elastic
unelectable non۔elect۔able
unelected non۔elect۔d (verb) past-tense
unelegance non۔elegance
unelegant un۔elegant
uneligible non۔eligible
uneloquent un۔eloquent
unembarrassed non۔embarrass۔d (verb) past-tense
unemotional non۔emotional
unemphatically non۔emphatic۔ly
unemployable non۔employ۔able
unemployed non۔employ۔d (verb) past-tense
unemployment non۔employment
unencumbered non۔encumber۔d (verb) past-tense
unending non۔end۔ing
unending non۔ending
unendurable non۔endure۔able
unendurably non۔endure۔ably
unenforceable non۔enforce۔able
unenforced non۔enforce۔d (verb) past-tense
unengage dis۔engage
unengaged dis۔engage۔d (verb) past-tense
unengaged non۔engage۔d (verb) past-tense
unenterprising non۔enterprising
unenthusiastic non۔enthusiastic
unenthusiastically non۔enthusiastic۔ly
unenthusiastically non۔enthusiastical۔ly
unenvied un۔envy۔d (verb, past tense)
unenvious un۔envious
unequal non۔equal
unequality non۔equality
unequalled non۔equaled Ed adj
unequally un۔equal۔ly
unequipped non۔equip۔d (verb) past-tense
unequivocably un۔equivocably
unequivocally un۔equivocal۔ly
unerring non۔err۔ing
uneven non۔even
unevenly non۔even۔ly
uneventful non۔eventful
unexact non۔exact
unexamined non۔examine۔d (verb) past-tense
unexceptionable non۔exception۔able
unexceptionably non۔exception۔ably
unexclusive non۔exclusive
unexcusable non۔excuse۔able
unexcusable non۔excuse۔able
unexcused non۔excuse۔d (verb) past-tense
unexpected un۔expect۔d (verb) past-tense
unexpectedly non۔expected۔ly
unexpecting non۔expecting
unexperienced non۔experience۔d (verb) past-tense
unexplainable non۔explain۔able
unexplained non۔explain۔d (verb) past-tense
unexplicit non۔explicit
unexplosive non۔explosive
unexplosive non۔explosive
unexpressed non۔express۔d (verb) past-tense
unexpressible non۔express۔able
unexpressive non۔expressive
unextinct non۔extinct
unfading non۔fading
unfair un۔fair
unfairly un۔fair۔ly
unfairness un۔fair۔ness
unfaithful un۔faithful
unfaithfulness un۔faithful۔ness
unfamiliar non۔familiar
unfashionable un۔fashionable
unfashionably un۔fashionably
unfasten dis۔fasten
unfastened dis۔fasten۔d (verb) past-tense
unfastened non۔fasten۔d (verb) past-tense
unfastening dis۔fastening
unfathomable non۔fathom۔able
unfavorable non۔favorable
unfavorably non۔favorably
unfavourable non۔favorable Adj
unfavourably non۔favorable۔ly Adv
unfeasibility non۔feasability
unfeasible non۔feasable
unfeasibly non۔feasably
unfertile non۔fertile
unfertile non۔fertile
unfertility non۔fertility
unfetter dis۔fetter
unfettered dis۔fetter۔d (verb) past-tense
unfettered non۔fetter۔d (verb) past-tense
unfidelity un۔fidelity
unfinished non۔finish۔d (verb) past-tense
unfixed non۔fix۔d (verb) past-tense
unflattering un۔flattering
unflinching non۔flinchingly
unflinching unflinch۔y
unfocused non۔focus۔d (verb) past-tense
unfolded unfold۔d (verb) past-tense
unfolding dis۔folding
unforfeited non۔forfeit۔d (verb) past-tense
unforgettable un۔forget۔able
unforgettably un۔forget۔ably
unforgivable un۔forgive۔able
unforgiveable unforgive۔able
unforgived un۔forgive۔d (verb) past-tense
unforgiving un۔forgiving
unforgotted un۔forget۔d (verb) past-tense
unforseed non۔forsee۔d (verb) past-tense
unfortunate un۔fortunate
unfortunately un۔fortunate۔ly
unfounded un۔found۔d (verb) past-tense
unfriendliness non۔friend۔yness
unfriendly un۔friend۔y
unfruitful non۔fruitful
unfunny non۔funny
unfurnished non۔furnish۔d (verb) past-tense
unfussy non۔fussy
ungainly ungainly۔ly
unglorious un۔glorious
unglue dis۔glue
unglued dis۔glue۔d (verb) past-tense
unglued non۔glue۔d (verb) past-tense
ungluing dis۔gluing
ungodly un۔god۔y
ungodly un۔godly
ungovernable non۔govern۔able
ungraceful un۔graceful
ungracious un۔gracious
ungrateful un۔grateful
ungratiate ingratiate
ungratitude non۔gratitude
unguarded non۔guard۔d (verb) past-tense
unguided non۔guide۔d (verb) past-tense
unhampered non۔hamper۔d (verb) past-tense
unhappily un۔happy۔ly
unhappiness un۔happy۔ness
unhappy un۔happy
unharassed non۔harass۔d (verb) past-tense
unharmed non۔harm۔d (verb) past-tense
unharmonic un۔harmonic
unharmonious un۔harmonious
unharmony un۔harmony
unharness dis۔harness
unharnessed dis۔harness۔d (verb) past-tense
unharnessed non۔harness۔d (verb) past-tense
unharvested non۔harvested (verb) past-tense
unhatched dis۔hatch۔d (verb) past-tense
unhatched non۔hatch۔d (verb) past-tense
unhealthily un۔healthy۔ly
unhealthy un۔health۔y
unheared non۔hear۔d (verb) past-tense
unheeded non۔heed۔d (verb) past-tense
unhelpful non۔helpful
unhesitating non۔hesitate۔y
unholster dis۔holster
unholstered dis۔holster۔d (verb) past-tense
unholstered non۔holster۔d (verb) past-tense
unholsters dis۔holster
unholy un۔holy
unholy un۔holy۔ly
unhooked dis۔hook۔d (verb) past-tense
unhooked non۔hook۔d (verb) past-tense
unhuman non۔human
unhumane un۔humane
unhumanism un۔humanism
unhumanitarian un۔humanitarian
unhumanity non۔humanity
unhumanly un۔human۔yly
unhurried non۔hurry۔d (verb, past tense)
unhurt non۔hurt
unhysterically non۔hysteric۔ly
unidentifiable non۔identify۔able
unidentified non۔identify۔d (verb, past tense)
unified unify۔d (verb, past tense)
uniformed uniform۔d (verb, past tense)
uniformed uniform-clad
uniforming uniform۔ing
uniformly uniform۔ly
uniforms uniform (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
uniforms uniforms (noun plural)
unifying unify۔ing
unifys unify
unimaginable non۔imagine۔able
unimaginably non۔imagine۔ably
unimpaired non۔impair۔d (verb) past-tense
unimpeachably non۔impeach۔ably
unimportant non۔important
unimportantly non۔important۔ly
unimposing non۔imposing
unimpressed non۔impress۔d (verb) past-tense
unimpressionable non۔impressionable
unimpressive non۔impressive
unimprovable non۔improve۔able
unimproved non۔improve۔d (verb) past-tense
unincalculable non۔incalculate۔able
uninfluenced non۔influence۔d
uninformed non۔inform۔d (verb) past-tense
uninhabitable non۔inhabit۔able
uninhabited non۔inhabit۔d (verb) past-tense
uninhibited non۔inhibit۔d (verb) past-tense
uninspired non۔inspir۔d (verb) past-tense
uninstall dis۔install
uninstalled dis۔install۔d (verb) past-tense
uninstalled non۔install۔d (verb) past-tense
uninstalls dis۔install
uninsured non۔insure۔d (verb) past-tense
unintelligible non۔intelligible
unintelligible non۔intellijable
unintelligibly non۔intelligibly
unintended non۔intend۔d (verb) past-tense
unintentional non۔intentional
unintentionally non۔intentional۔ly
uninteresting non۔interesting
uninterrupted non۔interrupt۔d (verb) past-tense
unintuitive non۔intuitive
uninvited dis۔invite۔d (verb) past-tense
uninvited non۔invite۔d (verb) past-tense
uninviting non۔appealing
unionisation unionization
unionise unionize
unionised unionize۔d
unionises unionize
unionising unionize۔ing
unionized unionize۔d (verb, past tense)
unionizes unionize
unionizing unionize۔ing
uniquely unique۔by
uniquely unique۔ly
uniquely unique۔y
unironically non۔ironic۔ly
unitarily unitary۔ly
united unite۔d (verb, past tense)
unitedly united۔ly
unites unite
uniting unite۔ing
unitized unitize۔d (verb, past tense)
unitizes unitize
unitizing unitize۔ing
universalized universalize۔d (verb, past tense)
universalizes universalize
universalizing universalize۔ing
universities universitys
univocally univocal۔ly
unjudiciousness un۔judicious۔ness
unjust un۔just
unjustice non۔justice
unjustifiable un۔justify۔able
unjustifiably un۔justify۔ably
unjustified non۔justify۔d (verb, past tense)
unjustly un۔just۔ly
unkempt un۔kempt
unkind un۔kind
unkinder un۔kind۔est
unkindest un۔kind۔est
unkindly un۔kind۔ly
unkindness un۔kind۔ness
unknowable non۔know۔able
unknowed non۔know۔d (verb) past-tense
unknowing non۔knowing
unknowledgeable non۔knowledge۔able
unknown non۔know۔d (verb) past-tense
unlabeled non۔label۔d (verb) past-tense
unlace dis۔lace
unlaced non۔lace۔d (verb) past-tense
unladylike un۔lady۔alike
unlatch dis۔latch
unlatched dis۔latch۔d (verb) past-tense
unlatched non۔latch۔d (verb) past-tense
unlawful un۔lawful
unlawfully non۔lawful۔ly
unlawfulness un۔lawful۔ness
unlearn dis۔learn
unlearned dis۔learn۔d (verb) past-tense
unleash dis۔leash
unleashed dis۔leash۔d (verb) past-tense
unleashed non۔leash۔d (verb) past-tense
unleavened non۔leaven۔d (verb) past-tense
unlevel dis۔level
unlike non۔alike
unliked un۔like۔d (verb) past-tense
unlikelihood un۔likely۔hood
unlikely non۔probable
unlikely un۔alike۔y Un۔alike۔y" (adjective), "un۔alike۔ly" (adverb) unlimited;non۔limit۔d;(verb) past-tense unlivable;un۔live۔able; unload;dis۔lo
unprecedent non۔precedent
unprecedented non۔precedent۔d (verb) past-tense
unprecedents non۔precedents
unpredictable non۔predict۔able
unpredictably non۔predict۔ably
unprejudiced non۔prejudice۔d (verb) past-tense
unpremeditated non۔premeditate۔d (verb) past-tense
unprepared non۔prepare۔d (verb) past-tense
unpretending non۔pretending
unpretentious non۔pretentious
unpretentiously non۔pretentious۔ly
unpriced non۔price۔d (verb) past-tense
unprincipled un۔principle۔d (verb) past-tense
unprofessional non۔professional
unprofessional un۔professional
unprofessionally non۔professional۔ly
unprofessionally un۔professional۔ly
unprofitable non۔profit۔able
unprofitably non۔profit۔ably
unprogressive non۔progressive
unpromising non۔promising
unpronounceable non۔pronounce۔able
unpronounced non۔pronounce۔d (verb) past-tense
unproportional non۔proportional
unprosperous non۔prosperous
unprotected non۔protect۔d (verb) past-tense
unprovable non۔prove۔able
unproved non۔prove۔d (verb) past-tense
unproven non۔prove۔d (verb) past-tense
unprovocative non۔provocative
unprovoked non۔provoke۔d (verb) past-tense
unpublicized non۔publicize۔d (verb) past-tense
unpublishable non۔publish۔able
unpublished non۔publishe۔d (verb) past-tense
unpunctual non۔punctual
unpunctuality non۔punctuality
unpunished non۔punish۔d (verb) past-tense
unpurely un۔pure۔ly
unqualified un۔qualify۔d (verb, past tense)
unqualifieds non۔qualify۔ors
unquenchable non۔quench۔able
unquestionable non۔doubt۔able
unquestionably non۔doubt۔ably
unquestioned un۔question۔d (verb) past-tense
unraveled dis۔ravel۔d
unraveling dis۔ravel۔ing
unraveling dis۔raveling
unravelled dis۔ravel۔d
unravelling dis۔ravel۔ing
unreachable non۔reach۔able
unreaded non۔read۔d (verb) past-tense
unreadily un۔ready۔ly
unreal non۔real
unrealistic non۔realistic
unrealistically non۔realistic۔ly
unrealized non۔realize۔d (verb) past-tense
unreasonable un۔reason۔able
unreasonably un۔reason۔ably
unrebuked non۔rebuke۔d
unrecognisable un۔recognize۔able
unrecognised un۔recognized Ed adj
unrecognizable non۔recognize۔able
unrecognizably non۔recognize۔ably
unrecognized non۔recognize۔d (verb) past-tense
unrecoverable non۔recover۔able
unrecovered non۔recovere۔d (verb) past-tense
unrecruitable non۔recruit۔able
unreel dis۔reel
unreeled dis۔reel۔d (verb) past-tense
unreeling dis۔reeling
unregulated non۔regulate۔d (verb) past-tense
unrehearsed non۔rehearse۔d
unrelated non۔relate۔d (verb) past-tense
unrelenting non۔relent۔ing
unreliable non۔rely۔able
unreligious non۔religious
unreligiously non۔religious۔ly
unremarkable non۔remarkable
unremarkably non۔remarkably
unreponsive non۔responsive
unreported non۔report۔d (verb) past-tense
unrepresentative non۔representative
unreserved non۔reserve۔d (verb) past-tense
unresisting non۔resisting
unresolvable non۔resolve۔able
unresolved non۔resolve۔d (verb) past-tense
unrestrained non۔restrain۔d (verb) past-tense
unrestricted non۔restrictive۔d (verb) past-tense
unrevealed non۔reveal۔d (verb) past-tense
unrevealing non۔revealing
unreverent un۔reverent
unrighteous un۔righteous
unrighteously un۔righteous۔ly
unrighteousness un۔righteous۔ness
unripely un۔ripe۔ly
unrivaled non۔rival۔d (verb) past-tense
unrivalled non۔rivaled Ed adj
unroll dis۔roll
unrolled dis۔roll۔d (verb) past-tense
unrolling dis۔rolling
unromantic non۔romantic Not romantic
unromantic un۔romantic The opposite of romantic
unromantically non۔romantic۔ly
unruly un۔rule۔yly
unsaddle dis۔saddle
unsaddled dis۔saddle۔d (verb) past-tense
unsaddled non۔saddle۔d (verb) past-tense
unsaddles dis۔saddle
unsaddling dis۔saddling
unsafe non۔safe
unsafely non۔safe۔ly
unsaid non۔say۔d (verb) past-tense
unsaintly un۔saint۔yly
unsalaried non۔salary۔d (verb, past tense)
unsane un۔sane
unsanitary un۔sanitary
unsanity un۔sanity
unsatiable non۔satiate۔able
unsatisfactory non۔satisfactory
unsatisfied un۔satisfy۔d (verb, past tense)
unsatisfying non۔satisfying
unsaturated non۔saturate۔d (verb) past-tense
unsavoury un۔savory
unscathed non۔scathe۔d (verb) past tense
unscheduled non۔schedule۔d (verb) past-tense
unschooled non۔school۔d (verb) past-tense
unscientific non۔scientific
unscientifically non۔scientific۔ly
unscramble dis۔scramble
unscrambled dis۔scramble۔d (verb) past-tense
unscreened non۔screen۔d (verb) past-tense
unscrew dis۔screw
unscrewed dis۔screwe۔d (verb) past-tense
unscrupulous un۔scrupulous
unseal dis۔seal
unsealed dis۔seal۔d (verb) past-tense
unsealed non۔seal۔d (verb) past-tense
unseasonable non۔seasonable
unseasonably non۔seasonably
unseasonal non۔seasonal
unsecure non۔secure
unsecured non۔secure۔d (verb) past-tense
unseen non۔see۔d (verb) past-tense
unselfconscious non۔selfconscious
unselfish non۔selfish
unselfishness non۔selfish۔ness
unselled non۔sell۔d (verb) past-tense
unsensible non۔sensible
unsensitive non۔sensitive
unsentimental non۔sentimental
unseparable non۔separate۔able
unsettled non۔settle۔d (verb) past-tense
unshackle dis۔shackle
unshackled dis۔shackle۔d (verb) past-tense
unshaved non۔shave۔d (verb) past-tense
unshipped non۔ship۔d (verb) past-tense
unshrinkable non۔shrink۔able
unshuttered non۔shutter۔d (verb) past-tense
unsignificance non۔significance
unsignificant non۔significant
unsimilar non۔similar
unsincerity un۔sincerity
unsinkable non۔sink۔able
unskilled non۔skill۔d (verb) past-tense
unsling dis۔sling
unslinging dis۔slinging
unslings dis۔sling
unslung dis۔sling۔d (verb) past-tense
unsmiling non۔smiling
unsociable un۔sociable
unsociably un۔sociably
unsocial un۔social
unsolicited non۔solicit۔d (verb) past-tense
unsoluble non۔soluble
unsolvable non۔solve۔able
unsolved non۔solve۔d (verb) past-tense
unsolvent non۔solvent
unsophisticated non۔sophisticate۔d (verb) past-tense
unspeakable unspeakable
unspeakably unspeakably
unspecified non۔specify۔d (verb, past tense)
unspiritual non۔spiritual
unspoil dis۔spoil
unspoiled non۔spoil۔d (verb) past-tense
unspoken non۔speak۔d (verb) past-tense
unspool dis۔spool
unsportsmanlike unsportsmanalike
unstable non۔stable
unstacked dis۔stack۔d (verb, past tense)
unstated non۔state۔d (verb) past-tense
unsteadily un۔steady۔ly
unsteady non۔steady
unstoppable non۔stop۔able
unstoppably non۔stop۔ably
unstrap dis۔strap
unstrapped dis۔strap۔d (verb) past-tense
unstrapped non۔strap۔d (verb) past-tense
unstressed non۔stress۔d (verb) past-tense
unstructured non۔structure۔d (verb) past-tense
unstylish un۔style۔ish
unsubmissive non۔submissive
unsubscribe dis۔subscribe
unsubscribed dis۔subscrib۔d (verb) past-tense
unsubscribed non۔subscrib۔d (verb) past-tense
unsubstantial non۔substantial
unsubstantiated non۔substantiate۔d (verb) past-tense
unsuccessful non۔successful
unsuccessfully non۔successful۔ly
unsuitable non۔suitable
unsuitably non۔suitably
unsuited non۔suit۔d (verb) past-tense
unsupervised non۔supervise۔d (verb) past-tense
unsupportable non۔support۔able
unsupported non۔support۔d (verb) past-tense
unsuppressed non۔suppress۔d (verb) past-tense
unsure non۔sure
unsurmountable non۔surmount۔able
unsurpassable non۔surpass۔able
unsurpassed non۔surpass۔d (verb) past-tense
unsusceptible non۔susceptable
unsuspected non۔suspect۔d (verb) past-tense
unsustainable non۔sustain۔able
unsustainably non۔sustain۔ably
unswerving non۔swerve۔y
unswerving unswerving
unsymmetrical non۔symmetrical
unsymmetrically non۔symmetric۔ly
unsympathetically non۔sympathetic۔ly
unsystematic non۔systematic
unsystematically non۔systematic۔ly
untamable non۔tame۔able
untame dis۔tame
untamed non۔tame۔d (verb) past-tense
untangle dis۔tangle
untangled dis۔tangle۔d (verb) past-tense
untangled non۔tangle۔d (verb) past-tense
untapped untap۔d (verb) past-tense
unteachable non۔teach۔able
untemperance non۔temperance
untemperate non۔temperate
untenable non۔tenable
untenably non۔tenably
untenably un۔tenably
untested non۔test۔d (verb) past-tense
unthanked non۔thank۔d (verb) past-tense
unthankful non۔thankful
unthatched non۔thatch۔d (verb) past-tense
unthinkable unthinkable
unthinking non۔think۔y
unthinking non۔thinking
unthoughtful non۔thoughtful
unthrifty un۔thrifty
untidily un۔tidy۔ly
untidy un۔tidy
untie dis۔tie
untied dis۔tie۔d (verb, past tense)
untimely non۔timely
untiring non۔tiring
untitled non۔title۔d (verb) past-tense
untolerable non۔tolerate۔able
untolerant non۔tolerant
untouchable nontouchable
untouched non۔touch۔d (verb) past-tense
untraceable non۔trace۔able
untraditional non۔traditional
untraditionally un۔traditional۔ly
untrained non۔train۔d (verb) past-tense
untrammelled un۔trammeled Ed adj
untranslatable non۔translate۔able
untreated non۔treat۔d (verb) past-tense
untried non۔try۔d (verb, past tense)
untrimmed non۔trim۔d (verb) past-tense
untroubled non۔trouble۔d (verb) past-tense
untrue non۔true
untruly un۔true۔ly
untrustworthiness un۔trustworthy۔ness
untrustworthy un۔trust∙worthy
untrustworthy un۔trust∙worthy
untrustworthys un۔trust∙worthys
untruth non۔truth
untruthful un۔truthful
untruthfulness un۔truthful۔ness
untwist dis۔twist
untwisted dis۔twist۔d (verb) past-tense
untwisted non۔twist۔d (verb) past-tense
untypical non۔typical
untypically un۔typical۔ly
unused non۔ustilize۔d (verb) past-tense
unuseful non۔useful
unusual un۔usual
unusually non۔common۔by
unutterable non۔utter۔able
unutterably non۔utter۔ably
unvalid non۔valid
unvalidate dis۔validate
unvaluable non۔valuable
unvariable non۔variable
unvarnished non۔varnish۔d (verb) past-tense
unvarying non۔varying
unviable non۔viable
unviewable non۔view۔able
unvincible non۔vincible
unvisible non۔visible
unvoiced non۔voice۔d (verb) past-tense
unwanted non۔want۔d (verb) past-tense
unwanted un۔want۔d (verb) past-tense
unwarily un۔wary۔ly
unwarlike non۔war۔alike
unwarrantably non۔warrantably
unwashed non۔wash۔d (verb) past-tense
unwatchful non۔watchful
unwavering non۔wavering
unwebbed non۔web۔d (verb) past-tense
unwelcome un۔welcome
unwholesome non۔wholesome
unwieldy non۔wieldy
unwilling non۔willing
unwillingness un۔willing۔ness
unwind dis۔wind
unwinded dis۔wind۔d (verb) past-tense
unwinnable non۔win۔able
unwise un۔wise
unwisely un۔wise۔ly
unwomanly non۔woman۔y
unworkable non۔workable
unworldly non۔worldly
unworthiness non۔worth۔yness
unworthy non۔worthy
unwound dis۔wind۔d (verb) past-tense
unwrap dis۔wrap
unwrapped dis۔wrap۔d (verb) past-tense
unwrapping dis۔wrapping
unwrinkled non۔wrinkle۔d (verb) past-tense
unwritted non۔write۔d (verb) past-tense
unyielding non۔yielding
unzip dis۔zip
unzipped dis۔zip۔d (verb) past-tense
unzipped non۔zip۔d (verb) past-tense
up∙coming up∙coming
up-bank up∙bank
upbringing upbring۔in
upbringings upbring۔ins
update up∙date
updated update۔d (verb, past tense)
updater update۔or
updaters update۔ors
updates update (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
updates updates (noun plural)
updating update۔ing
upgradable upgrade۔able
upgradeable upgrade۔able
upgraded upgrade۔d (verb, past tense)
upgrades upgrade (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
upgrades upgrades (noun plural)
upgrading upgrade۔ing
upheld uphold۔d (verb) past-tense
uphill up∙hill
uphills up∙hills
upholder uphold۔or
upholders uphold۔ors
upholding uphold۔ing
upholds uphold
upholstered upholster۔d (verb, past tense)
upholstering upholster۔ing
upholsters upholster (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
upholsters upholsters (noun plural)
uplifted uplift۔d (verb, past tense)
uplifting uplift۔ing
uplifts uplift
uploaded upload۔d (verb, past tense)
uploading upload۔ing
uploads upload (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
uploads uploads (noun plural)
up-mountain up∙mountain
upped up۔d (verb, past tense)
upper up۔er
uppercased uppercase۔d (verb, past tense)
uppercases uppercase (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
uppercases uppercases (noun plural)
uppercasing uppercase۔ing
uppers up∙ers
upping up۔ing
upraised upraise۔d (verb, past tense)
upraises upraise
upraising upraise۔ing
up-rank up∙rank
upreared uprear۔d (verb, past tense)
uprearing uprear۔ing
uprears uprear
uprightly upright۔ly
uprised uprise۔d (verb, past tense)
uprises uprise
uprising uprise۔ing
upriver up∙river
uprivers up∙rivers
uprooted uproot۔d (verb, past tense)
uprooting uproot۔ing
uproots uproot
ups up (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ups ups (noun plural)
upset upset (noun) (verb, present tense)
upset upset۔d (verb, past tense)
upsetting upset۔ing
upshifted upshift۔d (verb, past tense)
upshifting upshift۔ing
upshifts upshift
upside down up∙side∙down
upside-down up∙side∙down
upslope up∙slope
upspringed upspring۔d (verb, past tense)
upspringing upspring۔ing
upsprings upspring
upstaged upstage۔d (verb, past tense)
upstages upstage
upstaging upstage۔ing
upstairs up∙stairs
upstream up∙stream
upsweeped upsweep۔d (verb, past tense)
upsweeping upsweep۔ing
upsweeps upsweep (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
upsweeps upsweeps (noun plural)
upswinged upswing۔d (verb, past tense)
upswinging upswing۔ing
upswings upswing (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
upswings upswings (noun plural)
up-turn up∙turn
upturned upturn۔d (verb, past tense)
upturning upturn۔ing
upturns upturn (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
upturns upturns (noun plural)
up-valley up∙valley
upward up۔ward
upwardly up۔ward۔ly
urbanely urbane۔ly
urbanisation urbanization
urbanise urbanize
urbanised urbanize۔d
urbanises urbanize
urbanising urbanize۔ing
urbanistically urbanistic۔ly
urbanized urbanize۔d (verb, past tense)
urbanizes urbanize
urbanizing urbanize۔ing
urged urge۔d (verb, past tense)
urgently urgent۔ly
urges urge (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
urges urges (noun plural)
urging urge۔ing
urinated urinate۔d (verb, past tense)
urinates urinate
urinating urinate۔ing
urticated urticate۔d (verb, past tense)
urticates urticate
urticating urticate۔ing
used accustom۔d (verb) past-tense
used use۔d (verb, past tense)
used used Helping verb meaning "earlier but now presently"
used utilize۔d (verb) past-tense
used utilize۔d (verb, past tense)
usefully useful۔ly
usefulness useful۔ness
useless use۔less
uselessly use۔lessly
uselessness use۔lessness
user use۔or
users use۔ors
uses use
usher ushor
ushered usher۔d (verb, past tense)
ushering usher۔ing
ushers usher (verb) 3rd person singular present-tense
ushers ushers (noun plural)
ushers ushors
using use۔ing
usually usual۔by
usually usual۔ly
usurped usurp۔d (verb, past tense)
usurping usurp۔ing
usurps usurp
utilisable utilize۔able
utilisation utilization
utilise utilize
utilised utilize۔d
utilises utilize
utilising utilize۔ing
utilities utilitys
utility room utilitys∙room
utility rooms utilitys∙rooms
utilizable utilize۔able
utilized utilize۔d (verb, past tense)
utilizes utilize
utilizing utilize۔ing
utterable utter۔able
uttered utter۔d (verb, past tense)
utterer utter۔or
utterers utter۔ors
uttering utter۔ing
utterly utter۔by
utters utter

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