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Donations to Peoplese 

In essence, Peoplese is a humanitarian project aimed at relieving the study load of children, while increasing their opportunity to fulfill their potentials as world citizens.  It is a liberty right of children not to be forced to rote memorize thousands of words merely because they are accidents of history.

Your donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

After donating you may add your name to the donors list (optional).

Peoplese is a complete language, presented gratis in its entirety on this website.  But there is still much to do.

Peoplese projects in progress as of year 2017:
            The English-Peoplese / Peoplese English dictionary is currently being upgraded.
            The Chinese and Spanish translations of the website are complete, but still to be translated are French, Russian, Arabic, and Portuguese.  The Hindi translation is in progress.

            The auto-translation computer program, which automatically translates documents from English to Peoplese's Alike English spelling version, is not yet available for Peoplese’s Sound Spell Same version.  In addition, we are enhancing the current Alike English version so that it will translate long documents, and mulitple documents. 
            Peoplese grammar section is in early stages of development.
            Compiling word lists for the the spell-check program is ongoing.
            Further trademark protection.  The language name “Peoplese” has been registered by the United States Patent Trademark Organization (USPTO), by the Madrid Protocol agency in European Union, and by the government trademark agency in China -- India, still penidng.  Other applications, including registering the Chinese translation of Peoplese (民语)in China are in progress, but the process is lengthy and costly:  our excellent trademark lawyer bills us at US$300 per hour.
            Website enhancement is unending. 

Still to come, awaiting funding:
            Online and downloadable dictionaries linking Peoplese with various other languages.  At present we have an English-Peoplese / Peoplese-English dictionary online.  Planned is a Chinese - Peoplese dictionary, a Spanish - Peoplese dictionary, and eventually dictionaries for Arabic, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Russian.
            Our new Learn Peoplese section is in its infancy, and we have big plans for it, including online cartoon-style Peoplese learning videos for children..

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