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Function Nouns
Function nouns describe a person or thing with a function.  Function nouns are often verbs personified.

Function nouns are a quick easy way to specify gender.  "r" ending is a thing or either gender. "m" is female.  "t" is male.

Pure-function nouns end with hyphnette + or.  The "-or" suffix is neutral:  it could be either gender or a thing.
        Form: verb-root + hyphnette + or, to which we can add "m" to designate female or "t" to designate male.
        A pure-function noun is "one who or that which verb-root.  Pure function words isolate the root-verb.
        E.g., a farm۔or is "one who farms", could be either gender or a thing.  A farm۔orm is a female farmer, farm۔ort a male.
        A  "toast۔or" is "that which toasts",an example of a genderless function-noun

Regular-function-nouns also end in "or" (neutral), "orm" (female), or "ort (male), but without the hyphenette.
       E.g. a "carpentor" is not "one who carpents", so it is not a pure-function-noun.  Therefore no hyphenette.
       Yet we can still specify gender.  "Carpentorms" are female carpenters.
       There is no verb-root to isolate.

Passive-function-nouns describe "one who or that which was passive-mode-verb".    
        Form:  verb-root + hyphnette + eer, to which we can add "m" to designate female or "t" to designate male.
        E.g. an "adopt۔eer" is "one who was adopted.  An "adopt۔eerm" is a female who was adopted, "adopt۔eert" a male.
        Like pure-function-nouns, passive-function-nouns nicely isolate the verb-root, whose spelling never changes.

The lists below are samples of function-nouns.



English Peoplese
English Peoplese
English Peoplese
abjurer abjure۔or
accountant accountor
abductee abduct۔eer
aborter abort۔or
adulterer adulteror
abetee abet۔eer
abortionist abort۔or
archeologist archeologor
abortee abort۔eer
absorber absorb۔or
archer archor
abusee abuse۔eer
abstainer abstain۔or
architect architector
accusee accuse۔eer
abuser abuse۔or
arsonist arsonor
admiree admire۔eer
accelerator accelerate۔or
artist artor
admonishee admonish۔eer
accepter accept۔or
astrologer astrologor
adoptee adopt۔eer
accomplisher accomplish۔or
astronomer astronomor
adoree adore۔eer
accuser accuse۔or
astrophysicist astrophysicor 
advisee advise۔eer
achiever achieve۔or
attorney lawyor
allottee allot۔eer
activater activate۔or
author author
aluree alure۔eer
actor act۔or
autobiographer autobiographor
ambushee ambush۔eer
acupuncturist acupuncture۔or
band member musikband·membor
amputee amputate۔eer
adjuster adjust۔or
banqueter banquetor
annoyee annoy۔eer
administrator administrate۔or
base-guitarist base·guitaror
applaudee applaud۔eer
admirer admire۔or
bass guitarist base·guitarort
arrestee arrest۔eer
admonisher admonish۔or
benefactor benefactor
assassinatee assassinate۔eer
adopter adopt۔or
bicycler bicyclor
assaultee assault۔eer
adorer adore۔or
biographer biographor
attackee attack۔eer
adventurer adventure۔or
biologist biologor
attendee attend۔eer
advertiser advertise۔or
bird feeder bird·feedor
avengee avenge۔eer
adviser advise۔or
birder birdologor
backee back۔eer
affecter affect۔or
birdfeeder bird·feedor
bitee bite۔eer
aggrandizer aggrandize۔or
blockbuster blockbustor
blackmailee blackmail۔eer
aggresser aggress۔or
bookkeeper bookkeepor
blamee blame۔eer
agitater agitate۔or
breadwinner breadwinnor
bombee bomb۔eer
agriculturalist agriculture۔or
broker brokor
breedee breed۔eer
aide assist۔or
bumper bumpor
cheatee cheat۔eer
air conditioner air·cool۔or
butcher butchor
colonizee colonize۔eer
air cooler air·cool۔or
bystander bystandor
commandee command۔eer
alloter allot۔or
calligrapher calligraphor
complainee complain۔eer
allurer allure۔or
caretaker caretakor
conferencee conference۔eer
ambusher ambush۔or
carpenter carpentor
confidentee confident۔eer
amplifier amplify۔or
carpetbagger carpetbaggor
conqueree conquer۔eer
analyst analyze۔or
cash register cash·registor
convertee convert۔eer
analyzer analyze۔or
character charactor
deceivee deceive۔eer
announcer announcc۔or
coactress co۔actorm
defendee defend۔eer
annoyer annoy۔or
commoner commonor
deportee deport۔eer
answerer answer۔or
courier courior
desiree desire۔eer
anteater ant·eator
creditor creditor
detainee detain۔eer
appetizer appetize۔or
customer customor
dispatchee dispatch۔eer
applauder applaud۔or
dictator dictator
divorcee divorce۔eer
applicant apply۔or
director director
draftee draft۔eer
appointer appoint۔or
dog catcher dog·catchor
employee employ۔eer
appreciator appreciate۔or
doorkeeper doorkeepor
encouragee encourage۔eer
apprehender apprehend۔or
doubler doublor
escapee escape۔eer
arbitrator arbitrate۔or
dumpster dumpstor
executionee execution۔eer
arranger arrange۔or
easterner easternor
experimentee experiment۔eer
arriver arrive۔or
elder oldstor
floggee flog۔eer
artificer artifice۔or
eldor oldstor
fuckee fuck۔eer
aspirant aspire۔or
emperor emperor
givee give۔eer
aspirer aspire۔or
empress emperorm
governee govern۔eer
assassinater assassinate۔or
entrepreneur entreprenor
herdee herd۔eer
assaulter assault۔or
forebearer forebearor
huntee hunt۔eer
assembler assemble۔or
foreigner foreignor
imprisonee imprison۔eer
assenter assent۔or
forerunner forerunnor
informee inform۔eer
assistant assist۔or
fraudster fraudstor
inheritee inherit۔eer
attacker attack۔or
freighter freightor
insultee insult۔eer
attainer attain۔or
frontrunner frontrunnor
interviewee interview۔eer
attendant attend۔or
gangster gangstor
invadee invade۔eer
attender attend۔or
geologist geologor
kidnappee kidnap۔eer
attester attest۔or
go getter gogettor
killee kill۔eer
attracter attract۔or
graduater graduator
lendee lend۔eer
auctioneer auction۔or
grasshopper grasshoppor
modifyee modify۔eer
avenger avenge۔or
guestworker guestworkor
murderee murder۔eer
babbler babble۔or
guitarist guitaror
nitpickee nitpick۔eer
babysitter babysit۔or
gymnist gymnor
occupyee occupyi۔eer
backer back۔or
hacker hackor
offendee offend۔eer
backpacker backpack۔or
hardliner hardlinor
oppressee oppress۔eer
baker bake۔or
headmaster schoolmastor
perpetratee perpetrate۔eer
band leader musikband·lead۔or
heroine herom
preachee preach۔eer
bandleader musikband·lead۔or
highlander highlandor
presecutee persecute۔eer
banker bank۔or
homemaker homemakor
questionee question۔eer
baptist baptize۔or
householder householdor
rapee rape۔eer
baptizer baptize۔or
hunter-gatherer hunt·gatheror
recruitee recruit۔eer
bartender pub·tend۔or
insider insidor
reformee reform۔eer
basher bash۔or
islander islandor
renter rent۔eer
bassist base·play۔or
jeweler jewelor
rescuee rescue۔eer
bather bathe۔or
kindergartener kindergartenor
respondee respond۔eer
batter bat۔or
kindergartner kindergartnor
returnee return۔eer
bearer bear۔or
launderer launderor
robee rob۔eer
beater beat۔or
lawyer lawyor
rulee rule۔eer
beggar beg۔or
leper lepor
servee serve۔eer
beginner begin۔or
lexicographer lexicographor
shootee shoot۔eer
believer believe۔or
loner alonor
torturee torture۔eer
belittler belittle۔or
lowlander lowlandor
trackee track۔eer
bender bend۔or
mainlander mainlandor
trainee train۔eer
beter bet۔or
marauder maraudor
watchee watch۔eer
betrayer betray۔or
master mastor

bidder bid۔or
member membor

biker motorcycle۔or
messenger messengor

birdwatcher bird·watch۔or
midwayor midwayor

biter bite۔or
militarist warmongor

blabber blab۔or
mini-dictator mini۔dictator

blackmailer blackmail۔or
monster monstor

blamer blame۔or
newcomer newcomeor

blasphemer blaspheme۔or
nonmember non۔membor

blender blend۔or
northerner northernor

blinder blind۔or
oceanographer oceanographor

blinker blink۔or
officer officor

blogger blog۔or
old timer oldtimor

bloodsucker blood·suck۔or
oldster oldstor

blower blow۔or
old-timer oldtimor

blunderer blunder۔or
orinthologist birdologor

boarder board۔or
outsider outsidor

boaster boast۔or
pallbearer pallbearor

bodyguard body·guard۔or
parishioner parishionor

boiler boil۔or
partner partnor

bomber bomb۔or
passenger passengor

bondsman bond·issue۔ort
paymaster paymastor

booster boost۔or
pensioner pensionor

borrower borrow۔or
philosopher philosophor

bouncer bounce۔or
physician doctor

boxer box۔or
pollster pollstor

boycotter boycot۔or
porter portor

braggart brag۔or
powerbroker powerbrokor

breaker break۔or
practitioner practitionor

breather breathe۔or
preschooler pre۔schoolor

breeder breed۔or
prime minister primeministor

briber bribe۔or
professor professor

bricklayer brick·lay۔or
psychologist psychologor

bringer bring۔or
rabble-rouser rabblerousor

broadcaster broadcast۔or
ranger rangor

broker broke۔or
receptionist receptionor

browser browse۔or
restaurateaur restaurantor

builder build۔or
revolutionary grand·transformationor

bulldozer bulldoze۔or
roadrunner roadrunnor

bullfighter bull·fight۔or
rooster roostor

burner burn۔or
scaler pulse·countor

buyer buy۔or
scholar scholor

buzzer buzz۔or
scientist sciencor

bystander bystand۔or
screwdriver screw·turnor

cabinetmaker cabinet·make۔or
secessionist secessionor

calculator calculate۔or
sharpshooter sharpshootor

caller call۔or
shoeshiner shoeshinor

caller telephone۔or
sinologist sinologor

camper camp۔or
skyscraper skyscrapor

candlestick candle·hold۔or
slave master slavemastor

caregiver care·give۔or
sociologist sociologor

carrier carry۔or
soldier soldior

carver carve۔or
sorcerer sorceror

caster cast۔or
southerner southernor

catcher catch۔or
speedster speedstor

caterer cater۔or
spinster spinstorm

causer cause۔or
squatter squattor

causer causeor
stranger strangor

censor censor۔or
styler stylor

censor censure۔or
successor successor

challenger challenge۔or
tailor tailor

changer change۔or
teenager teenagor

cheater cheat۔or
teenybopper teenyboppor

checker check۔or
theologian theologor

cheerleader cheerlead۔or
toddler toddlor

chooser choose۔or
traitor traitor

civilizer civilize۔or
treasurer treasuror

clamorer clamor۔or
villager villagor

cleaner clean۔or
warmonger warmongor

climber climb۔or
westerner westernor

clipper clip۔or
woodpecker woodpeckor

clothes hanger clothes·hang۔or
woodworker wood·workor

clothes washer clothes·wash۔or
youngster youngstor

clothes-dryer clothes·dry۔or

clothes-washer clothes·wash۔or

coactor co۔actor

coadjustor co۔adjust۔or

coauthor co۔author

co-chair co۔preside۔or

collector collect۔or

colonizer colonize۔or

combatant combat۔or

comer come۔or

commander command۔or

commentator commentate۔or

commoner common۔or

commuter commute۔or

competitor compete۔or

compiler compile۔or

complainer complain۔or

complimenter compliment۔or

composer compose۔or

compromiser compromise۔or

computer compute۔or

computer ee۔process۔or

computer electronic·process۔or

condenser condense۔or

conducter conduct۔or

confider confide۔or

conformer conform۔or

conformist conform۔or

connecter connect۔or

conniver connive۔or

constrainor constrain۔or

consultant consult۔or

consumer consume۔or

container contain۔or

contender contend۔or

contributer contribute۔or

controller control۔or

converter convert۔or

conveyor convey۔or

cooker cook۔or

cooler cool۔or

cooperator cooperate۔or

coordinator coordinate۔or

copier copy۔or

correcter correct۔or

corrupter corrupt۔or

cougher cough۔or

councilor council·membor

counselor counsel۔or

counter count۔or

coverer cover۔or

coworker co۔work۔or

crawler crawl۔or

creator create۔or

crew-leader crew·lead۔or

crier cry۔or

criticizer criticize۔or

crosser cross۔or

crusader crusade۔or

culler cull۔or

culminator culminate۔or

curser curse۔or

cutter cut۔or

dabbler dabble۔or

damper damp۔or

dancer dance۔or

dealer deal۔or

debater debate۔or

debaucher debauch۔or

deceiver deceive۔or

decorator decorate۔or

defaulter default۔or

defector defect۔or

defender defend۔or

deliverer deliver۔or

demonstrator demonstrate۔or

denier deny۔or

depositer deposit۔or

designer design۔or

desirer desire۔or

destroyer destroy۔or

detainer detain۔or

detector detect۔or

detractor detract۔or

developer develop۔or

devotee devote۔or

digger dig۔or

diner dine۔or

discoverer discover۔or

discriminator discriminate۔or

dishwasher dish·wash۔or

disobeyer un۔obey۔or

dispatcher dispatch۔or

dispenser dispense۔or

disrupter disrupt۔or

dissenter dissent۔or

distributor distribute۔or

disturber disturb۔or

diver dive۔or

divider divide۔or

diviner divine۔or

divorcer divorce۔or

dockworker dock·work۔or

dodger dodge۔or

doer do۔or

dog catcher dog·catch۔or

dominator dominate۔or

donor donate۔or

doomsayer doom·say۔or

door buzzer door·buzz۔or

doorman door·attend۔or

doublecrosser doublecross۔or

doubter doubt۔or

drag racer dragrace۔or

dreamer dream۔or

dresser dress۔or

dressmaker dress·make۔or

drier dry۔or

drifter drift۔or

drinker drink۔or

driver drive۔or

drover herd·drive۔or

drummer drum۔or

dryer dry۔or

dweller dwell۔or

earner earn۔or

eater eat۔or

editor edit۔or

educator educate۔or

elevator elevate۔or

emitter emit۔or

employer employ۔or

emulator emulate۔or

enabler enable۔or

enactor enact۔or

encompasser encompass۔or

encourager encourage۔or

ender end۔or

enforcer enforce۔or

enhancer enhance۔or

enjoyer enjoy۔or

enslaver enslave۔or

entertainer entertain۔or

enunciator enunciate۔or

e-processer ee۔process۔or

eradicator eradicate۔or

eraser erase۔or

evader evade۔or

evaluator evaluate۔or

evildoer evil·do۔or

excavator excavate۔or

exceller excel۔or

exchanger exchange۔or

executioner execution۔or

exhibiter exhibit۔or

experimenter experiment۔or

explorer explore۔or

exporter export۔or

expounder expound۔or

extinguisher extinguish۔or

extoller extol۔or

extortioner extortion۔or

faker fake۔or

farmer farm۔or

farmhand farm·work۔or

fashioner fashion۔or

fastener fasten۔or

fault finder faultfind۔or

fault-finder faultfind۔or

feeder feed۔or

feeler feel۔or

fence rider fenceride۔or

fence-rider fenceride۔or

fertilizer fertilize۔or

fibber fib۔or

fiddler fiddle۔or

fielder field۔or

fighter fight۔or

filler fill۔or

financier finance۔or

finder find۔or

finisher finish۔or

fire extinguisher fire·extinguish۔or

firefighter fire·fight۔or

fisher fish۔or

fisherman fish۔ort

fishermen fish۔orts

fisherwoman fish۔orm

fisherwomen fish۔orms

fishmonger fishes sell۔or

flamethrower flame·throw۔or

flattener flatten۔or

flatterer flatter۔or

flier fly۔or

flogger flog۔or

flyer fly۔or

focalizer focalize۔or

follower follow۔or

food server food·serve۔or

food taster food·taste۔or

footballer football۔or

foreman crew·lead۔or

forerunner forerun۔or

fortune teller future·predict۔or

fortuneteller future·predict۔or

founder found۔or

framer frame۔or

fraudster fraud۔or

freelancer freelance۔or

freeloader freeload۔or

freezer freeze۔or

fucker fuck۔or

gambler gamble۔or

gardener garden۔or

gatherer gather۔or

generator generate۔or

geologist geology۔or

getter get۔or

giver give۔or

goer go-or

gogetter goget۔or

golfer golf۔or

gossiper gossip۔or

grabber grab۔or

grader grade۔or

graduate graduate۔or

grandstander grandstand۔or

greeter greet۔or

grinder grind۔or

groundskeeper grounds·tend۔or

grower grow۔or

guard guard۔or

guide guide۔or

gunfighter gun·fight۔or

gunner gun۔or

guzzler guzzle۔or

hair stylist hairs·style۔or

hairstylist hairs·style۔or

hamperer hamper۔or

handler handle۔or

hanger hang۔or

harvester harvest۔or

hater hate۔or

hauler haul۔or

headhunter headhunt۔or

headshrinker headshrink۔or

healer heal۔or

hearer hear۔or

heater heat۔or

heckler heckle۔or

helper help۔or

heralder herald۔or

herder herd۔or

herdsman herd۔ort

herdsmen herd۔orts

hijacker hijack۔or

hiker hike۔or

hitchhiker hitchhike۔or

hoarder hoard۔or

holder hold۔or

home owner home·own۔or

homeowner house·own۔or

honeymooner honeymoon۔or

hooker hook۔or

host host۔or

housekeeper house·tend۔or

hunter hunt۔or

hypnotist huypnotize۔or

icebreaker ice·break۔or

identifier identify۔or

igniter ignite۔or

impersonator impersonate۔or

implementer implement۔or

importer import۔or

impregnator impregnate۔or

inciter incite۔or

incubator incubate۔or

indicator indicate۔or

infiltrator infiltrate۔or

influencer influence۔or

informer inform۔or

infuser infuse۔or

inheritor inherit۔or

initiator initiate۔or

innovator innovate۔or

inquirer inquire۔or

inspector inspect۔or

inspirer inspire۔or

installer install۔or

instigator instigate۔or

instructor instruct۔or

insulter insult۔or

insurer insure۔or

interpreter interpret۔or

interrogator interrogate۔or

intervenor intervene۔or

interviewer interview۔or

intruder intrude۔or

invader invade۔or

inventor invent۔or

investigator investigate۔or

investor invest۔or

inviter invite۔or

issuer issue۔or

jailer jail۔or

jumper jump۔or

keeper keep۔or

kidnapper kidnap۔or

killer kill۔or

kindergartner kindergarten۔or

kindler kindle۔or

laborer labor۔or

landowner land·own۔or

landscaper landscape۔or

latecomer late·come۔or

launcher launch۔or

lawbreaker law violate۔or

lawn mower lawn·mow۔or

lawnmower lawn·mow۔or

layer lay۔or

leader lead۔or

leaf blower leafs·blow۔or

learner learn۔or

leaver leave۔or

lecturer lecture۔or

legislator legislate۔or

lender lend۔or

lessor lease۔or

liar lie۔or

liberator liberate۔or

librarian library·tend۔or

licker lick۔or

lie detector lie·detect۔or

lifecarrier lifecarry۔or

lifter lift۔or

lighter ignite۔or

lingerer linger۔or

listener listen۔or

loafer loaf۔or

locker lock۔or

lodger lodge۔or

logger log۔or

longshoreman dock·work۔ort

looter loot۔or

loser lose۔or

lounger lounge۔or

lover love۔or

loyalist loyal۔or

machinegunner machinegun۔or

magnifier magnify-or

magnifying glass  magnify۔or

mailer mail۔or

mailman mail·carry۔ort

maker make۔or

manager manage۔or

manipulator manipulate۔or

manufacturer manufacture۔or

marauder maraud۔or

marcher march۔or

marker mark۔or

massager massage۔or

mass-murderer mass۔murder-or

match ignite۔or

matchmaker match·make۔or

measurer measure۔or

meddler meddle۔or

mediator mediate۔or

meditator meditate۔or

mega-retailer mega۔retail۔or

merchandiser merchandise۔or

metal worker metal·work۔or

microanalyst micro۔analyze۔or

microanatomist micro۔anatomy۔or

microprocessor micro۔process۔or

migrater migrate۔or

miner groundmine۔or

minister minister۔or

mixer mix۔or

moderator moderate۔or

modifier modify۔or

molder mold۔or

moonlighter moonlight۔or

motivator motivate۔or

motor scooter motor·scoot۔or

motor-scooter motor·scoot۔or

mourner mourn۔or

mover move۔or

mower mow۔or

muffler muffle۔or

mugger mug۔or

murderer murder۔or

mutterer mutter۔or

nailer nail۔or

negotiator negotiate۔or

newscaster news·broadcast۔or

newsreader news·read۔or

nitpicker nitpick۔or

nonbeliever non۔believe۔or

nonconformist non۔conform۔or

nonpayer non۔pay۔or

nonrunner non۔run۔or

nonstarter non۔start۔or

nonvoter non۔vote۔or

northerner northern۔or

oarlock wateroar·hold۔or

obeyer obey۔or

objectioner objection۔or

observer observe۔or

occupier occupy۔or

offender offend۔or

onlooker onlook۔or

opener open۔or

operator operate۔or

opposer oppose۔or

oppressor oppress۔or

orator orate۔or

organizer organize۔or

originator originate۔or

overseer oversee۔or

owner own۔or

paddler paddle۔or

painter paint۔or

parader parade۔or

parishioner parish۔or

passer-by bypass۔or

patroller patrol۔or

peacekeeper peace·keep۔or

peacemaker peace·make۔or

peddler peddle۔or

peeler peel۔or

peppershaker pepper·shake۔or

performer perform۔or

perpetrator perpetrate۔or

perpetuator perpetuate۔or

persecutor persecute۔or

perverter pervert۔or

petitioner petition۔or

photographer photo۔or

picker pick۔or

picketer picket۔or

picnicker picnic۔or

pitcher pitch۔or

planer plane۔or

planner plan۔or

planter plant۔or

player play۔or

playwright playwrite۔or

plodder plod۔or

plotter plot۔or

plower plow۔or

plumber plumb۔or

plunger plunge۔or

poacher poach۔or

pointer point۔or

poker poke۔or

police-officer police۔or

policer police۔or

polluter pollute۔or

possessor possess۔or

potato peeler potato·peel۔or

pourer pour۔or

prayor pray۔or

preacher preach۔or

preparer prepare۔or

presenter present۔or

presider preside۔or

pretender pretend۔or

prier pry۔or

primer prime۔or

printer print۔or

prison guard prison·guard۔or

processor process۔or

proclaimer proclaim۔or

producer produce۔or

programmer program۔or

promoter promote۔or

prompter prompt۔or

propagator propagate۔or

prosecuter prosecute۔or

proselytizer proselytize۔or

prospector prospect۔or

protector protect۔or

protest marcher protest·march۔or

protester protest۔or

provider provide۔or

publicist publicize۔or

publisher publish۔or

puncher punch۔or

punisher punish۔or

purchaser purchass۔or

pursuer pursue۔or

purveyor purvey۔or

putter putt۔or

questioner question۔or

quitter quit۔or

racer speedrace۔or

raider raid۔or

raiser raise۔or

rancher ranch۔or

rapist rape۔or

reader read۔or

reaper reap۔or

receiver receive۔or

reciter recite۔or

recliner recline۔or

recorder record۔or

recruiter recruit۔or

reformer reform۔or

refresher refresh۔or

refrigerator food·cool۔or

refuser refuse۔or

regurgitater regurgitate۔or

reimburser reimburse۔or

remainder remain۔or

reminder remind۔or

remover remove۔or

reneger renege۔or

renter rent۔or

renter rent۔or

repeater repeat۔or

replenisher replenish۔or

reporter report۔or

reportress report۔orm

rescuer rescue۔or

researcher research۔or

resister resist۔or

respecter respect۔or

responder respond۔or

restorer restore۔or

retailer retail۔or

retaliationist retaliate۔or

retiree retire۔or

retreater retreat۔or

returner return۔or

reviver revive۔or

rice cooker rice·cook۔or

rice-cooker rice·cook۔or

rider ride۔or

rigger rig۔or

ringleader ringlead۔or

rioter riot۔or

ripper rip۔or

riser rise۔or

roamer roam۔or

robber rob۔or

roller roll۔or

roller skater rollorskate۔or

roller-skater rollorskate۔or

romancer romance۔or

roofer roof۔or

router route۔or

rover rove۔or

rower row۔or

ruler rule۔or

runner run۔or

sacrificer sacrifice۔or

saltshaker salt·shake۔or

salvor salvage۔or

sander sand۔or

saver save۔or

scanner scan۔or

scavenger scavenge۔or

scenarist playwrite۔or

schemer scheme۔or

schoolteacher school·teach۔or

scoffer scoff۔or

scooter scoot۔or

scorer score۔or

screamer scream۔or

screwdriver screw·turn۔or

scuba diver scuba·swim۔or

sculptor sculpt۔or

searcher search۔or

seater seat۔or

securer secure۔or

seeder seed۔or

seeker seek۔or

seer see۔or

selector select۔or

self-scanner self·scan۔or

self-starter self·start۔or

seller sell۔or

sender send۔or

server serve۔or

settler settle۔or

sewer sew۔or

sewer sewstitch۔or

shaker shake۔or

shareholder sharehold۔or

sharpener sharpen۔or

shaver shave۔or

shears shearcut۔or

shipper ship۔or

shitter shit۔or

shocker shock۔or

shooter shoot۔or

shopkeeper shop·tend۔or

shoplifter shoplift۔or

shopper shop۔or

shouter shout۔or

shrieker shriek۔or

sighter sight۔or

sightseer sightsee۔or

signer signature۔or

singer sing۔or

sinker sink۔or

sinner sin۔or

sitter sit۔or

skier ski۔or

skydiver sky·dive۔or

slacker slack۔or

sleeper sleep۔or

slingshooter slingshoot۔or

smoker smoke۔or

smuggler smuggle۔or

snatcher snatch۔or

sniper snipe۔or

snowboarder snowboard۔or

sobber sob۔or

soccer player football·play۔or

southeasterner south·eastern۔or

southwesterner south·western۔or

sower plant۔or

speaker speak۔or

spectator spectate۔or

speechwriter speech·write۔or

spender spend۔or

spiritualizer spiritualize۔or

spitter spit۔or

sportscaster sports·broadcast۔or

spreader spread۔or

sprinkler sprinkle۔or

squeezer squeeze۔or

stabber stab۔or

stabilizer stabilize۔or

stapler staple۔or

starter start۔or

steerer steer۔or

stevedore dock·work۔or

sticker stick۔or

stinger sting۔or

stockbroker corpshare·trade۔or

stocker stock۔or

stopper stop۔or

storekeeper store·tend۔or

storyteller story·tell۔or

straggler straggle۔or

strategist strategize۔or

stretcher stretch۔or

stripper strip۔or

stroller stroll۔or

stumbler stumble۔or

stutterer stutter۔or

stylist style۔or

subdivider sub۔divide۔or

sucker suck۔or

sufferer suffer۔or

suicide bomber suicide·bomb۔or

suitor woo۔or

summarizer summarize۔or

sunbather sun·bathe۔or

superviser supervise۔or

supplier supply۔or

supporter support۔or

suppresser suppress۔or

surfboarder surf·board۔or

surfer surf۔or

survivor survive۔or

suspender suspend۔or

swallower swallow۔or

sweeper sweep۔or

swimmer swim۔or

swindler swindle۔or

swinger swing۔or

sympathizer sympathize۔or

synthesizer synthesize۔or

tailgater tailgate۔or

taker take۔or

talker talk۔or

tap dancer tapdance۔or

tap-dancer tapdance۔or

taster taste۔or

taxpayer tax·pay۔or

teacher teach۔or

teetotaler teetotal۔or

teller tell۔or

tester test۔or

thinker think۔or

thinner thin۔or

thresher thresh۔or

thrower throw۔or

timer time۔or

toaster toast۔or

tooter toot۔or

torcherer torture۔or

tormenter torment۔or

torturer torture۔or

tourist tour۔or

tracker track۔or

trader trade۔or

trailer trail۔or

trainer train۔or

tranquilizer transquilize۔or

transcriber transcribe۔or

transformer transform۔or

transgressor transgress۔or

translater translate۔or

transmitter transmit۔or

transporter transport۔or

trapper trap۔or

traveler travel۔or

trekker trek۔or

trespasser trespass۔or

trickster trick۔or

troublemaker trouble·cause۔or

trucker truck۔or

trumpeter trumpet۔or

truth teller truth·tell۔or

tuner tune۔or

twirler twirl۔or

typewriter typewrite۔or

underachiever underachieve۔or

underminer undermine۔or

unifier unify۔or

updater update۔or

upholder uphold۔or

upstarter upstart۔or

user utilize۔or

usher usher۔or

utilizer utilize-or

utterer utter۔or

vacationer vacation۔or

vender vend۔or

vialator vialate۔or

viewer view۔or

violator violate۔or

visitor visit۔or

volunteer volunteer۔or

voter vote۔or

voyager voyage۔or

wader wade۔or

waiter food·serve۔or

waitress food·serve۔orm

walker walk۔or

wanderer wander۔or

warner warn-or

washer wash۔or

washing machine clothes·wash۔or

waster waste۔or

watcher watch۔or

weapon-supplier weaponize۔or

wearer wear۔or

weaver weave۔or

weeper weep۔or

welder weld۔or

well wisher wellwish۔or

well-wishor wellwish۔or

westerner Occident۔or

whistleblower whistleblow۔or

wholesaler wholesale۔or

window-shopper window·shop۔or

windshield wipor windshield·wipe۔or

winner win۔or

wiper wipe۔or

wisher wish۔or

womanizer womanize۔or

word processor ee۔word·process۔or

worker work۔or

worshipper worship۔or

wrapper wrap۔or

wrecker wreck۔or

wrestler wrestle۔or

wringer wring۔or

writer write۔or

yelper yelp۔or

zoo keeper zoo·tend۔or

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