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Translate English to Peoplese

An online computerized translator to convert documents from English to Peoplese is yours to use, gratis.

            Link to translator


                    Open the translator by clicking on above link.

                    On your computer, convert the English document to be translated to MS Word .docx format, if not already.
                            If the document is in MS Word .doc format, you must convert it to the newer MS Word docx.
                                    To do so, open the document.  Click "Save As". 
                                    In the "Save as type" dialog box, in the drop down menu choose the top entry: 
                                                    Word Document (*.docx).  Then click "Save".
                            If the document is not in MS Word, you must first convert it to MS Word.   
                            Note:  at present, the translator works best for documents of 10 pages or less.
                                    A "500 error" message means your document is too long; so separate it into smaller segments.
                            (A batch-translator is available that can translate multiple book-length documents from English to
                                    Peoplese, but it is not gratis.)

                    In the translator dialog box, browse to the English document in MS Word .docx format, and select it.
                            Select which version of Peoplese to translate to:  Alike English, or Sound Spell Same
                            For explanation of differences, click on the orange "Spelling" tab, top right of your screen.
                            If unsure, select "Alike English", he Peoplese version whose spelling is most similar to English.

                    Enter an e-mail address, where you want the translation sent.
                            (We do not save, record, sell, or in any way use your e-mail address.)

                    Press "Start Translation".

                    You will see a "Please wait" message.  Translation normally requires about 10 seconds per page.

                    When the translation is complete, click on, "Translation created:  Click here to download translated file",
                            then "Ok", then browse to location on your device where you want the translation deposited,           
                            and click "Save".  Within a few seconds the file will be downloaded to your computer or device.

                    Then please press "Logout / Exit".

             Editing the translation

                    English words that have two or more possible Peoplese translations are highlighted in yellow, followed by squiggly brackets containing the Peoplese choices separated by slashes.  So when editing the translated text, use the back-space key on your computer, and eliminate the translated word along with the incorrect Peoplese choices.

                    Example.  English "My watch is slow." is translated "My watch {watch / wrist·clock} is slow."  Delete "watch {watch / }, and the correct post-edited translation will read:  "My wrist·clock is slow."  (The English word "watch" meaning "look at something in motion", as in "watch television", is also "watch" in Peoplese.)

                    In almost all cases the correct choice will be obvious.  However, if in doubt, you can type the English word in the online dictionary (available on this website, gratis), and the Peoplese choices will appear along with clarifying definitions.

                    Example:  Click on the orange "Dictionary" tab at the bottom of this webpage.  Be sure "In English" is selected.  Type "watch" in the dialog box.  Both Peoplese translations of "watch" will instantly appear.

                     You can pay an editor fluent in Peoplese and English to edit the document for you.

            Donations accepted

                    Peoplese language, including it's translator and dictionary, is offered completely gratis, but of course it was
                            expensive to create and is costly to maintain.  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. 
                            Your contact and billing information is automatically deleted from our system as soon as it is utilized.
                            To donate, please click here.

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