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Language Names

All language names in Peoplese take the form of:  root-word + hyphnette + ese. 
     If the language is a national language, the root-word is the name of the nation; e.g. Italia۔ese. 
     If the language is an ethnic language, the root-word is the name of the ethnicity; e.g. Arab۔ese. 
     If the language is a lingua franca, the root-word is the nation or region from which the lingua
          franca originated; e.g. Espanya۔ese, England۔ese. 
     If none of the above, the language name is the root -word; e.g. Latin۔ese.
Thus, in most cases, memorization of the language name need not be memorized, and will not be
     confused with ethnicity, region, nation, etc.

(No English equivalent) Peoplese
Africaans Africaan۔ese
Akan Akan۔ese
Akkadian Akkad۔ese
Amharic Amharic۔ese
Arabic Arab۔ese
Aramaic Aramaic۔ese
Assamese Assam۔ese
Awadhi Awadhi۔ese
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani۔ese
Balochi Balochi۔ese
Belarusian Belarusian۔ese
Bengali Bengal۔ese
Bhojpuri Bhojpuri۔ese
Burmese Myanma۔ese
Cambodian Kampuchea۔ese
Cantonese Guangdong۔ese
Cebuano Cebuano۔ese
Cham Cham۔ese
Chewa Chewa۔ese
Chhattisgarhi Chhattisgarhi۔ese
Chinese China۔ese
Chittagonian Chittagonian۔ese
Czech Chech۔ese
Deccan Deccan۔ese
Dhundhari Dhundhari۔ese
Dutch Dutch۔ese
English England۔ese
Finnish Suomi۔ese
French France۔ese
Fula Fula۔ese
Gaelic Gaelic۔ese
German Deutschland۔ese
Greek Hellas۔ese
Gujarati Gujarati۔ese
Haitian Creole Haitian-Creole۔ese
Hakka Hakka۔ese
Haryanvi Haryanvi۔ese
Hausa Hausa۔ese
Hebrew Hebrew۔ese
Hindi Hindi۔ese
Hmong Hmong۔ese
Hungarian Magyar۔ese
Igbo Igbo۔ese
Ilocano Ilocano۔ese
Italian Italia۔ese
Japanese Nihon۔ese
Javanese Java۔ese
Jin Jin۔ese
Kannada Kannada۔ese
Kazakh Kazakh۔ese
Khmer Khmer۔ese
Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda۔ese
Kirundi Kannada۔ese
Konkani Kazakh۔ese
Korean Korea۔ese
Kurdish Kurd۔ese
Latin Latin۔ese
Madurese Madur۔ese
Magahi Magahi۔ese
Maithili Maithili۔ese
Malagasy Malagasy۔ese
Malay Malay۔ese
Malayalam Malayalam۔ese
Mandarin Mandarin
Marathi Marathi۔ese
Marwari Marwari۔ese
Mossi Mossi۔ese
Nepali Nepal۔ese
Odia Odia۔ese
Oromo Oromo۔ese
Pashto Pashto۔ese
Persian Persia۔ese
Polish Polska۔ese
Portuguese Portugal۔ese
Punjabi Punjab۔ese
Quechua Quechua۔ese
Romanian Romania۔ese
Russian Rossiya۔ese
Saraiki Saraiki۔ese
Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian۔ese
Servian Serb۔ese
Shona Shona۔ese
Sindhi Sindhi۔ese
Sinhalese Sinhal۔ese
Slovak Slovak۔ese
Somali Somali۔ese
Spanish Espanya۔ese
Sumerian Sumer۔ese
Sudanic Sudan۔ese
Swedish Sverige۔ese
Sylheti Sylheti۔ese
Tagalog Tagalog۔ese
Taiwanese Taiwan۔ese
Tamil Tamil۔ese
Telugu Telugu۔ese
Thai Thailand۔ese
Tibetan Tibet۔ese
Turkish Turkiye۔ese
Turkmen Turkmen۔ese
Ukrainian Ukrain۔ese
Urdu Urdo۔ese
Uyghur Uyghur۔ese
Uzbek Uzbek۔ese
Vietnamese Vietnam۔ese
Xhosa Xhosa۔ese
Xiang Hunnan۔ese
Yoruba Yoruba۔ese
Zhuang Zhuang۔ese
Zulu Zulu۔ese

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