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    English speakers can learn Peoplese in one day!

To learn Peoplese from this website, we suggest the following.

                        Start by reading the Peoplese Home page and Overview page.

                        Read the Jumpstart page (available from the lower right orange "Learn Peoplese" button).

                        Read the Spelling main page (orange button above). 

Click on both links to read the Alike English and SSS spelling versions.

Be sure to read all 3 versions of the essay (English, Alike English, SSS).

  Click on the Geographical and Geopolitical lower orange buttons;

            read the text introducting each section and subsection.

            Click on each sublink and spend a minute or so looking at each column.

            In Geopolitical section, click on "Nations" and take a longer look at this page.

  From the Grammar page (top orange button), under “list” column at top of page,

            click on prefix list, read the prefixes, then click on “suffix list”, read the suffixes.

            Click on Main Components, then on the new menu click on each entry,

                        spend a minute or two to see how English transforms to Peoplese.

             Click on the Peoplese Vocabulary link, and glance at the lists.

                        As an English speaker, you already know almost all Peoplese words.

  Open the FAQ page (accessible from the home page); and read it.

  Open the online dictionary, and experiment by typing in a word, e.g. “watch”.

  Now you have a basic idea of Peoplese.

  Translate something from English to Peoplese.

            Read the Translate page, then read your translated text.

                        Read the Creating New Words page.

                        Read the Grammar page, skipping the complicated tense verbs.

                        Now you know enough to start speaking and/or writing Peoplese.

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New Words