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Peoplese Suffixes

Suffixes always follow hyphenets (half-length hyphens), and always adhere to their unique meaning.
Word-endings, by contrast, are added to root words without hyphens, word-endings' meanings vary.

The spelling and pronunciation of the root word does not change after adding the suffix.

Below, a complete list of Peoplese suffixes.  Far left column in Alike English; far right column is Sound Spell Same (pure Peoplese).

Suffix (AE)
Meaning ExamplesSufix {SSS)
 ability to
 change۔ability, climb۔ability -abelitē
-able [adjective] able to
change-able, climb-able -abel
-ably [adverb] able to
deny-ably, enjoy-ably -ablē
-alike alike root word
child-alike, beetle-alike -alīk
 -alikeness  alike, similar to
 God-alikeness, child-alikeness ۔akīknes
-bottom lowest location
river-bottom -botom
-bound motion in direction of
north-bound, Paris-bound -bownd
 -by  indicates modifier of an adjective  slight-by small-er town  -bī
 uniform-clad, iron-clad
-crest crest
hill-crest, wave-crest -krest
 -d  past tense indicator
 tell-d, live-d, want-d, risk-d
-dom domain
dog-dom, serf-dom, king-dom -dom
 -eer / -eert, -eerm
 refers to one who is acted upon  fraud۔eer, murder۔eert
-er comparitively more than root adj.
green-er, soon-er, high-er -er
 -ese  language associated with root
 China-ese, England-ese -ses
 -eth  changes cardinal to ordinal number  seven-eth, four-eth, thirty-eth  -eθ
-est superlatively more than root adj.
green-est, soon-est, high-est -est
-et (plural: -ets)
small size of root noun
nation-et, island-et, truck-ets -ēt / -ēts
 -fellor / -orm / ort
 somebody in the same group
 -fest  gathering of root word type
 love-fest, music-fest, talk-fest -fest
-fold multiplied by root number
four-fold, many-fold, 78-fold -fōld
-front in front of root noun
lake-front, cabinet-front -front
-ful  / fuls, -fully,  -fullness
root filled to quantitative capacity truck-ful, basket-fuls
-high root noun height
knee-high stool -hī
-hood state of root noun nation-hood, kitten-hood -hōod
 -in / -ins
 converts "ing"-ending verb to gerund
 sing-in, work-in, build-in, say-in -in
-inlaw / inlaws
inlaw (related by marriage)
mother-inlaw, son-inlaws


-ish / -ishly, ishness
resembling (more different than "-alike")
boy-ish, yellow-ish, fool-ishly -ish, -ish
 -ity, -itys
 that which is root-word
 sincere-ity, conform-ity
 -ize, -ized, -izing
 to make root-word
 style-ize, analogy-ize
 -īz, -īzd, -īzing
 -īzation  the process of becoming root-word
 -ji  root-noun endearment suffix
 swami-ji, Mary-ji -jī


-lady lady
sales-ladys -lady 

-land land
marsh-land, flat-lands


-length length
ankle-length dress -lenθ
-less / -lessby,
-lessly, lessness
hair-less, mercy-less, noise-lessly need-lessby cautious, self-lessness
 -let  young (animal)
 pig-let, giraffe-let
-load / -loads
root word load
truck-load, wagon-loads -lōd
-long quantitative length two-meters-long cart -long
-ly converts root-word to adverb slow-ly, grim-ly, guilt-ly -lē
-man man
boat-man, snow-mans -man
-ness converts root-word to noun
sturdy-ness, drab-ness -nes
 -or /or, -orm, -orms, -ort, orts
 one who + root-word  farm-or (one who farms), sing-orms (girls or women who sing)   -ōr


 twenty-plus (somewhat more than 20)
-proof impervious to root-word
bullet-proof, rust-proof
-rear rear
house-rear, car-rear -rēr
-shape shape of root-word
-side side of root-noun
river-side -sīd
-siteplace site of root noun
picnic-siteplace -sītplās
-size size of root noun
head-sized ball -sīz
-span root word span
wing-span, time-span -span
-style root word style
1920s-style hairs-style -stīl
 -t  indicates passive verb or adjective  The book wuz write۔t by he.  Please clean the spill۔t milk.  -t
-tall tall giraffe-tall tree -tal
-term term (period of time)
long-term -term
-time, -times
time period for something
dinner-time, meal-times, any-time, summer-time
-top top
desk-top, hill-top -top
-ward in the direction of north-ward, Mars-ward, rear-ward -ward
 clothes (what people wear)
 rain-wear, ski-wear, formal-wear
-wide root noun wide
continent-wide nation -wīd
-woman root word woman
-y converts root noun to adjective thirst-y, prince-y, brother-y 
-yer (-y + -er) / -yest (y +est)
converts noun to comparative adjective wealth-yer (2 syllables), thrift-yest, thrist-yly, worth-yness  -ēer, -ēest

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